Have You Ever Put a 9000 Piece Puzzle Together?


Have you ever put a 9000 piece puzzle together?

Well, before I go any further I would like you to know, that I have never put a 900 piece puzzle together. Howerver, I can only imagine putting a 9000 piece puzzle together takes time, patience, and determination. I'm sure you would have to wake up everyday, work on the puzzle for hours at a time, and you may have to test a few pieces out. Just to see if they will fit in the proper location. Regardless, without being persistent, I'm sure the puzzle may never get finished.

So, everyday you constantly work long hours. Never really taking breaks on the puzzle, making sure all pieces are connecting properly. While doing this, other pieces seem to be missing, somewhere in the pile of puzzle pieces. In fact, there are some puzzle pieces that you may not even find right away.

Tick Tock...

Eventually days go by, weeks, and maybe even years. We hope not but, sometimes, it takes that long just to put a puzzle together. After all the time you've spent putting the puzzle together, slowly but surely you are starting to see the results of what you've been working. It's been so hard to put together, this entire time. So, what did you do? You kept going! You remained curious, and you kept pushing to get this puzzle figured out.

Amazing! Amazing! Amazing!

When the puzzle is complete you have a sense of accomplishment. No one paid you to put the puzzle together. You just had the will to make it happen.

Regardless, of what obstacles you come across. Regardless, of what pieces that can not be found at the moment, and regardless of how much time it takes.

You just want this puzzle to come to life. And, I promise you eventually it will...as long as you never give up.

Where am I going with this....

I don't know exactly where I am going with this, I just know that eventually I will be going somewhere as long as I keep connecting the pieces and never giving up!

Which, I can assure you, that will never happen.

Building A Successful Online Business is My Puzzle...

Today, I worked on my site and I am starting to get a hang of what I am doing. Although not completely clear but, as time goes on I know things will come very clear.

When I first started out online, I was told that affiliate marketing and internet marketing is like a big puzzle. I'll have to find the pieces and put them together.

When I was told this I did not completely understand what that meant.

Now, I am starting to understand what it means.

Anyone can be successful online as long, as you continue to work. Continue to connect the information. And put it all in the right places. More imporatntly, never giving up is the main key.

Simply put you'll have to know where to start, what to do next, how to do it, what not to do, and when to do it. Well, it is definitely not that simple but, you should get my point.

You'll also need to continously learn, work hard, and push through all the tough times.

Have I ever put a 9000 piece puzzle together?

As stated earlier, in short the answer is No! I have never put a puzzle of that size together.

But as time goes on, I feel like I am working on a huge puzzle. Where a lot of the pieces have are missing. But I am slowly finding the missing pieces to this gigantic project.

Of course, I'm starting to find the pieces of the puzzle because of the help that I receive at Wealthy Affiliate, and I appreciate every moment of it.

In the past it seemed like I would ahve never be able to put even 1/4 of the puzzle together.

Today, is a different story, I haven't made a sale but it feels great to finally see my puzzle coming together. I am actually learning how to build a website step by step, learning how to blog. Which I never would of known that I would be blogging.

This journey so far has been something that I have been trying to figure out for a while. ....Well, not that long but, for me it seemed like a while.

My Advice to You

If you are still dazed and confused eventually things will connect, just keep going and never give up on what you are doing...

You'll learn along the way what fits and what doesn't. Just don't let it stop you from moving forward! Your Success can be just around the corner...

Have an Awesome day!

Thanks for reading...


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I agree completely, La'Kisha. Giving up is the reason for many failures. I like your determination! We call that "grit".
Go get'em, girl!

Thank you! for the encouragement.

Grit I learn something new everyday. I like that..."Grit"..

I will go an get'em...Thank you for stopping by

Very true. Never lose hope in various challenges in our life.

That is so true.. thank you for stopping by

Nice job. Look at it this way if you ever get all 9000 pieces together then it would not be a challenge any longer now would it.

lol...That is a great way to think about it! :)

And no it would not be a challenge...but for now it is..I still have to find all my pieces...haha but, I am having fun while doing it and that is all that matters. :)

Thank you for stopping by...

Great analogy, La'Kisha!

Thank you!

First you have to use a room big enough to layout all the pieces. Then it's reach ergonomics, edging patterning, color and image clustering, interfacing. Piece by piece you'll get there!

You're absolutely right! Eventually, all the pieces will come together.

Thank you very much for this great article. It requires persistence and consistency to acquire something that will last long. This was valuable information

You're Welcome! I am glad you liked it...

This is an excellent article La'Kisha.
You have all the makings of a motivator.

All the best to you and yours!

Thank you, David! I try to stay motivated while keeping others motivated at the same time.

La'Kisha, Nice read. You forgot that we are putting it together without all the pieces in the box so we need to go through training and/or make pieces. Jay

Thank you! Trying to improve every day...

You're absolutely right! I did forget the most important pieces. Training or make the pieces...Thanks for reminding me...

That is..proof that it's a puzzle with missing pieces...

Thanks for stopping by and reading my post!


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