Why Kobe Bryant Is My BUSINESS Role Model.

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I'm going to walk you through the journey of Kobe Bryant, a name that's etched in the sports history not just for his natural talent, but for the relentless pursuit of excellence that turned him into an NBA legend.

His ideas, and his approach to the game of basketball (and greatness) is something that can apply to every facet of success in life, from sports, to personal relationships, to business.

Kobe was one of the best to ever play the game of basketball. His record is studded with achievements: FIVE NBA championships with the Los Angeles Lakers, TWO Olympic gold medals, and an unforgettable 81-point game (I remember when he did this to our Canadian Toronto Raptors lol), the second-highest in NBA history.

But this isn't just about his skill with the basketball; it's also about his character and his approach to life. Something that I have studied for many years, and have seen so many obvious similarities to business.

Greatness at anything, takes the effort and same process, whether it is basketball or business.

The same traits that made Kobe an absolutely "force" on the court are the ones that set successful business leaders apart from those that are failing. I want to spend a few moments to explore the parallels between the two.

You're going to find out about how a kid from Philly rose to an NBA champion and MVP, but also thrived at more than just being an athlete. He thrived at everything he did by applying the "Mamba" principles that defined his life.

This includes his transition into a successful entrepreneur, storyteller, and an Academy Award winner for his animated short film 'Dear Basketball'. Pretty wild.

Let's look at the journey of Kobe, and how you can apply this to your business.

The Business of Being Kobe Bryant.

I'm a massive basketball fan. And when it comes to players who have profoundly impacted the game, few have left a mark as indelible as Kobe Bryant (Michael Jordan is definitely another one of these figures).

It's not just his on-court talent that commands my respect; it's his off-court strategies too. It's the granular details of HOW Kobe achieved what he did. Kobe's drive, his mentality - these are frameworks of thought that underpin success in various high-pressure environments, business included.

In my opinion, the lines between stadiums and boardrooms aren't as clear-cut as they seem. The qualities that make an elite athlete are often mirrored in top business professionals: resilience, strategic planning, and an insatiable desire to improve.

These are the foundation of successful ventures in ANY field.

For me, the determination and perpetual state of wanting to face brand new challenges, something that Kobe exemplified, resonates in a big way. This is far from just trying to emulate a sports hero; it's about integrating their ethos into your own.

This ethos has been defined as the Mamba Mentality...

Outworking the Competition. Valuable Lessons from Kobe's Ethic.

You want to know the secret to success? Working hard when your competition isn't.

Kobe didn't just wake up one day and dominate the court; it took years of pre-dawn practices and the will to push past his own "limitations". While the competition was snoozing (literally), Kobe was strategizing his next victory.

He used to get up at 5am when he was 12, and practice in an empty gym. His thought process was that every other kid is only practicing 2-3 times per week, and if he put forth the extra practice every day on top of that, he would get better than other players.

It worked. He went from a low scoring player at 12, to the top player in the state at 14 years old. That is the work ethic that is required to achieve greatness.

In the business world, your competition may clock out at 5 PM, but being like Kobe means you're the one burning the midnight oil, perfecting your craft, exploring new strategies, while they are NOT working.. Kobe's work ethic was about working hard, when he knew others were not.

Kobe's legendary 5 AM gym sessions are a great metaphor for your business journey, and these are strategies that Carson and I have used over the years to excel. As much as it is about working smart, it is about working when you know your competition isn't.

Kobe knew that his "competition" wasn't practicing during the wee morning hours, and if he did this every day for an entire year, the competition would be so far behind him they would no longer be able to catch up to his skill set. Think of how hard it is to catch up 720 hours of training as a 12 year old.

Maybe you're not shooting hoops, but you're strategizing, planning, and executing while others are hitting snooze. This level of dedication can propel you to be the MVP within your niche, and your online business.

Choose a path, give it everything you've got, and always, always look for ways to improve. Your first attempt doesn't need to be your last – refine and try again.

Adopt the Kobe mentality in your business, and don't look back!

