Why Did My Payment to Wealthy Affiliate Fail?

Last Update: June 06, 2017

In the current state of the Internet and online payment processing, failed payments and payments not going through, do happen. This is not always your fault and within this post I want to show you how to correct any payment issues.

Some of you may notice that a header like this shows up within your profile....

This means that a payment to rebill your membership has failed and this can happen for many different reasons.

Reason #1: Your Credit Card Has Insufficient Funds or Has Expired

The most common reason is that you could have a credit card or payment method that either has insufficient funds or has expired. You can update your credit card details and make a payment for your failed billing here:

Update Your Credit Card Details Here

Reason #2: Your Credit Card Has Blocked Payments

This can happen on occasion, your credit card company may all of a sudden block online payments or international payments (we are located in Canada). This happens all the time and has happened to me several times over the past year alone as credit cards try to lock down against any chance of fraud online.

If your card has adequate funds, then you will want to contact your credit card company and let them know that you want to process the next payment from Wealthy Affiliate (and that it is international if you are not located in Canada).


If you have any issues with your payments and you continue to see these issues, please let us know and we can help you work with it. We attempt all payments 3 times (allow for 3 failed payments) before your membership is cut-off.

If this does happen, you will be able to resubscribe and reconnect your membership without issue, so no need to panic there as well.

Hope this helps you all out.

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EdibertoJr Premium
I checked my card there is fund. I have a paypal. I though i was victim of someone whose trying to steal because i have recently received a mail that some site is try to recover my info account:-)

I will try to contact the bank to allow WA for my monthly bill.
I have no reason to discontinue the awesome WA.

Anastazija Premium
I see many people are having problems lately, I thought my payment didn't go because the credit card I was using was expired but I still had funds. I updated and changed to another credit card, hopefully it will all be good.

Kind of stressful to see this red line out of nowhere.
AfqmBiz Premium
I just changing the mode of payment through Debit Bank Card, newly added. Few days struggling deal with my Card Bank Issuance Authority. But through the difficult i found ways to solve. Next on 23rd schedule, no reason payment cant go through. Hopefully by January 2017, i manage to go for yearly payment. By the way, with current economic and other global situations, strict precautions taken by any Bank. It is also depend on latest policy of bank by country origin.
celiacman Premium
Is other having problems getting their monthly payment paid?

I have been a member since March 2016 with my payment being paid with no problems, why all of a sudden my payments are not going through is this my credit card or WA's payment system.

I do not think it is fair being locked out of our websites just because WA has a payment problem.

I had checked and my funds are available, so what is the problem and why do we have to keep submitting our payment information over and over?

This really sucks and is frustrating plus costs me being able to write my articles which is not fair.
celiacman Premium
There seems to be a problem with WA's payment processing system, my payment has not went through as well. It is obvious there is a problem with WA's system when so many of us are getting messages our payements have not went through. Instead us keep updating our payment plan maybe WA needs to update their system