As a Newbie - Setting a Game Plan

Last Update: November 07, 2018

So lately I notice that I am all over my work. Trying to take care of my personal life, work life ( have 2 jobs) and also working on my website. I find that my mind is trying to juggle everything but that very little get accomplish. I usually end up inefficient and work is scattered.

Then the other day I read an article while I was waiting for my bus to go to my daily job. It talk about productivity. It gave me some good reminders:

1. You can do a lot, in little amount of time.

2. Set goals - map out - that means write them down - have notebook were you see them

A. Set goals for daily tasks

B. Set goals for weekly tasks

3. By writing them down you can control your time, schedule and productivity.

4. Create your goals for the day, for the week and once it on paper do not change or add to it.

5. Take care of the goals that are more difficult first. It will help to polish your skills in that area that need help.

6. Set time for each task. Do not deviate or add any additional items!

7. Pick a day that is dedicated only to your writing for your blog or the articles. What I mean is set aside 45 to 60 minutes just for writing, nothing else. Turn off the cell, no answering emails or participating in social media. Just writing nothing else, try it!

8. Must of all avoid multi-tasking. You will realize that it’s less efficient. You are not concentrating in one item but many that are not getting done to their full potential. . Our online business will have its up and down but don’t let your efforts lack. Keep your schedule and make sure you have daily and weekly and monthly goals. This will keep you on focus which will produce a positive impact on your success.

10. One last tip, which what I do, use a planner. For additional information on this type of planner please visit my website,

Thank you comments and feedback always welcome.

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NeptuneSiver Premium
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Lady18Esther Premium
Hi NeptuneSiver,
Thank you for your words and hope my tips can be of some use.
Very best
EandS2018 Premium
Setting goals and living by them is hard at first.
Lady18Esther Premium
Hi EandS2018,
Thank you for those words, hope you can use the tips on my article.
Very best
smartketeer Premium
Sounds like a great plan Olga!

But you should know that sharing your links in your post isn't a good idea ...

Have you seen this?
Lady18Esther Premium
Hi smartketeer,
Thank you for that good tip.