RANT: Fed up with free picture sites!

Last Update: March 27, 2018

So I keep getting told across WA to add pictures to my blog posts. This would be fine if any single royalty free picture site had any decent pictures about my niche at all, but most come up with nothing and the ones that have some results are just plain crap!! Since when are random people standing around considered pictures of adult diapers? really? Or searching the term incontinence, if any results actually come up I find that they are so general that I'm lost as to what context to use them in.

I'm to the point now where I'm having to take product photos of every diaper I review (with myself as the model!!) Not what I would choose, but until I have pics on my site it seems nobody can give me any feedback on my site otherwise! I've had like 30 different people look at my site and every one of them came back about having no pics! Like I'm pretty sure that there are other things that I need to address about my site, but will anyone give the site a good look and give me REAL feedback?

I've even emailed how many different adult diaper manufacturers about using their product pics and yet NOT ONE has seen fit to email me back!!! I'm getting severely discouraged with this whole picture business and I feel like screaming at the wall!

Being so frustrated makes it pretty darn hard to focus on writing new posts or even to concentrate on pretty much any aspect of my site. I hope taking a break will allow me to calm down again. Talk soon everyone.

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Kyle Premium Featured Comment
I hear ya and this is why we created SiteContent Images and that is a platform that will continue to evolve.

ou can add images very efficiently as a Premium member within SiteContent. You will add images using the "image" icon within the editing tool bar. (see attached)

You have over 1+ million HD images to choose from within SiteContent, And you can also upload your own images, crop, align, link, and upon publishing your content, they will be compressed and optimized for maximum efficiency and load times on your web.
laurenjean Premium
Aaaw, Kyra, I feel your pain!! I would imagine that even on paid stock photo sites you're going to find it really difficult to find pictures of adult diapers.
So I agree with you, taking pictures of the diaper packaging and yourself or other models wearing diapers is your best option. It's a tricky niche for pics but am sure you will come up with a creative solution.
As you are testing out each of these diapers, I would definitely add a featured image of the packaged product on each post so that shoppers can easily identify the brand when they go shop for them.
Kyra-Lynn Premium
I totally would take your advice about the packaged product pics but I'm not buying full bags of diapers for reviewing, I'm ordering enough samples just to get the testing done so that won't work, but I'm still trying to get through to the manufacturers for full packaging pics. Fingers Crossed that I get a reply soon.
laurenjean Premium
Can't you take pics of packaging in a Pharmacy?
Kyra-Lynn Premium
Yes just not of the brands I'm currently reviewing, for that I'd have to drive an hour away to the big city and I have no vehicle that runs right now...hopefully I get my car rolling soon and can do that
spurway Premium
Can understand the frustration, but you have to consider then using pictures that are not free, go on a stock image site and buy some check out if they have some and buy the images.
After all, it is a business, and sometimes we have to invest in a small amount into a business. Save yourself the frustration.
I went through 123rf.com and searched for incontinence you can find quite a few pictures.22 pages only went through the first two pages, but I am sure you can find some.
Cheers Sylvia
RayAleksandr Premium
Before you rant, have you asked anyone where to find pictures of adult diapers?

It's a great idea to take photos yourself.

Check that if you are Amazon affiliate

Go to Google Image search, then Tools > Label for reuse with modification. You'll find some images.

If all the 30 people are saying the same thing... That's probably what most of your visitors would think when you 'push-promote'.

Still people who are desperate for the information will hopefully find your site via search engines, if you're really reluctant to add 'any' images to your site.

Good luck!
SWhitley Premium
I guess the bright side of this would be if you purchased the product off your site, you are making sales and getting a discount...
I really can't help much except to offer: Don't allow yourself to stress out and keep up the good thoughts. If no response, move on up the email food chain at the companies you are working with.
Eventually you will meet and win this challenge.

And now, (please forgive me), pull up your diaper and get to work.