What Is Wealthy Affiliate? My Success Stories Are The Case In Point

Last Update: July 04, 2015

I know I'm not the most active member within the WA community, but I've been a Wealthy Affiliate member for over a year now, and I thought I'd take a few minutes to share my experiences and success for those just starting out.

So, in this post I'm going to be sharing a bit about my personal success here in the community, and what Wealthy Affiliate is to me.

My Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

Firstly, let's start with the successes! That's what everyone wants to see, right?

Well, I'm proud to say that after 15 months of working with the platform, I'm now a full time internet marketer, and earn all of my income from a small portfolio of sites!

It's been a long road to get here, but here's a look at a few of the milestones I hit.

  • Month 1: April 2014. I signed up for the wealthy affiliate premium membership and decided to commit to building a business online. I travel a lot, so that was my main motivation for looking for an alternative, virtual source of income. Not knowing where else to begin, I started with the Bootcamp, and built out my first site.
  • Month 3: I made my first $8! Woohoo! Even though that's not even enough money to buy lunch in San Francisco, the fact that I was able to earn the first cash from my affiliate site was really meaningful.
  • Month 4: I celebrated my first $100/day. That was a huge milestone!
  • Months 5-6: I barely had any earnings and came close to quitting. I felt like the money I'd made so far had been a fluke. I also started a few additional websites.
  • Months 7-8: Things really started to pick up! I began to rank for over 1,200 keywords, and had huge revelations that the faster route to success is through "not-sexy" topics. I put the first (affiliate marketing themed) website on the backburner to focus more on my other projects.
  • Month 9: I hit my first $1,000 month!
  • Months 10-14: Earnings become consistent and gradually grow.
  • Now: I work and travel full time, thanks to the help I've received here at WA!
  • Future: After more than a year, the first site I started has still only made about 5 sales. I think I'm going to turn more to promoting wealthy affiliate university, now that I've got my own experience and results to believe in!

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

So, what is Wealthy Affiliate University? What does it mean to me?

I can now safely say that the methods and techniques talked about in the trainings and throughout the communities do work. I came to WA with a fair amount of background in internet marketing, but no experience with affiliate marketing. Now I earn a full-time income from it!

The point I really want to make though is that to me WA is about more than simply learning how affiliate marketing works and the nitty gritty of building a website and business from it.

It's really about the dream of taking control of your financial status, and working to have an income that works for you, on your terms. I absolutely love the freedom I have to work from a beach, a vineyard, or a mountaintop, rather than a small office cubicle.

So, what is WA? it's a lifestyle. You just have to be willing to go get it.

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maluth19 Premium
It takes time to succeed. It took me three years now as a writer to see money coming in each and every month. I get paid from $1-10 a month now.

I just wonder if I will be able to keep my WA Premium Member status after a month from now, due to money issues. I may not be able to pay $47.00, not because I don't want to, but because I have only $1.95 in my account now.
bill808 Premium Plus
Kyle, we can use you success story to be assured we are on the right track and perhaps more important to help introduce others to WA.
tomtitty006 Premium
Your doing well Kyle,that,s really amazing.
Larry_T Premium
Very good story, Kyle
JeanL Premium
Excellent success story!!! Thanks for sharing, Kyle.