My 2 Year Adventure At WA

Last Update: Jul 23, 2020

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Hello to my WA friends and family. Today I am writing a milestone blog post. I am marking my 2-year anniversary as a premium member here at WA. WOW! How can this be possible? It was only a short time ago I created my first website here. I was green from head to toe. I didn't even know that a newbie was an appropriate term used in the internet world.

I remember the first few times someone called me a newbie I was quite offended and almost said something. I am so happy that I kept my mouth shut for once because a newbie is precisely what I was.

At the time I started, I was an ER nurse. I am now retired from nursing and doing affiliate marketing full time. Whooo Hoooo! Now, how exciting is that? It is beyond my comprehension that an average everyday person could learn so much in just 2 years. A person who has only known nursing and writing poetry, but look at me now I am a successful marketer.

The Beginning

When I became a premium member of WA, I did have a website set up for my poetry and wrote to inspire others to pull themselves out of abuse and make a new life. I also wrote about and posted personal growth pieces. But my site was going nowhere! Why? Because I did not understand SEO. I knew nothing. WA taught me everything I needed.

How Far Have I come?

Oh my, where do I begin. I will summarize it because this would be 4000 words if I go into detail. Since I started, I have set up four other sites, and I have abandoned two of them because I was just not interested in them. I thought they would make money, but nothing makes money if you don't have an interest. Just what I have learned from experience.

When I was a new member, I thought I was a writer. Did you hear that? I thought I was a writer. I was not. I love to write, but no one is a born writer. The love of writing is in a person from birth, but the skill is not. Today, 2 years later, I am a writer because practice makes perfect. Two years from now, I will be so much better.

Coming out of ER nursing, I was used to high stress and had become an adrenalin junkie. I have channeled that into my internetwork. I do get rushes when my site excels and when my analytics soar. That is an incredible feeling. So I work for those moments.

What Have I Learned At WA?

The things I learned I want to pass onto all of the newbies here. I am going to list them out as it is too much to explain and again that 4000-word boring post would evolve.

  1. The platform here at WA is complex-No one can ever learn all there is on this platform. It is forever evolving. The questions and answer part has been the most significant learning tool for me once I hit the 18-month mark.
  2. WA attempts to provide a safe environment-There are kind and caring people here at WA, and the rules set down by Kyle and Carson serve a definite purpose to keep us all safe.
  3. A handful of close friends is worth more than 10,000 in a bucket-I have made a handful of very close friends all over the world.
  4. Bad things happen in good places- not all people are good, and if you run into them on here, learn from it, and grow from it and run from them.
  5. MMO is the most challenging niche of all-the MMO niche will test your strength time and again. The strong will stand and you are strong!
  6. Stand strong-everyone has ideas, and you have to take the ones that are good for you and leave the ones that don't fit.
  7. Don't compare yourself to anyone else. You are unique; you are you and can never be someone else. The world came here to see only you, show them who you are
  8. No matter where you are in life, career, age, or lifestyle- you can always learn a new trade. Stick to it, and the world is at your feet.
  9. Don't take yourself too serious-don't dig too deep into the workings because you will "go down a rabbit hole" and never come back out as Jay says
  10. Follow the training-It is all right there and at first, that is all you need. If you venture too far from the platform, you will get confused.
  11. Research- When you become more experienced research, all you can to learn, ask questions, answer questions, and share with the world.
  12. Don't chase the shiny object-everyone thinks their product is the best and they are the best teacher. That is good, but not all of it is good for you. Choose wisely what you follow and where you put your money.
  13. Build your foundation on integrity-stand by who you are, become tenacious and be persistent. Anyone can do this with the right mindset.
  14. Embrace every naysayer-let those who oppose you be the fuel that pushes you forward and embrace support from those who believe.
  15. Come in strong-when you begin here at WA embrace the excitement. When it levels out, stay the path and move on. Keep your eye on the prize!
  16. I am an affiliate marketer-Just saying this is not enough. You have to wash your mind in it, put forth the effort and realize that it is your new job and way of life. (compliments of Kyle)

    Most of what I have learned is not about how to do affiliate marketing but rather a mindset of strength and consistency. Anyone can do it but those who learn in all walks of life as they move forward will become successful.

