What I Learned From Instagram in a Week.

Last Update: February 18, 2019

Last week, Carson and I both announced that we were making our foray into Instagram. You can check our latest activity and follow us here:

Follow Kyle: @wealthyaffiliatekyle

Follow Carson: @wealthyaffiliatecarson

This was a significant move for us because when we make a decision to do anything, we put a lot of thought into it. We weigh the pros and cons and in terms of Instagram the PROS of using it far outweigh the cons.

Some of these positives were:

(1) Turning Waste into Productivity
(2) The TRUST Factor
(3) Remaining Ahead of the Curve.

But in my first week of using Instagram, I found myself learning more than I could imagine about myself and the actual Instagram platform. I also found something very revealing about my own personal social media activity (that I will discuss).

I just wanted to spend a few minutes outlining my "first week" findings of Instagram, to help you with your own Instagram experiences and ultimately decide whether it is important to your business, integral to your business, or something that you just want to use as a typical user.

(1) Get a Business Account.

It is very easy to set this up, even within your personal account. There are several reasons that you would want a business account, but the primary ones are:

  • Get More Data, More Features
  • Can Use Your Instagram Account With Software
  • Allows you to Post Ads
  • It's Easy to Set-Up, Doesn't Cost a Penny

You will need a Facebook business page to get this set-up, and you can move to a business account at any time. So don't feel pressure to race out and do this now. There may be little application for you to get one now but there likely will be down the road. You can get instructions directly on Instagram showing you how to set this up. View instructions here. https://business.instagram.com/getting-started

    (2) Like Your Website, Consistency is KEY

    How do you bend the algorithms in search engines these days? By posting content with regularity and consistency, and of course offering quality content. The same thing is the case with Instagram. If you are posting to your feed and your story with frequency and regularity, people will come to expect this and anticipate this... including Instagram. You want more exposure, keep it consistent.

    (3) #Hashtags Are Your Magnet

    You want to use hashtags. They are important to getting reach and attracting people in similar audiences. Use them within every post (10-20 of the most relevant to the image).

    (4) Automation is Available, If You Use it Right

    There are several platforms that allow you to automate your posts. Some of the most popular for Instagram, from what I have seen thus far are:

    • TailWind
    • HootSuite
    • Gramto
    • HopperHQ
    • MeetEdgar

    All of these will suffice, with some having their advantages and disadvantages. I have primarily been using Tailwind, but I have heard that some influencers (someone that has a large active following) on Instagram favor some other platforms because they are more feature rich. You don't have to automate, but it can make your scheduling much easier.

    As with ANY automation, you want to be authentic and you want to keep on top of your activity, with others engaging in your content, and you want to present your content in a way that feels REAL. Automation tools get abused and don't work if you try to remove yourself completely from the activity. That simply is not a good idea!

      (5) Get Real, Be Real.

      People like "real" people, real lives and real stories. Funny how that works. If you come across as overtly promotional, you are not going to have an authentic following. If you are genuine with your experience, your following is much more engaged into your Instagram posts, stories, and your overall brand.

      (6) Interact With Others.

      One thing that I quickly have seen (and learned) is that if you want your Instagram following to grow naturally, you should invest a bit of time engaging in relevant conversations and with other Instagram infulencers. If you do, you are going to get additional exposure. Not only that, you want to interact in a timely manner to those that connect with you.

      Perhaps it is only a few per day, or maybe many more through time, but this is creating an authentic, trusted following and network.

      (7) Don't Waste Your Time

      Last but not least, don't waste your time. Time is something that you cannot create more of, outside of becoming more efficient or hiring other people. If you find yourself "hanging out" on instagram, or watching hours of videos at a time, you are wasting precious time that could be dedicated to something else.

      It is easy to get lost in the social media vortex, so when you go into your Instagram account, go in there with "intent". Also, you can monitor your usage directly within Instagram so make sure that you are on top of your overall usage and not spending more time than you should be.

      Ultimately, my first week of Instagram was very much a learning experience. I spent probably a bit more time on there as usual as I was learning the application in much more detail, and I hit a few stumbling blocks. That of course is part of learning anything new.

