What defines you?

Last Update: Jan 9, 2014


I found this amazing video and would like to share it with you all.


Hope this will inspire you!

Have a wonderful day!

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Very good. Thanks for sharing.

Wow, this puts so much into perspective. If there is anything else out there more inspirational than this I would be surprised. It also proves the fact that true beauty is contained inside rather than the facade that is built around it.

This video seriously made me question myself as I have been a little down lately and her words and actions to turn around the negativity is amazing. Hey I'm a guy, all man and all that but if you don't have a single tear forming after watching this then you seriously need to look at yourself.

p.s. not a tear of pity but of joy and retrospect at your own past actions.

Her spirit is so adamant!

You must subscribe to the Upworthiest? Yes, I saw it just yesterday. She's an inspiration and an amazing young woman.

Yes I am, so everyday I get this motivational video to motivate me:)

Her attitude is so inspiring. Great to hear her accomplishments. Thank you for sharing. Debbie

very inspiring!

She is really an exceptional person, but her message can be applied to all our lives.


What a great attitude she has! We really should follow her lead!

We really should! How's your cocktail doing:)

I really like it! Thanks again for the recipe!

Really AMAZING. Thanks for sharing.

my pleasure!

I saw this yesterday. All I can say is wow. Made me feel guilty for ever complaining about anything!

aren't we all:)

For some reason its not playing, but I know this lady, not personally but seen her before on the TV and yes she is amazing - thanks for sharing :)

Not sure why it's not playing with you Sharon:(

I think my pc was the problem I tried to watch a WA video and the sound was off, but yes I have seen her before - remarkable

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