Why Did My Payment to Wealthy Affiliate Fail?

Last Update: June 06, 2017

In the current state of the Internet and online payment processing, failed payments and payments not going through, do happen. This is not always your fault and within this post I want to show you how to correct any payment issues.

Some of you may notice that a header like this shows up within your profile....

This means that a payment to rebill your membership has failed and this can happen for many different reasons.

Reason #1: Your Credit Card Has Insufficient Funds or Has Expired

The most common reason is that you could have a credit card or payment method that either has insufficient funds or has expired. You can update your credit card details and make a payment for your failed billing here:

Update Your Credit Card Details Here

Reason #2: Your Credit Card Has Blocked Payments

This can happen on occasion, your credit card company may all of a sudden block online payments or international payments (we are located in Canada). This happens all the time and has happened to me several times over the past year alone as credit cards try to lock down against any chance of fraud online.

If your card has adequate funds, then you will want to contact your credit card company and let them know that you want to process the next payment from Wealthy Affiliate (and that it is international if you are not located in Canada).


If you have any issues with your payments and you continue to see these issues, please let us know and we can help you work with it. We attempt all payments 3 times (allow for 3 failed payments) before your membership is cut-off.

If this does happen, you will be able to resubscribe and reconnect your membership without issue, so no need to panic there as well.

Hope this helps you all out.

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MarkBurwell Premium
Hi Kyle

I've looked at my PayPal account again. On Jan. 27, 2017 a payment came out for $21.47 USD. It says my next payment will come out on March 3rd, 2017 and it will be $55.37. I don't know why that would be unless it was something to do with the change in price. I don't want to get cut off. I will call PayPal Monday, 27, 2017 (tomorrow) and see if they can move up the payment or do something manual so that the funds will be released. I have funds in both my bank and on my prepaid Visa. I don't want to mess around with it and get billed twice until PayPal gives me some direction on what to do.

MarkBurwell Premium
Hi kyle

My payment is through PayPal and I had it set up to come out of my bank account. I followed the instruction and said for PayPal to use my bank account as the back up even though it should have been the primary method of payment as it was for the promotional first month deal. On PayPal it says its due March 3rd? It should be ok now.
JKingsberry Premium
Kyle, I made a mistake and clicked on an update to my internet security. My daughter called Avast to get everything straightens out. They are putting $ 40.00 back in my credit card where Wealthy affiliate had a recurring payment.
However, I am going first thing Monday morning to put extra money in my account where you take out your money. I would suggest to you that you wait until WEDNESDAY to get your money out of the usual credit card for your recurring payment, I am very sorry for this delay.

I just got out of the hospital for hypoglycemia, bladder infection and exacerbation (flare-up) of emphysema. I was there Tuesday and came home Saturday. I just checked my wealthy affiliate and notice the premium membership funds failed.

It is all my fault. I would have had this addressed had I not been in the hospital and clicked on the wrong thing with Avast previously. Usually, only wealthy affiliate comes out of the credit card that you have, but I did something that caused Avast to charge me money on the same card. They too are going to put the money back into my account. So there will be plenty of money to pay for WA. Thanks for your patience. Just wait at least 48 hours. Please. This is so devastating and I apologize. Thanks! I only have WA and not Jaaxy at this time. You are taking out for premium membership in the Wealthy affiliate.
PatLemy Premium
Kyle would certainly help you out with this. Thanks !

NewImage Premium
Hi Pat, he has not helped me yet. I do not even have a recurring payment. I paid the entire thing for a year, last month. I believe he may be just too busy.
AlbertShuler Premium
I am on Social Security. I don't get my check until the 15th of this month. Please process my payment then and it will go through. It's hard to have an exact date when the pay us on the third Wednesday of each month. The date is different from month to month.
Al Shuler
PatLemy Premium
The monthly payment is made here every 26, 27 or 28 of each month so you don't have to worry for that.. It will happen when you already received your social security of the month.. Thanks !

jeankoen2 Premium
Kyle, I do not know what to say. This time of the month again. I have setup my PayPal and the funds are there. Might there be something that I am missing? I have looked at the steps you provided at the top of this article and things from my side looks fine or so I think. Now we are waiting for the 8th of February. My card is verified with PayPal aswell. Please if there is something else I should do let me know.