      I also have spent some time assessing and analyzing some key influencers on IG, those that are not "famous" and that will naturally get people wanting to follow them. That has been interesting as well, and although my knowledge isn't all that advanced yet, I am sure in a year's time I am going to really be able to offering you some really DEEP insights into this platform and how you can efficiently use it to drive various aspects of your business and reach.

      I got more enjoyment, while using it less, and using it for a focused business element.

      Are you using Instagram? If so, I would love to hear about your feedback, and personal insights/experiences below.

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      DawnBridges1 Premium
      Thank you for your all your advice and insight on Instagram! I just signed up for it for a new business I have, but honestly I don't know a thing about Instagram and haven' t posted anything. However I know I have to learn all all the social media platforms in order to succeed going forward. Feeling a little overwhelmed! But I like everything else it's going to take some time and effort. And my choice is that I don't have one :-) It has to be done!
      Kyle Premium
      Yeah, like many platforms you will learn the most by doing. You don't need to become an expert within the Instagram world overnight, but you will get the hang of it as you use it.

      And focus on the training here, don't focus on social media. Your business is rooted in your website and building that out...so that should be your focus. Social platforms like Instagram can be complimentary to your business, but they are an "in addition to" sort of thing.
      Encourager1 Premium
      I made my business account today on Instagram and will eventually start using it in promoting my new SAC website. I still have much to learn about this social media platform and busy creating content for my website so it might be a while before I start using IG more frequently. I do see a lot of potential here. IG reminds me of Pinterest in a way.
      Kyle Premium
      Don't worry, you will get the hang of things Cory as you continue to immerse yourself in the platform. If you ever do have any questions as you build out your account, do let me know and I will be more than happy to help you out. :)
      Baileigh1 Premium
      I am not so savvy with all of this social media, but I am sure that will change as I go. I appreciate the research that you put in and shared with the community. I do know someone else who connected their instagram with their facebook account and were being successful with business. Usually sold what they posted before it ever made it to facebook.
      Chezbrown Premium
      Hi Kyle, pleased to see you and Carson on instagram. I really like using instagram and it can be fun as well as business. You just need to get the right balance. I love the fact that you can share your instagram posts on both pinterest and on your facebook page.

      I know that I have already spoken to you on instagram when your daughter was out enjoying the snow.

      Well have fun and look forward to seeing what you post and making contact with you there as well. xxx
      lesucation Premium
      Hi Kyle,

      Thank you for this Instagram post.

      This Online "business" is certainly a time "hogger"!
      There is so much to consider and to use time efficiently!
      I need time to continue to follow through with ALL the WA training, but also time to communicate, assiist and discuss with the WA family members and also where is the time to develop websites etc?
      Are you sure there all only 24 hours in a day?
      Ropesa Premium
      I know what you mean, spending time on social media distracts me from working on my website so I usually strict social media to when I am taking a break from working on my websites.
      I don’t do instagram so much, I prefer Pinterest because it sends people to my websites.
      JamieFreedom Premium
      Hi Kyle, thank you for sharing with us on WA what you learned in a week's time about Instagram. It's cool how you dove in and took the time to study what it's all about. Always learning is the way to be!

      I haven't used Instagram much yet, but I plan to as it's a powerful visually-rich social media environment. Thank you for the Instagram tips!

      TeamIceCream Premium
      Hi Kyle

      Thank you for sharing your experience of IG so far!

      According to our newpaper IG had a bug lately, so I thought I'll post the link in case it may be helpful to our members, should anyone have noticed the loss of followers as well:

      Wishing you an awesome day, Kyle!
      Sharlee (Chocolate IceCream)
      Marley2016 Premium
      Thank you for this. I have an Instagram account but to date
      have not done much with it. The learning curve on other
      things has taken priority.

      Mostly redoing the websites cutting back and listening to you
      like I should have done in the first place - MY MISTAKE was

      With this now repaired - I still have more to fix! But have learned
      consistency is everything here!

      Thank you - for making all of this possible - Carson and you
      have no idea how very grateful I am,
      Kyle Premium
      For sure, don't over do it. You can ease your way into new platforms, you don't need to learn it all in a day and you probably won't.

