$223.50 Made While In ICU.

Last Update: Feb 21, 2019


I'll warn you now that this post may be long so, grab yourself a snack and a cold glass of ice water.

Inspiration For Beginners

I am writing this post because, without a shadow of a doubt, one common question that I see is "How much can I make with this program, Wealthy Affiliate?" and "Does it work?".

Okay, maybe it is two common questions that I see.

I am NOT an Experienced Marketer

To clear any thoughts, I am in No Way an experienced Marketer. Truth is, I barely know what I am doing. I just follow the training. So, this is not one of those stories where I tell you I have this X amount of years of experience. I am a beginner. I have not been online more than 3 months. Just getting my feet wet!

How Long Have I been On The Internet

I have been at WA since 11/20/2017 and went premium on the 11/24/17. Before, WA I was on the internet for almost 30 days.

Those 30 days was spent with a 7 figure coach and mentor, learning to build the right mindset and things like that. So, I never even had the chance to make money or even promote. As, you see that program didn't work out for me.

I needed something else, something that I could invest in comfortably and follow along with the training. So, I jumped ship for now I am over here at Wealthy Affiliate.

Anyways, I been with WA for almost 2 months now.

Your Concerns of if This Works

We all have bills to pay, we all have dreams and desires to pursue. We all want to get out of the rat race. Am I right? Of course!

Who would want to work 50 hard years of their life, when you can potentially work 5 hard years and be comfortable. Maybe even be successful.

I Encourage You To Keep Moving Forward

When new members first starts out, I noticed that some won't do anything. They just sign up and you may never hear from them again. Okay, entrepreneurship is not for everyone, but, for those of you that want a better life.

You need to take ACTION.

In fact, you should start here.

I want To Help You!

I, myself have invited many people to the program.

So, many that I have lost count!

I don't even know how to tell how many invites I actually have.

I always try to encourage every new member I come across that has this same question on "how much money can you make, or does this really work" concern; to just trust the process.

Work as hard as you can and keep moving forward.

The secret is to never give up!

When I see the above questions, I generally respond & just show the new WA member some success post that I find within the WA community.

I also try my best in reassuring the member, that "Yes, Of course this can work for you, just follow the training". "You may not know everything now, but you'll get ideas along the way"

Did I Really Know?

But, did I really know that it would work for me? Truth is, I personally didn't really know, if it would work for me. Of course, I wanted it to. Of course, I have all the determination in the world to want this to work. But, did I really know when or how it would work out?

... No, Truth is NO!...

I knew that it probably could work one day but, what time and how much I didn't know.

No one knows the timing nor the amount you can make. Not even me!

What I did know was that it worked for some other members by their income proof but, would it really work for me.

I put my trust in the system. I put my trust in Kyle training's, I put my trust in the WA members. And, just kept going!

Proof Is In The Pudding

Well, last night while I was in the ICU with my daughter I was going through my emails and trying to get them under-control because, it seems like I receive 50 thousands emails a day.

I came across some email telling me that I had an order and it was approved. I was like "What in the World? I have not ordered anything".

I Forgot About The Email

I ended up forgetting about the email because, I told myself "Well, they must have sent me an email in error".

I tell my husband about the email and he asked me the same question. "Did you order something?" I said "No, I didn't."

Then I tell him, "I need to go and check and see what that email is all about before I am charged for something that I did not order."

I Went And Check The Email

I go and check the email and to my surprise I made a commission while in the ICU. Never in my life would I have thought this would happen.

I am always posting my journey and remaining positive in each and every way that I can because, ya know Life could be worst.

Appreciate what you have today. I want everyone to win!

This is actually a surprise that I still can not process....

Anyways... Sorry Got a Little Side Track...

This commission check that is now pending is still amazing to me. Yes of course it's pending but, this is still proof that it works. WA Really Works!

I thought it was an error. I had to email support and they reassured me that it was not an error.

The total Commission is $223.50 made on 01/05/2017 47 days after I signed up with WA. I am not saying this will be the same time for you but I am saying this can be possible.

WA 1ST Commission Update!

I also recently learned that when I first wrote a WA blog post about "How I made an $8.00 commission", that was not all just an $8.00 commission. In fact, it was $175.00 commission that I made. I had a pending yearly commission as well... So, I am in more shock.

$8.00 plus $167.00 pending made on 12/31/17. Made after being a member for 41 days

So, does Wealthy Affiliate work? Yes, you bet your bottom dollars it does...

