i don't want to quit

Last Update: August 11, 2018

I am having hard time writing this blog, just because when I write this here in WA it means that I have to face the truth.

Last 7 weeks have been hard. 6 times at the doctors office, 2 times in hospital and still not feeling better, in fact I know now that there is no cure.

But I still want to be a blogger, and youtuber and build my own brand. It will just take more time.

So what I want to say that you can do what ever you want, but you need to be graceful to yourself.


Lakeside Mother

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DebbieRose Premium
You're absolutely right...loving ourselves is important. I'll pray for your good health.
Balloons29 Premium
Be kind and compassionate to yourself, Lakeside Mother. Tracy
Jenna7 Premium
What's great about WA is that you can do everything at your own pace, pretty much.

Hang in there. :)
SashaGator Premium
You seem like a very strong person.. don't give up on your dreams!
FreyaM Premium
Stay strong.