      I think if you speak with influencers on IG, or experts in any category, they will tell you they are learning new things every day that goes by.
      TimShih Premium
      Wow, this is a very helpful post. Thanks, Kyle.

      I found there are more and more ads showing on Instagram recently, that means this platform is getting hotter. If we could combine Instagram with our websites and niches, I think it will become a helpful tool and social media.

      Thank you for sharing all these tips and learnings.
      - Tim
      Ashseeef Premium
      Yes, I have my instagram account set up last year September. The momentum is slow at first and you can easily get discouraged by the low number of likes and followers. Don't be discouraged. Just continue churning out good quality content. Get your friends to do a shout out for you on their personal accounts too (my account is on kids stuff so my friend's shout out was relevant since she has many mummies friends). Using the same hastags over and over again will cause you to have a shadow ban by instagram where your account is hidden from the public and only your followers can see you (bad bad bad...esp when you're trying to build a following). 30 hastags was the ideal previously but now, it seems that 10-20 like what Kyle said, is better. Try to vary your hastags and definitely make it relevant to your post. Choose between a mix of hashtags with lots of followers and not too many followers. Reply all comments because having more activity will boost your post. Make use of the IG stories to engage your followers too.
      Kyle Premium
      Great advice Ashley, consistency and giving yourself "time" to succeed at anything, any aspect of your business, is imperative.

      I have heard of the shadow ban, and the thing is, if your account feels "automated", then Instagram isn't going to like it. The same with any algorithm driven platform, if you are trying to beat it with technology, their "brains" are likely always going to outwit you.
      Mary-Elle Premium
      This is a super helpful post for me.

      The truth is...I've wanted to use IG, I have a profile all set up but don't really use it because I don't like having to IG from my phone. Haven't really figured out how to do so adequately from my computer.

      And those hashtags! OMG, I see people using so many hashtags....seems like it would take forever to do just one post!

      I'm eager to learn whatever you care to teach about this :)

      Kyle Premium
      My suggestion is to use it naturally, grow authentically. Far too many people try to race to followers, but they end up buying software to do it for them. This only leads to a "dead" following.

      If you grow in a natural manner, you have true reach! #reachisgood
      AnnDreams2 Premium
      I considered using Instagram. Sounds very similar to Pinterest where you just put up a bunch of images with or without links. I understand using hashtags since I'm on Twitter.

      Also, the option of converting to a business account does not appear on the menu for me. It does on my husband's account but does not appear on mine at all. No idea why it's not available to me.

      I'm convinced that I'm shadow banned on FB because of the dramatic decline of my posts shares over the last 12 months. I post daily but now only reach a handful at best. Whereas before I would reach well over 200 when I first set up the account. My FB ad performances have also suffered so I don't give them my money any longer.

      Seeing as FB owns Instagram, perhaps this has something to do with my Instagram account issue?
      Erik7019 Premium
      Hi Ann, I would sign up with Tailwinds, they are awesome, you pick the pictures and whatever you like to post and Tailwind will do the rest for you, they do Instagram and Pinterest. I grew Pinterest from 60 people about a year ago to 1.1m viewers and Tailwind does most of the work for me. On Instagram I am at over 3K and counting its slower on Instagram but it is growing too, I think signing up with a company that posts and re-posts images or similar images really can help you.

      AnnDreams2 Premium
      Thanks Erik, I'll look into Tailwinds.
      FrankyBoy Premium
      I've had a personal IG account (#frankly_artistic) for over a year now. Very challenging to try and get actual true followers as many play the follow/unfollow game. Interaction is definitely the key but this can take up much of your time. Testing it now as a funnel to my WA site,
      Kyle Premium
      Yeah, don't worry about what they are doing. You do you. If you fall into that game, and start doing it yourself you will never grow a useful following on IG.

