A Rainbow found among the bad news of the day

Last Update: March 24, 2020

I received a notice from Google in my email yesterday. It said that one of my posts was trending. I thought this was a bit suspicious as I haven't really done much with this particular niche site since 2018.

My click through rate has climbed 377% week over week. Hmm.

Well it turns out that people are all of the sudden staying home. Technology can help them to keep in contact with their networks. My niche is perfectly positioned to help them with that.

And....Google has promoted one of my posts to position 0 for this particular search term. For those of you not familiar with this term, position 0 is called the featured snippet and appears at the top of the page above all of the other search results. It is the best place for your results to appear.

Best of all, the page is converting! Typically, I get a few sales a month from this site. This week so far, I've converted about 25 sales and still climbing. If the trend continues, and I see no reason why it shouldn't for the next few weeks, I'll have a very nice month.

I just thought that I would share a little bit of a bright spot in a world of pessimism.

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LindaF Premium
Hi, Craig, it has been a while, I love the rainbow so much that I use it for my work station emails.
For every cloud, there is a silver lining, and you are experiencing the silver lining right now.
More then ever the internet will be the silver lining we all have been waiting for. Linda
jobsonline Premium
Congratulations that is awesome news!

I have been watching the news and people are looking to see which industries are still important to the economy

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has identified the wood products industry as an essential critical infrastructure workforce in the nation’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Homeland Security designated “Workers who support the manufacture and distribution of forest products, including, but not limited to timber, paper, and other wood products” as essential.

Way to go Labman, it looks like you are in the right niche, it is going to explode now that people want to get forest logging jobs.

Keep up the good work.
Thank you.
Calvinator63 Premium

Glad to see that you are experiencing a silver lining in the otherwise gray skies the rest of the world is currently facing.

I hope for your sake your results to continue for a very lucrative month for you. On the other hand, (I hope you can understand this), I really hope this situation ends soon.

Many will begin to suffer financially like those that were merely making ends meet prior to the pandemic and the economic shutdown, caused by self-quartine and those enforced to shelter in place.

Despite all the fear-mongering, it is great to hear that something positive is developing from all of this chaos, for you!!

Ride the Wave while you can,

Labman Premium Plus
Yes, the situation is still dire. I was just hoping to bring a bit of sunshine into an otherwise dreary day.
Calvinator63 Premium
I hear ya!

And that you have - :-D
accad Premium
Congratulations on your success.
Labman Premium Plus
Nerina1 Premium
Well done Craig.
Labman Premium Plus
Well, I'm just lucky that this is taking off.