Last Update: March 20, 2020

I read Joe's post, "I am angry." It triggered a thought process.

Are you Afraid of the COVID-19 virus? You should be afraid, but what you do with that fear is the utmost importance.

Some will let FEAR debilitate them. Some will go against the safety nets and lash out. Some will allow it to control their every move. Some will deal with fear with denial.

Fear Is Not Real

Most will think that fear is real, especially in light of the many deaths that are taking place from the virus across the world.

But the Marriam webster definition lines it out for us:

FEAR is an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain or a threat.

Do you see this? It is a perceived emotion. Not a real one, but one we believe may happen.

Do you believe you may die from the virus? That is a fear that has not happened.

Do you believe you will lose all of your money and not have a job? That is a FEAR and not real at this time. Not to say it may not happen. But if you FEAR it, then you are placing energy on worry and not on the positive.

Do you FEAR the pain and uncertainty of what the virus can do to you? If you haven't had the virus and don't have it now, then you are wasting energy with FEAR.

Fear Will Dibilitate You

Fear can lead us to anger, frustration, psychological changes and behavioral changes.

We are witnessing these changes in people across the nation. Countries are blaming other countries for the virus. Responsibility has fallen by the wayside.

People are buying and hoarding guns and ammunition. Looting has increased. Left-wing militants are rising up.

Facebook confrontation has increased with everyone trying to convince another to believe their way.

And neighborhoods have turned into massive arguments and blaming wars.

FEAR Will Kill Our Nation And Our Families.

So what can you do about it? Right now, you have good sound reasons to fear. But is your fear real? For some, it is because they have the virus or are losing family members.

But for many, FEAR is a perceived idea of what may happen.

Stay Positive

You have to practice social distancing, but you don't have to isolate yourself to the news 24/7. Keep up to date, but don't bury your head in the news. Keep your mind on positive things that will lift you.

Reach Out

While you are at home and away from friends, you can still text them and make sure they are safe and well. Don't let your fear keep you from caring about others.


You can exercise. I know some don't like to exercise as I do. But activity can come in the form of setting a goal to walk across your house 25 times a day.

Exercise releases endorphins that help to calm the mind. It only takes five minutes of exercise to begin to relieve anxiety. It promotes sleep and keeps the joints lubricated.

Give Your Fear Away

Actively remind yourself that you are alive, and what you think may happen is FEAR. When you feel a thought or anxious feeling rising, don't tamp it down. Give it away to the air or your higher power.

There are many people in this world working on a vaccine for COVID-19, so you do not have to fear. Give your fear up and let it go.

Acknowledge your fear

Speak your fear out loud. When you do this, you are acknowledging that you have control over it, and it is not real. What you are afraid of is a perceived concern. If it hasn't happened, then it is not real.

Occupy Your Mind

Now is an excellent opportunity to work on your business. Or practice writing, or re-write some of your older posts. People are sitting at home on their phones, i-pads, PC, and TV. They are looking for surfing the internet looking for you. Let them know what you have and what you can do for them.

You are one of the fortunate ones who have an online business, and with the social distancing and separation, you now have time to work your business. Do all you can in the period you have.

An active mind doesn't have time to worry or FEAR.

I hope these suggestions help you alleviate fear. Just remember, fear is not real; it is a perceived thought. And you have control over your thoughts.

Stay safe, social distance, and above all, wash your hands. You will all be in my prayers.

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CarolMeador Premium
I liked your post, Laura. It's nice to hear something that helps counteract the fear. I agree with you about the news. I watch it once a day to see if there is anything new I'm supposed to be doing or avoiding, and know what the local issues are, but I don't watch everything about the virus. Too much other stuff that needs my attention!

If you are interested, Taetske wrote a post about a global meditation to heal the earth and eradicate the Corona virus that is taking place tonight at 10:45EDT. I think the link has a conversion for the time where you live. Come join us. Here's the link.

Stay safe and well.
CarolMeador Premium
Sorry, the link wouldn't work. Will send you a PM.
LauraFuller Premium
Hey Carol, Thank you so much. I have to remind myself of what I wrote daily so I too can follow it. I got the link. no worries.

CarolMeador Premium
You're welcome.
Wdcope Premium
I have a specific group away from here that I check up on regularly. Some of those I worship with and we normally stay in touch, yet we have reached out to those friends who have told me they have no relatives or places of worship. We are all giving them our links to keep them involved and feel less isolated.
Good info and post Laura.
Take care,
LauraFuller Premium
You are giving them your links to what? We have to stay connected. In these times the internet is an extreme advantage.

You take care also Bill.

Babou3 Premium
Great post!
It is true that the emotions that fear bring about are really negative. Many people and countries barricade themselves and interaction with other people has become impossible. It's not anyone's fault, even if this virus started in Asia, it could have come from Europe or anywhere. For now we have to change our paradigms, learn to live differently and this can be frightening for many people. Fear and death is present in the media which counts the dead and those infected. It might be good to focus on our essentials and wait patiently for this bad period to pass.

LauraFuller Premium
Thank you. I think to wait patiently for this to pass is one of the most important things we can do along with practicing kindness in the face of so much entitlement.

Pedrone Premium
it's only a virus that in less than 3 months,
has put the world on his knees....

what's there to fear?
the uncertainty of the coming future?
losing the job?
been blocked and wondering?
worrying for the old people?
and much more to think....

It's a challenge for all of us!
and well, it's time to get healthier and stronger and positive!
to be able to help others that are getting into fear and panic
and can't see a way out.

so no fear,
just fight!

have a good weekend
LauraFuller Premium
NICE! I enjoyed your comment. The hard shell of this virus is one of the things that makes it so dangerous. No Fear is true. We can not change a thing with fear (a perceived idea of what may happen.)

Be safe and take care.

Pedrone Premium
Thank you!
you to

olieben Premium
Many good positive thoughts
LauraFuller Premium
Thank you. please be safe.