I do not write this post to brag, trust me I am not a bragging person. I write this post because, I sometimes know in life just seeing proof makes you work harder... You can clearly see that I am an ordinary person with No prior experience.

Trust The Process, Even if You Feel Like You Are Doing Things Wrong

The crazy part is the post that I made a commission off of while in ICU, was the very same post that I was going to delete. Why? because, in the training it said to stick to your niche and narrow it down.

I wrote this post when I first started out and thought I was following the process right but, as I got further into the training I realized that I went way out of my niche.

So, I was battling with myself if I should keep the post or delete it.

I finally said, "No I will keep the post because, I worked hard on that post and hey it could help someone." And, apparently it did. I also am glad that I did not erase the post.

I Get This Question A Lot

A lot of people ask me what niche did I go into? Well, truth is I could not narrow a niche down. Yes, of course, I have many interests but, I am the type of person, If I know something that can benefit you. I will tell you everything.

So, I had the hardest time figuring out a niche that I can narrow down. Since, I had the hardest time I just went into the Make Money Online Niche.

Did I know how to make money online?

No...absolutely not. I had no clue...nada...no knowledge what so ever. I just knew that in any job you do, most likely you had to start someone where. No one is born an internet marketer knowing how to make money online. I surely wasn't... So, I went for it...

And now, I can say I have proof that money can be made online, especially following the Wealthy Affiliate process. Amazingly, even with the MMO niche with no prior experience.

Of course, always go with your own passion but, if you can not find your passion, hop on over to affiliate boot-camp and Let's make it happen.

Take time and think things through when it comes to choosing your niche but, if it is taking longer than a couple of weeks. I do not recommend to keep pondering. Just go for something.

I hope this post as inspired any and all newbies that are in doubt. Please leave a comment below and share your thoughts.

.... And, one more thing don't forget to Hit The Green Like Button.

As, always have an awesome day!


If you not in Wealthy Affiliate this is an opportunity you don't want to miss out on. Get started , what are you waiting for.

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Fantastic! That's what desire and dedication do! Congrats!:))

Thank you so much! Love the flowers...


Congrats!! Your nickname should be STORM! You have done amazing for only 2 months at WA. When I grow up I want to be just like you lol.
But honestly I am happy for you. It is harder for some than others but seeing anyone's hard work pay off is awesome no matter what.
I hope your daughter has a speedy recovery and continued success for you!

I like that name...lol..thank you! I never expected any of this. I am still in shock and can not believe any of it...So maybe I should be called the unexpected storm..lol

Thank you for stopping by! And I appreciate it. I hope she covers fast too..

Kisha that is fantastic and exciting news!

Congratulations on your commision, may 2018 be a wonderful year for you and your family.

I see that you have your daughter home, wonderful news!

Just because I care,

Thank you! Yes, she is home and trying to recover. I really appreciate you caring...Thank you so much!

Much Success to you in 2018 and beyond!

Wow, great story Kisha! Awesome things happen when you least expect it. Keep up the great work!

Thank you! You are definitely right. I was really not expecting this to happen but, I am so glad that I did take that first step in just trusting the process.

Thank you for stopping by!

Much Success to you in 2018 and beyond

Same to You! I hope this $223.50 snowballs into something greater!

Congratulations! Hope you continue to see more success in your future endeavours!

Thank you! I hope so as well.

Isn't that the way? When you least expect it and you're not looking, a blessing comes from a source you thought wouldn't produce anything.
Way to go, Kisha! Very encouraging.

At first I did not know that was the way to go! I thought I completely bombed it but, now I know that the least expected can happen.

Thank you for your encouragement.

Kisha, I really love your attitude. Big congrats to you on your commissions and I do know there will be tons more.

How is your daughter? In the ICU again?


Thank you, David!

My daughter was released from ICU today.

So, right now she is at home recovering. She is still not back to normal yet but, I know she will get better over time. They said it will be like almost two weeks before she will be fully recovered. So, we have to wait this out.

Thanks for asking...

Much Success to you in 208 and beyond!

Thanks for sharing Kisha.
She will fully recover!!

All the best!

You're Welcome and thank you!

Wow! Cool post. You rock!

Thank you!

Great to have productive time using your imagination than being comatose in ICU Lakbar!

Lol...yes, I stay very productive.

You go, girl!! You doing something right! So proud of your accomplishments:)

Thank you! I hope I can figure out what I am doing right...lol.

Much Success to you in 2018 and beyond

Thank you, Kisha:) If you figure out what you're doing right, please pass it on! Lol..

Suzi, When I figure it out...lol. I will definitely pass it on. No worries.

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