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Kyle I think it is super that he used to wake up at 5am everyday. There is a famous saying early bird catches the worm. Very hardworking indeed. Somehow it reminds me of my late grandma who used to also get up at 5am everyday. She had to be independent because my grandpa wasn't around. Although she wasn't working she used to get up to send my mother to school, do marketing and cook. Those times we were still under British rulers. She was very tough and took everything in her stride.

Early bird catches the worm, I grew up with my parents saying that to me. :)

Thank you Kyle and Kevon for those insights.

I believe that passion goes with purpose and vision. Purpose demands an answer to the question, "What have I come to give to this world?" Vision means that you remain focused on a specific goal. What do I see? One should be able to see or at least perceive the outcome of the effort.

Thank you.


Absolutely, Jane. You've hit the nail on the head. You've beautifully articulated the essence of true success. The synergy of Passion + Purpose + Vision forms an unbeatable formula, much like the core principles behind Kobe's legendary achievements. It's this same formula that has propelled not just athletes but also visionaries like Kyle and Carson with the great work they're doing here at WA.

Absolutely Jane, very well said!

Drawing parallels between Kobe Bryant's legendary work ethic and business strategies is incredibly insightful. His relentless pursuit of excellence and the Mamba Mentality can indeed serve as a powerful blueprint for success in any field, including business. It's a testament to the idea that the principles of dedication, continuous improvement, and outworking the competition are universal. Great share!

I have an interesting question for you Kyle: In adopting the "Mamba Mentality" for business, how do we balance the intense drive for success with the need for well-being and sustainability in our work practices? Kobe's dedication was legendary, but in the fast-paced world of business, how do we ensure that this level of commitment doesn't lead to burnout?

Would love to hear your thoughts on finding that equilibrium.

You can sustain that drive with much more ease when you enjoy what you are doing. The same as Kobe loved basketball and though it was hard work, it is sustainable because he loved the game. Love your business the same way and you are going to have no issues sustaining this ethic.

Hey Kyle,

Thanks for the swift and thoughtful response! You've hit the nail on the head with the importance of passion in sustaining our drive. It's a refreshing reminder that when we truly love what we do, the hard work doesn't feel as burdensome, much like Kobe with basketball. Your perspective sheds light on the joy and fulfillment that can come from aligning our work with our passions, turning challenges into parts of the journey we cherish.

It's inspiring to think about business and personal growth in this way, and it definitely adds a layer of excitement to the pursuit of excellence. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and for the great conversation!

Cheers to loving the game, in business and in life!



Great post, Kyle! There's nothing like a good basketball game! I was a student at UNC-Chapel Hill when Michael Jordan was on their basketball team. There were some awesome games!

Kobe has excelled on the court and in business. So there's a lot we can learn from him and other business experts if we remain open to change and willing to learn as we grow our businesses.

Thank you for the post!

Wow, that is so awesome. That would have been amazing to watch Jordan in his college years, I envy you!

We can learn a lot from any high performance and great athlete, in particular the greatest. The all share the same focus, approach and work ethic...same with the most successful businesses.

Everything isn't always easy, in fact, quite the opposite. That is why when you work hard, and work during the hours that others aren't, you can create a true competitive advantage.

Yes! It pays to study the experts and learn and apply all we can.

Btw...UNC had an incredible basketball team with Jordan, Dougherty, and Perkins all playing at the same time under Coach Dean Smith. What amazing and exciting games!

I love this kind of inspirational reading material.

I sent this to my 11-year-old son, who wakes up 6 days a week at 5:50 to do a workout with me. He tells me how great he feels, even though he's tired, he still gets up. 👍 He read it all and said it was interesting.

Cheers mate.

So awesome, that is great. Your son is destined to achieve big things. I had a conversation about this with my daughter last year and she often asks me "do you think XYZ is practicing right now" as we practice soccer at night. I say "probably not"...

Great stuff, I wish I knew back then what I know now!

Wow. You have established a wonderful habit that your son can carry with him through life.

Well done.


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