So Many Things to Do in So Little Time! – How to Get Things Done Effectively

Last Update: March 16, 2018

We all have a busy life. Aside from the affiliate marketing, we are working on; some have a daily job, others raise their children. I also have another business to cover our living cost. That business heavily involves physical activities (and more you do more you make, but if you don’t do, you won’t make money that kind of thing…) so every day I come back home, I get so tired. I sat down in front of my computer, but not only my body is exhausted, but also my mind is blocked. There are many tasks in Super Affiliate challenge. So many things to do in so little time, and my body and mind are not keeping up! Do you have the same feeling? How can we get things done effectively?

Spend Time to Do Something Else

I don’t know about you, but when I have so many things to get done promptly, I tend to do my best to squeeze my tasks to fit my schedule. With stress and tiredness, the things don’t move fast enough, and then I get more stressed out… I have been through this frustration for quite some time. Then I decided to go to the different approach: to spend the time to do something else instead of work on my “must-do” tasks. Giving up my precious time to do something else! I felt crazy, but I tested it out. Actually, my productivity got a lot better. It is not really how long you work on your project. It is how efficiently you can get it done in short period.

If you take care of yourself first, your brain gets enough rest to focus more when you do some work. Here are some suggestions:


I do one-hour meditation a day. First I felt it was too much of my time to spend when I have only a few hours a day to work on my online business. However, the result has been amazing. My mind is completely clear, and I can focus more. The article here shows how meditation makes you more productive. By increasing our capacity to resist destructions and urges.

Try to find even 20-30 min to stay still and meditate. You will see the great results.


Exercise enhances not only physically but also mentally. This article explains that mitochondria, one of the components in our cells and referred as “power plant” produce the chemical that our body use as energy, known as ATP. So when we exercise, our body produces more ATP and in turn, give us more energy to our body as well as our brain.

Besides the scientific explanation, I know having a bit sweat clear and refresh my mind. Go outside and take a walk, or go to the gym to get on the treadmill for 30-45 min.


Yesterday I was so exhausted that I could not even sit one hour meditating. My mind was too tired to stay awake. It was only 7:00 pm and I did not do anything that I was supposed to do for Super Wealthy Affiliate challenge, but I decided to go to sleep. I was planning to take a “power nap” for one hour or so but ended up sleeping till next morning. Well, instead of feeling guilty of not getting anything done, how much refreshing feeling I got! In fact, this blog came to my mind after I had a long sleep. You can also do a “power nap” for 30 min or so in the middle of the day. You will feel like you slept all night.

I am sure there are a lot more ways to spend time for yourself to increase your productivity. What these three have in common is that you keep your mind away from your pressure of “must-do” tasks. You may feel like saying, “I don’t have time for that!” but you should have time for that. When you feel you have so many things in so little time, take such little time away from things to do, and give it to yourself. You will see how much you get things done effectively!

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laurenjean Premium
Excellent post, Kyoko! I wrote a similar post last month on my SWAG website but I haven't been taking my own medicine. Your post is very convincing and backed by your own experience. I think it's time I started listening up... Meditation and Exercise have been sorely missing from my life lately. Time to change that.
Kyoko817 Premium
We all have this struggle, don't we?! We get so busy and forget about taking care of ourselves, but it is the most fundamental thing to strive our challenge!
webbsight Premium
Yes Kyoko, I have a number of tasks i would really like to accomplish over the weekend but if my body, mind and spirit is'nt right at the time i set aside to accomplish these things then making time for one or more of the items you mentioned is important to work into ones schedule to get that reboot. It's better than muddling through a task you could otherwise do so much more efficiently. this is a great blueprint to follow.

Kyoko817 Premium
Exactly, Brad. Sometimes even though we have a lot of time, if our body, mind and spirit sin't in the right place, you will waste all your time. But in the opposite situation, you could do multiple things in the half of the time. It's all about taking care of ourselves!
IvyT Premium
Agreed with all you’ve said! It’s so good you identified the need to make more time for youself.

It’s actually one of my very recent sources of frustration to have realised I haven’t been doing as much of the things that bring me joy and peace as I would like to; not nearly as much as I used to. It’s been a slowly creeping situation.

A few months ago I attended a lengthy course on health and well-being with a group of colleagues, and it was (to my surprise) the inspiration for a new life audit. The course had us thoroughly examining every area of our lives: health, connectedness, money, etc.

There have been many changes and new decisions that came of it, but I’m still not quite done. Your post reminded me of that, and all the big to-do lists I’m still crossing off. Thank you!
Kyoko817 Premium
Great that you took such a great course to examine your life. We all need to do some check-up our all area of our lives! Thank you for sharing.
Larmu189 Premium
Great shares
WayneTowns Premium
Yes, you are so right. I know, in order to do what you are talking about, we all need to be on a schedule. Especially the meditation part. I work on my schedule every day, hopefully, some day I will have it all down. Wayne
Kyoko817 Premium
Yes, one at the time! And Take care of yourself in between :)