Why My Garden Is Just Like My Business.

Last Update: Jun 24, 2022

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I have a story to share, one that may not seem all that relevant to the online business world but in fact, directly correlates to what it takes to learn something, and succeed at something. It is all about "jumping in head first", not knowing what you are getting yourself into prior (or having a very vague idea, anyways).

Over the years I have realized that when I am going to learn something new, I often times fear what lives on the other side. Not because I am scared to fail, I am actually afraid of the unknown. The unknown can be awkward, and in life it prevents us from doing a lot of different things that we could be very successful at...business being one of those things.

This idea of "fear of the unknown" stretches across different niches. One in particular that is very relevant to me, is working outdoors in my garden and managing a property, something that I cured the "fear of the unknown" by jumping head first into.

The Story of 7 Acres.

A few years back, I moved to a plot of land. I desired to live on land, I grew up on acreage and I loved the lifestyle it provided me as a kid. I guess, in a way, I want the same for my kids. The freedom to play outside, to have freedom, to be creative without direction, and to learn how to consume hours of time playing without "tech". I believe it is important for everyone to be capable of independence. The outdoors, and the world of nothing but your own elements can create this.

When we moved here, we had help with the yard. There was a gardener that would help through the week, mowing lawns, working on the gardens, etc. I didn't really know much of anything, I came from prior homes that had no yard and the only recent memory I had of being on acreage was when I was a child.

As crazy as it sounds, I actually feared the idea of having to work in the yard.

I didn't know how to operate power tools, I didn't know how to use the zero turn mower, I didn't know how to operate the gator, I didn't know enough about gardens to properly maintain them. I was green...even greener than my lawn lol.

So on the day that my hired help indicated they were moving on to spend more time with their family, I was presented with two options. One, seek out and hire someone else that I trusted to learn the yard, and maintain it. Or Two, learn it all my self, and jump in head first.

I chose the latter.

I jumped in head first. I had spent the prior 15 years telling others to "try something new" through the affiliate marketing world, whilst helping them through the process, but I was experiencing the same level of fear that many go through when starting an online business.

I didn't know the first thing about what I was doing.

As embarrassing as it is, I had no prior experience on how to operate any sort of gas tools or a chainsaw or mowers or dealing with a variety of plants, pruning, edging, keeping plants alive, irrigation...it was all so overwhelming to the point it created a feeling of fear. The fear of the unknown.

I remember going down to my lawnmower, which I had never even tried (after a year living on the property). It was a zero turn mower, with very few controls. I sat down on it, with no a clue how to start it. I didn't even know where the key went in. As I sat on the mower, I pulled out my phone and jumped on Youtube to search "how to start a husquavarna zero turn mower". I wasn't alone, the video at the time had over 20,000 views.

That was a consistent learning process, that happened over and over again. From learning to use a chainsaw and watching safety videos, to figuring out the best way to edge gardens after buying over 20 different garden tools...to upgrading and automating my irrigation so it uses 60% less water...and understanding the entire drainage system on the proper, and actually enhancing it with new irrigation and finding some major flaws in the existing ones.

This year I ripped out an entire 50-foot garden bed (see below) and now I am working to plant a brand new garden.

This is another thing I have yet to do, but I now have the confidence that I can do anything.

I approached my yard, like I approached business.

I went at it with the idea of efficiency, and success. I knew I could do a brilliant job, and that there are a lot of really skilled people out there doing it. Why not me? Why can't I learn this, millions of people have learned how to do this before me and I have all the resources I need to become not just a success at it, but an expert.

I can innovate, be creative and come up with new ideas and concepts the same way I do in business. I can jump head first into ANY new venture that I choose, with confidence. Knowing that I will fail, knowing that I will learn from that, and knowing that the outcome will eventually be success.

At the end of the day, what's the worst that could happen. Something doesn't go exactly as planned? I fail, and then learn something new?

I have learned something new, and I have gained a love for something new as a result. This can be you, with anything that you do including an online business. You just need to jump in head first.

PS. These are all pictures I have taken from my garden.

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This message hits me right through the core (you are aware of my struggles). 😂 As you found your new love for a world unknown to you then, I am still on the process of figuring out my “fear of the unknown “. Though this is something that is embedded in me, the harder it would appear, the more is my desire to get it.

So upon learning today that I should use even just the regular computer instead of my convenient iPad PRO, I asked my daughter to give me her old computer, that was on our basement collecting dust.

And despite all the bumps and bruises in my head as I jumped in my world of the unknown, I hope to finally declare “I GOT IT!”

I am at work tonight, but I shall figure out my hurdles tomorrow.

