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Hello WA members,As we come to the end of the year 2017, it is time to reflect on how much progress you have made in WA. It does not matter whether you just got started with WA or you have been a member for several years. I think it is important to take a moment and think about what you have accomplished in 2017 and what you would like to accomplish in 2018. The last time I actually took a moment to assess where I am in regards to my WA affiliate business it was back in 2014 when I last wrote a
Hello everyone,I would like to share some things I found most meaningful and helpful with you from the Market New York Expo I attended in New York City. The theme of the expo was "Learn to Market Smarter". This expo was designed to help small business owners and online entrepreneurs learn how to market their products and services more efficiently to get better results. One class I attended was titled, "How to Make Your Blog a Lead Generation Tool". The main points I got out of this class were:D
Now that Christmas is here, before I get together with family and friends, I am taking a moment to assess where I'm at as far as my online business is concerned. Here goes: Wealthy Affiliate # of sales-- still at 2. Must reevaluate techniques for advertizing and marketing WA opportunity My website-- Change my theme, looks better than when I first started, but I still am not getting much traffic to it. Need to increase frequency of adding new content, and mastering keyword research a
February 17, 2014
Hello Everyone, I hope that you have all enjoyed your Valentine's Day weekend. This has been a great weekend for me--this is the first Valentine's Day that has meant something special to me in a very long time). Besides being able to spend it with someone whom I truly care about, I also got an additional bonus--an email from Kyle stating that I made my first sale with WA! When I read that email, I could not believe it at first. But as I read it again, the reality began to set in. I logged int
As I was reading a book written by Dr. Robert H. Schuller called "Hours of Power" , I came across a message entitled "Is it Time to Reorganize?". His message was that since we are coming to the end of another year, this would be a good time to reflect on whether or not you were successful in achieving your goals. If the answer is no, then perhaps reorganization is necessary. Even if you were successful, reorganization may still be necessary because there may still be some things in your
Hello WA Community, I just wanted to let everyone know that I made the decision to take advantage of Kyle's Black Friday offer. I thought about it over the Thanksgiving holiday, and even though the cost of the annual membership is a bit of a challenge for me, it was a no-brainer to go ahead with it. What made me decide to go for the annual membership? Several factors: Cost savings-- I would have been paying $47/month x 12 months=$564 per year. With the annual membership, I will be paying $299/
Hello WA community! I just want to say that after 5 years of losing thousands of dollars and failing at dozens of online affiliate marketing programs that were either scams or just simply did not work for me, I am happy to say that I think that I am finally on the road to success. I am so glad I found out about WA from Eddy Salomon's website. This is the first time I have found a website community where everyone seems sincerely interested in helping you succeed and the training provided is the