Grateful and Impressed

Last Update: April 14, 2015

I just had to write a quick note to say how continually grateful and impressed I am by those here at WA. It's an awesome community and I've loved the conversations I've been able to have with so many of you. I think it's easy to forget the impact our words can have on others. That's something I was reminded of in a not so pleasant way this week, and it has reminded me of how grateful I am for the positive examples. :)

If you want to read more on my thoughts about this, check out my latest-

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danbarth87 Premium
Very cool!
pinkabella Premium
I have read your post and left a comment.
LaDawn Premium
Thanks! I'll check it out!!
tomtitty006 Premium
Well said.
Loes Premium
I always say to the children, If you can't find any positive words to say, then please keep your mouth shut!
Kathy331 Premium
I agree LaDawn, words have a powerful impact and once they're out you can't take them back.
I'm grateful every day that I found this community, a great place to hang out and learn. :)