Some Real Good Marketing Tips I Picked Up at a Marketing Expo-Part 1

Last Update: May 25, 2015


Hello everyone,

I would like to share some things I found most meaningful and helpful with you from the Market New York Expo I attended in New York City. The theme of the expo was "Learn to Market Smarter". This expo was designed to help small business owners and online entrepreneurs learn how to market their products and services more efficiently to get better results. One class I attended was titled, "How to Make Your Blog a Lead Generation Tool".

The main points I got out of this class were:

  1. Determine your "why" for blogging--decide whether your blog is for your current customers or is it to attract new ones
  2. Decide what makes your blog different than all the others--be creative--what makes your blog stand out in the crowd
  3. Make sure your blog format is reader friendly--it should be easy to read. People will not take the time to read large sections of text. Also keep in mind that Google likes blog posts with 600 words or more with images and graphics that break up the text.
  4. Have compelling calls to action. It's one thing to get people to read your posts, but they have to be told exactly what you want them to do--such as " click here" or "get started here". Otherwise they won't do it.
  5. Have a set time to post content. I liked this tip the most because the speaker came up with a neat idea on how to do just that. She said you can take a calendar and for each day in a week come up with a theme that prompts you to take action to work on your blog. For example, every Monday is called "Manic Monday" where you write content and publish it. Every Tuesday is "Terrific Tuesday", and so on.

All the tips I mentioned above Kyle has also given lessons on as well. This just reinforces what Kyle teaches. However, I think a great benefit for attending events such as this gives me the opportunity to network and mingle with other small business entrepreneurial people who just may need what WA offers. Besides, this event was completely free--all they asked me to do was register online and either tweet or post on Facebook about the event.

Hope this helps you in your journey to success in WA!


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I appreciate you taking the time to share this

No problem at all :)

Hi Deidre,
Good to see you again.You are definitely right about sending this out, as reinforcement to Kyle's training. It is said that repetition is the mother of learning and I have no doubt of that. Thanks.....Dick

Yes, sometimes we need to change the messenger, if the same message previously said is not understood. Thanks for your comment.

Thanks for sharing!

No problem, glad to do it.

I like you blog. You have taught something important to take away for the day. My post should be 600 words instead of keep on writing until it makes sense for the subject or matter you are trying to explain.


Hi John,
Your post does not have to be exactly 600 words; it can be longer. Just make sure that your text is broken up with images and/or videos. Thanks for commenting.

Awesome content!


This is definately a share. Thanks for the great article.

You are welcome:-)

Those are some excellent suggestions! Sounds like you got a lot out of attending! Thank you for sharing with those of us stuck at

Yes I really did get a lot of useful info, and I'm glad I attended. Glad you found the tips helpful also.

Super great Deidre! I will absolutely keep your tips on my mind :) Thank you!


You're welcome, Jan.

Excellent share Deidre, much appreciated!


Glad to be of help :-)

great tips Deidre -thanks a lot

No problem, Hilary. Thanks for commenting.

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