Last Update: August 26, 2019

What is an epiphany? According to Merriam Webster, epiphany is:

1. a sudden manifestation or perception of the essential nature

2. meaning of something or an intuitive grasp of reality through something (such as an event) usually simple and striking.

An epiphany is precisely what I experienced. Let me take a moment to tell you about this experience that changed my thinking. It will be a revelation for you.

Driving 21 hours

I am sure most of you know that my husband and I sold and bought our homes and moved across the country. Our move required us to drive 21 hours in 2 vehicles to get to our new home.

My husband was so kind as to allow me to take the lead because I hate to follow someone in a car. I can’t use the cruise, and my foot gets tired.

Oh, I know, you are thinking, “what a big baby.” Well, sort of I was in this instance. But my incredible man let me be the leader no matter how much of a baby I was.

Running Fast

We traveled about 85 MPH through downtown St Louis at morning rush hour. It is not that we wanted to go that fast, but if we didn’t, we would get run over.

We traveled through Nashville at the same speed. But in Nashville, you will drive along at a ridiculous pace, pop a hill and all of the cars in 6 lanes abruptly stop for no apparent reason. Now that is a rush!

Atlanta Georgia

Most of the drive was uneventful except for three cities. The third city was Atlanta, Georgia.

I have never seen the likes of the traffic that I experienced in Atlanta. It was at 7 pm which is not even rush hour. There were eight lanes all going the same direction. The traffic was moving 30-85 MPH. I could see cars lined up as far as my eyes could see.

It was incredible!

My husband talked on the cell phone a lot. When I saw the situation in Atlanta, I had to call him and share my epiphany.

Share Your Epiphany

I said, “honey just look at all of these cars, and it is eight lanes on each side of the road.” I then said, “I dream of reaching millions with my websites, but I couldn’t fathom what the number millions is.” But who knows how many cars I see?” I can reach all of these people because they are tangible in my mind.”

Oh, but wait till you hear what he said, “oh but Laura if all of these people did an online business like you, we wouldn’t have to face this traffic.” He was saying I can reach all of these people to tell them about WA and take all of them off the road coming and going to and from work.

Stop To Think About This

Take a minute to think about this thought. We all dream of making good money, a passive income, and staying home. But to do so, we have to reach the world through the internet. We think about what that means but can not grasp the numbers.

I still don’t see the number, millions in my mind, but I did see thousands of people in cars on the road in one place. If there are that many people in one place at one time, think about how many people are home on their computer right now.

How many people are you writing for? How many people do you want to help?

Keep Going!

It doesn’t matter what niche or MMO you are in there are millions out there who want what you have. But as affiliate marketers, we have to get the content out there for those millions to see.

If you give up and don’t write, then you can’t reach a lizard. But if you write and write and write, you will produce that one or two or three posts that will be the ice breaker for you.

What Is Stopping You?

What are you waiting for? What is stopping you? The epiphany I had is one of the moments that hit home for me. What is your moment in time that will define your purpose?

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mmussehl Premium
Oh what a great way to put things into perspective. This motivates me to want to write and write and write!
LauraFuller Premium
Michelle, that is my goal. I am so happy it worked. Thank you so much.

figgy59 Premium
I feel for you, back in 1985 Atlanta was so busy I avoided it as much as possible, still do. I'll never go within that ZOO again.

Glad you made it through and thanks for sharing.

LauraFuller Premium
I rather enjoyed driving through it. It was an eye-opener.

AllenWill Premium
Aahhh! I like it. BTW, I too have driven through St. Louis, Nashville and Atlanta on my way to Florida. You give a very accurate description of the traffic conditions.

Blessings to you,
LauraFuller Premium
Thank you, Allen, Each one is so different in its own right.

Tmgreen Premium
Yep, good point. BTW, I feel ya in that Atlanta traffic. I used to drive in that mess all the time. Glad to be at home now...


LauraFuller Premium
Yes, it is good to be home. We can reach each one of those people and then we can drive through Atlanta. Now that would be fun.

Carson2 Premium
Now. Every day. I know that sounds funny, but I think we are pretty much intuitive about something every day.
LauraFuller Premium
Yes, so true Carson.