    There is so much more, but that is all for today. I am sure you will have additions, please do leave them in the comments below. I will try to add them to this blog for everyone to see when they look back on it.

    My time here has been incredible. I have grown in knowledge and maturity in ways I can't even describe. You too can have all of this and more if only you decide to stick it out for the long haul.

    May God Bless You and find you healthy and well during these trying days.


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    Recent Comments


    Laura, I read until the very last word and would have really liked the 4000 word edition...😁
    What a wonderfully put together post, every single ingredient that inspires, motivates and shows how to deliver.

    I had no idea you had matured from part time to earning your income full time as an online marketeer, that alone shows how possible it is, that is my goal..

    Your numbered observations were all like mini quotes, but in particular, numbers 3, 8 and 12 were what really struck a chord with me.

    Well done on your two year anniversary and thank you for taking the time and sharing such a brilliant post... 👍❤️

    Thank you so much. I appreciate your comment. You have chosen 3 of my favorites also. My 4th favorite would be #13.

    All the best to you and be safe.



    Congratulations on your 2nd anniversary.
    There are so many things to learn from the training and people on WA.
    I like yourself have made some close friends and mentors and I am thankful for each one of them.

    Thanks for sharing journey with us.

    Take care and stay safe.

    Thank you Gaz, All the best to you here on your journey.


    Thank you, Laura, from a one week newbie. I really appreciate your insight.

    I especially can connect with the “rabbit hole” comment. I finished designing 2 websites in my first week by chanting to myself, “don’t spend so much time on design, you have to post some content.”

    Now have a couple of posts on each site, between my husband and I working on them. Not straying from the training and completing all the tasks is what I’m concentrating on now. Even with the everyday distractions of other responsibilities, I’m really happy with how far the training has brought me so far.

    Thanks for the great post!


    Hi Kerry, Design has always been a rabbit hole for me. I think it is because I love design and it keeps me occupied and away from the parts that I don't enjoy as much. So I too have to force myself to balance all pieces of an online business.

    Just keep moving forward and you will get to where you want to be.


    You certainly have come a long way Laura my friend.
    The best thing that can happen to any of us is to come to the realisation that 'we all have much to learn'.
    Your blog is a gem for all of us, not just newbies, it's just packed to the rafters with sensible tips.

    Personally, I need to ignore the naysayers, both in my family and a few rare ones that occasionally comment on my blogs.

    If there's one tip in your blog that is extremely important, it's not to compare ourselves to others. We should measure our successes against our own previous accomplishments, not others. If we take to much notice of what others have achieved it can overwhelm us. We aren't them, we progress at our own pace and according to our own abilities.

    Thank you for your incredible blog. I don't think I've read one as long , detailed and informative as this in quite a while.

    Al the best. Jim

    Jim, I think it is awesome that each person takes away at least one tip here. You have picked an very helpful one. We do tend to look at others and think we are not measuring up. You are just as good as anyone else. We are all created equal with out own unique design.

    Thank you for your compliments and for reading my words.

    All the best to you here and much success.


    Hello Laura... I got started the first of January, then was abruptly stopped in my foot steps when my Husband of 24 years passed away after being a caregiver for 3 years of a massive stroke... Consequently, I have been paralyzed in my emotions and thoughts, and now I am feeling like I can get back with this. I feel bad it has taken this long, I guess my grief needed this time to heal, but need to get back in this game!!! I have a question, what does the abbreviation MMO stand for?

    I am so sorry to hear about your husband. That is such a difficult time. And yes you do need to give yourself time to grieve and do not make yourself guilty because of it. Without healing it would be difficult to move forward.

    MMO is the niche Make Money Online.

    All the best to you and be kind to yourself.


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