When do you think it's good to add a 2nd site?

Last Update: December 14, 2013

Hello WA fam! I was wondering what everyone's thoughts are on having a second site.

I have a current niche site that I love and am enjoying working on. Content is still flowing easily, added post #19 today! So I am having a great time. I am posting on my current site every other day. And since I am currently only working from home on this endeavor I think I may have time for 2 sites.

I feel like I have enough time to maybe start the boot camp. I am loving my experience so far with WA and would like to promote it and let others in on the secret :) My question to ya'll out there is basically when is a good time to start on a second site?

3 questions actually come to mind. I'll just list them and if you have any advice please let me know!

Do you have more than 1 site?

Do you find it easy to run both?

How long did you wait before starting a 2nd site?

Any advice on this would be great. Just hoping to learn from the wisdom of the others :)

And don't think your advice may discourage me, I don't want to rush into anything.

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judebanks Premium
Focus is important, especially in these early stages of your business. Who do you think is more likely to succeed, the person who has 2 sites simultaneously and therefore gives 50% attention in effort and resources to each one, or the person who gives 100% to ONE site.

When your first site is at the stage where you feel you have no more to learn, and no more money to make with it, then start building your second site.

However, I don't think you should hold back from doing Boot Camp Training, as it will help you with your existing site because the "affiliate marketing" aspect of it is based on the same principles, whether you are promoting WA or something else.

Just spend your time according to the 80/20 rule; that is, continue to focus 80% of your effort on your main site, and for now put 20% of your time into following along with Bootcamp training. That would be a reasonable compromise at this stage.

Just my take ~ Jude
LadyOdd Premium
Thank you for the advice Jude. I agree I want to give my site the right amount of attention. I will probably start taking a look at the boot camp training and see if I can use any of it to help with my current site.
BIS Premium
Stacy - I would stick with the one you have at the moment and really build that into a professional looking site (You're doing well with it). I always think people should wait a bit before taking on Bootcamp - when you have more genuine experience to share on what you've learned. Just a personal view. However, lots of members to have multiple sites and they seem to make it work for them.
LadyOdd Premium
Thanks Beverley! I think you have a good take on it, if I wait I will have more personal experience to share with a WA site. I think I may set myself a goal and when that is met I'll start my 2nd site.
ahen205 Premium
It's up to you. One site is ENOUGH to do but some want more..I know I do....I am trying to get passed a certain article number ...then start the second site! ALL THE BEST TO YOU!
parkwriter Premium
I currently have three sites at WA. That's out of 13 URLs purchased, all of which I intend to turn into sites. I do okay with all three, but I'm used to juggling massive amounts of projects (I also write for two websites and a variety of private clients, teach online college, and run an online travel agency, among other things). I started all three at once because I believe in plunging in the deep end. I don't recommend it for everyone. If you're totally comfortable with the idea, go for it. If you have any niggling doubts, wait for a little while longer. Also, don't start so many that they suffer because you're spreading yourself too thin.
LadyOdd Premium
Wow, you do keep very busy :) Yeah that's my only worry is not having time. Maybe if I start the boot camp I'll get a good idea of if I have enough time before I totally dive in.
lanesamarie Premium
Honestly, if I were you I will concentrate in putting more contents on your first site. But then again its up to you. If you think you are ready to start with new site then go ahead and build one.