Thank you for the inspiring read.

I loved this story, Kyle, and it is perfectly true. Immersion in the solution is the solution.
Even after some years here, I am getting to "hear" better and the excellent teachers really help including you.

*I have some macular degeneration and get frustrated by not seeing the teeny-tiny stuff during instruction. Eventually, I'll get some extra visual help.
I am a visual learner, it is my prime modality of learning. So, there is the frustration (at 7T years old)-can't see "it" because "it" is too small to see.
As a learning compensation, never as sharp as the prime modality, visual, I pick up and understand other information.

This was a great post to wake up to!
Thank you, Kyle!!!

So glad you enjoyed this story Suzay! :)

I love that zero-turn lawn mower. I watch Al Bladez inventor of free lawn makeovers on yt and the joy and faith in humanity that he shares as he does amazing work for free to those who couldn't do it. It uplifts the whole community and beyond.
Al and his friend Kevin, who I spell his name KHeaven, as they go about changing lives! Real people have no fear about hard work and all of whatever comes up with it. You just deal with it. It is another step in getting the gifts in life prepared for service.
Thank you, Kyle again, you are always a bright star in my heaven, because I came in under you. (Who is this guy who writes a little better than me, I wonder what I can learn from him. AKA, Kyle, LOL, learn Alot!

Hi, your story is so inspiring. It caused me to think back in my life and remember the times i jumped headfirst into an idea and it turned out greater than I ever thought.
I was a new mommy and I wanted a fancy cake for my daughters first birthday. while at a yard sale I found a Wilton figurine cake pan in the box. it came with a pamphlet on how to decorate cakes. I wanted the birthday cake to be great, so I made some icing and played with it. It was so much fun I played with it every day. I decorated cookies, muffins, upside-down cake pans etc. I even decorated a Meatloaf using mashed potatoes. The cake was wonderful, and I felt proud. I was always baking cakes to practice on and I gave them away.
One day a neighbor wanted a birthday cake for their family party, I was excited .... the cake looked just as requested. I delivered it early and told the mother "This one is my gift to the party the next one we will work out a price. After that I gave away first time order cakes for 6 months and grew a customer base of about 50 people.
Fast forward 10 years and I was so busy both my daughters had to help with the "at home bakery business" Special function cakes during the week and no more than 6 complete Wedding cake every weekend.
So, me being a newbie with next to no teck skills and I'm scared to death, I guess I'll make some icing and jump in headfirst and decorate me a Website and make some Money.

That is exactly the point I was trying to make and be able to resonate with everyone. We all have things in life where we are "throw to the wolves" so to speak, and when we tackle these seemingly tough situations, we come out with newfound experience and skills...and ones that can be built off of.

Like gardening, and your story with the decorating cakes, the online business world is no different. Jump in head first knowing that you can not just learn it, you can be very good at it. :)

Great read! I have an electric lawn mower very little maintenance. First time I heard of a zero turn mower.
Oh you mean a Forest Gump lawn mower then I would know ha ha.
My wife's the gardener at our home and people come by on summer to stand and take pictures.
Nothing beats our 97 yr old italian neighbour who has beautiful flowers and bushes manicured into animals like Edward Scissor hands ha ha .
Also a vegetable garden.
Our mother used to grow a vegetable garden every year for about 20 yrs quite rewarding.

Yeah, zero turn have the two handles (instead of a steering wheel), they turn on a dime. It is good for navigating around gardens and trees.

I was actually over at my neighbours today, a beautiful garden and he has 45 years of experience. I sucked his brain, and learned lots...sometimes it is best to learn from others that have been in the trenches, and have knowledge to share. I am sure your Italian neighbour comes rife with knowledge!

Thanks for sharing your story John!

Happy growing will send pictures of our flower garden that my wife nutures constantly and maybe the Italians also so you can get some ideas.

Awesome, would love that!

Top of the range, kyle, one of the biggest headaches for most parents is balancing that tech time, even just working out the best strategy to get the kids off their devices. There's nothing like a full-blown I paddy. Creating that space for your kids to play and enjoy the outdoors will be one of the best investments you could have made.
Creating that balance between the online and the physical worlds is one of the best things we can do. I think that you have outlined the right of passage of many would-be gardeners. The DIY stores are full of tempting tools and equipment.
Best wishes as you continue on your gardening way.

Yes, absolutely I agree. I grew up with this type of outdoor space, and I know just how much it helps create independence and encourage creativity. We are living in a world where there are so many distractions with tech, that there is something to be said about being in nature (and for me, spending time working in it).

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