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From Online Marketer to Meditation and Spirituality TeacherIt's been 5 years since I first joined the community here at Wealthy Affiliate, and even longer since I've been working in online marketing. So, I thought I'd take a moment to share my perspective. I'm not a millionaire, but I've spent 5 years working part time and traveling the that's success in my book! I've had the freedom to work on things that matter to me!If I have one lesson to share it is this: You get what you give.T
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I know I'm not the most active member within the WA community, but I've been a Wealthy Affiliate member for over a year now, and I thought I'd take a few minutes to share my experiences and success for those just starting out.So, in this post I'm going to be sharing a bit about my personal success here in the community, and what Wealthy Affiliate is to me.My Wealthy Affiliate Success StoriesFirstly, let's start with the successes! That's what everyone wants to see, right?Well, I'm proud to say t
April 22, 2015
saw a great infographic article from offervault today, thought i'd share:
December 05, 2014
Ok, I have some awesome news! One of my sites has seen exponential income growth over the last few months. Seriously, exponential! Here's the catch: Most of the earnings have come from adsense, not affiliate promotions, and since I have a 1,600%+ month over month jump I'm nervous about getting banned from adsense. Is that crazy? I should be excited, right? I've just heard weird horror stories about people randomly getting kicked off adsense and not getting their "earned" fees. Any advice or wis
November 11, 2014
I'm around the 7-8 month mark as part of the WA community, and i'm happy to report I've 1,274 points of success. What do I mean? I check Webmaster's Tools this mornings and found that I'm now ranking across 1,274 search queries. That's a lot of keywords...more than 3 times the number I've actually thought about targetting with my posts. Granted, I'm not on page 1 for many of them, but the seeds are certainly sown...
November 06, 2014
I've had to keep telling myself that this week. Stop overthinking. Stop checking analytics. Stop psyching yourself out. Just shut up and write. When you finally do you realize it's way easier than you thought. Anyone else feel like that sometimes?
October 02, 2014
Had kind of a down month the last few weeks, both from slower site growth than I'd hoped and a major computer disaster...literally had baby crickets growing inside my laptop! anyway, yesterday i woke up and saw a nice email from paypal with new commissions transferred! always a great motivation to see "hypothetical" money and credits turn into cash in the bank!
To me success is a beach. I'm off to Mexico tomorrow to volunteer for 4 months in a sleepy Baja town and stay in a palapa 2 blocks from the beach. The fact that I can do that is a testament to what I consider real success: the flexibility to pursue my values on my own terms and feel like I can give back to communities whose needs are far greater than mine. To be honest, this trip isn't being funded with my WA site (the next one will be!) but to me it represents the decision I made (and must re-
A few weeks ago in San Francisco I went to an interesting lecture on the psychological side of success and how individuals and businesses can use neuroscience to increase productivity and earn more money. Since then I've noticed marked improvement in my ability to succeed on a daily basis, which with WA has led to a spike in organic impressions and my first $100 day online. So, I thought I'd share a few tips: 1) Envision your long term goals and see yourself achieving them. This centers your mi
August 25, 2014
had my first $100 day today, just past the 5 month mark here with the WA community! this is great encouragement as i was not feeling motivated at all this morning. then saw the commission in the pending slot this afternoon and sat down and wrote that next post! just thought i'd share. anyone else have good news as well?