      Consistency + Time, that is key.
      kimgwinter Premium
      Hi Kyle, thanks so much for the insight. I've had a business account for a while but haven't used it too much. You and Carson have inspired me to start using it again.
      Although I don't want to use it too much for advertising, I would like to be able to add my WA link in some of the posts, but I seem to be having a problem with that. The link doesn't work. Do you know if that is a limitation of IG, or if perhaps I am using it incorrectly? Perhaps I can only add the link to my Bio.
      I'd really appreciate any feedback you could offer.
      Kyle Premium
      Excellent, it is useful. Not to be a time consumer, but move forward with an authentic approach and use it as though you have your business in mind. This reach can and will get you a following.
      CLandi Premium
      I opened an Instagram account two days before you and Carson announced your Instagram account openings.

      I have yet to create a bio, but have made some friends already. I'll wait til you come out with the business use of it before I attempt that aspect of it.

      You're right: it is easy to waste time on it, but I'm not good at typing on my phone, so I don't really have to worry about that too much.

      Do you mind if I use the photo of your daughter, who is on the slide, on my FB page? She is so adorable.

      Kyle Premium
      Please don't use any photos from my Instagram on your website, these are reserved for my profile. Thanks Chuck.

      You can certainly use your own photos on your profiles though, and I recommend that.
      CLandi Premium
      OK. Thanks for commenting. I left a comment on Instagram for you.

      "Jamazing Kyle"? Is that a new word?
      Hels04 Premium
      I am new to Insta and have also been following your account this week. I'm not completely comfortable posting anything personal on there yet (I have a separate personal account for that) so I'm focusing on sharing my blog posts and inspirational pics.
      I agree with using the hashtags, it's a great way to get more followers.
      Kyle Premium
      Sure, you don't have to. Keep your separate account for your personal stuff, and then you can build out more of a business account with your niche stuff. You can manage both accounts within the same account.
      silverwings Premium
      I totally don't understand instagram or how it works. I'd tried to learn it and just get no where so gave up and focused on FB. Twitter is the same. I don't get it. But I was told learn one at a time and get really good at it before you move to another one. I am starting to figure out Pintrest...and have even made a sale from there. I DO need to pay more attention there, but there is only so much time in a day and just getting my content together seems to be about all I can handle for now.
      Kyle Premium
      It allows you to build a following, brand and reputation. Once you have a following, you can reach out to them in an instantaneous manner with bite sized updates. Keeps you relevant.

      Pinterest is going to remain the preferred network for many, depending on your niche.
      LizHennessy Premium
      I tried instagram for a while and to be honest, it was way too time consuming for me. It also didn't really give me any extra website traffic. Perhaps I needed to dedicate a full year to it, but to be honest it was not a year I wanted to waste. There seems to be a lot of hearts and comments, but no through traffic to website. I know there was a lot more I needed to learn about it but I just wanted to learn more about building a good website. I will look on with interest as to what your results turn out to be with it-given that you guys I have decided to jump on, I am now assuming there is something I have missed!
      Kyle Premium
      Yes, you don't have to waste a year, or any time at all. You have the freedom of choice. You don't have to use ANY social if you don't want, but at the very least you can learn how it works and follow my lead as to how I learn it and the applications for business that I see.

      I of course will be reporting everything back to the folks here at WA. ;)
      DaltonTberry Premium
      Your last point here is HUGE.

      Instagram is very visually stimulating and it was built to be this way with good reason.

      I wanted to add some additional thought here if it might help people avoid the IG vortex.

      The way that media is consumed now is different than even 5 years ago. With photo and video content taking over it's easy to see the shift to platforms like IG vs. Facebook and Twitter.

      What's more interesting is that it's easier and easier to lose yourself watching 100, 30 second video clips than maybe watching one long clip or video.

      This is what I think sucks users in the most. I've done my own study on my personal activity and monitored my screen time over a couple weeks using different apps. IG is without a doubt where most of my screen time ends up.

      Even with automation tools (which I use frequently) I can get sucked in.

      This is actually what makes IG so powerful. If you are able to post captivating content consistently, you soon are the creator of those 30 second attention grabbing videos instead of becoming the consumer of them.

      Good thoughts here Kyle. Keep up the good work. It's awesome to see you and Carson growing a following so quickly.

      Kyle Premium
      Good points on the "vortex". It can happen to any one of us, and instead of us wasting time watching videos that are several minutes, we end up watching videos where we watch 100 videos that are 10s in length. There goes an hour of time (that could have been invested in your business).

      Thanks for chiming in!
      EMusumali Premium
      Check this staggering statistic!
      Instagram posts have 58 times more engagements per follower than facebook and 120 more times than twitter.
      Without great content it will be next to impossible for you to get Insta leads into your business.
      Instagram is a huge time saver.Adding Instagram to your business can simplify much of what you are doing on social media.
      Most people don't even know you can send messages on instagram or even worse are using it to send spam messages.
      Only 10% of Instagram users are using video,which means it is open season for those that take action now.Post videos on Instagram.
      To grow your business,connect with 5 - 10 new people everyday.Look at their timeline and find 3 things you have in common.When you message this new friend:
      Use their name.
      Give a compliment.
      Ask a question.
      Thanks for reading.
      Kyle Premium
      Good advice here. I would certainly recommend Instagram use over that of Facebook or and certainly over Twitter.

      I have never favoured Twitter, I have personally found it to be an incredible waste of time and people I see trying to do any form of marketing on there I see desperately beating their chests.

      On IG I would be careful about too many DM's, they can be a nuisance as I am already getting lots and being personal can help, but also it does feel a bit like a form of solicitation.
      Jadatherapy Premium
      Hi I have used instagram but jump in and out a little less now.

      But it is a really good platform if you put the time in and know what to do.

      I am still learning but find like facebook it can suck your time, so I am focusing on my business building more for now.

      But yes instagram is the way to go, until something better comes along.

      Oh I am getting to grips with pinterest now and gaining a nice following now. YAY

      Thank you for sharing and can't wait until you add this to the training.

      All the best

      Kyle Premium
      Yeah, it can suck a lot of time and you need to be careful. You want to use it for your business activities and avoid falling into the rabbit hole of sucking up too much time.

      You can be productive, get enjoyment, and use it during the "in between" hours you have within the day.
      Jadatherapy Premium
      That's a brilliant idea

      When I get one of those moments I will. lol

      Busy building this is why I use twitter and pinterest because it is less interaction with followers and when I do it is quick. lol

      All the best to you and Carson I will be following your progress on there.

      Al the best

      Bluette Premium
      I created IG last year and now started to post with intent , funny things , and maybe this is something you can help us with sometime in the future, it attracts business owners, not sure how to attract actual customers or people interested if what I have to offer. also, people who follow you automate the process and If you don't follow them back , they will unfollow you withing few days , so your followings go up and down. it is interesting platform, no doubt , but need to find what works and what doesn't. have done a few trainings and followed the insx , some contradict each other , ha ha , so looking forward to some insights from you later.
      Freedomseekr Premium
      Interesting to know, Kyle! I haven't yet tried Instagram, but have been considering it for awhile now especially since G+ will be a thing of the past.

      I'm not crazy about Facebook at all, but I've gotten to rather like Twitter, at least to a point. Pinterest though, I love...which is a bad thing for me... I spend way too much time there whenever I happen to log in! I've also occasionally forgotten why I went there in the first place, to pin one of my own posts, lol!

      Thanks for sharing, it's also a great reminder to go into the social media platforms with "intent." I'll be looking forward to hearing more updates about Instagram!

      Best wishes :) ~Sherry
      Crazyhaggis Premium
      Thanks for the info., I haven’t touched IG yet as I struggle to keep up with FB and Pinterest. Also haven’t managed to get on Twitter yet either.

      I think partly the reason is that I’m not sure how to ‘tweet’ effectively. Need to look into it more and understand it.

      One question I have is, do you think the type of social media you are on is niche dependent? Surely some forms of SM are better suited to some types of niches? Or am I over thinking it all?
      Kyle Premium
      I honestly don't think you will have as much trouble keeping up with IG, it is a bit more seamless in terms of interaction and management, and the reach you get there is unparalleled on other networks.

      I can absolutely see big potential on Pinterest and FB as well, but something that you might want to look into is Instagram.

      As for social media an niche dependent, Pinterest is the only one that I would say is the most niche dependent as it is visual. Any niche that is visual, usually does better...and the audience is a little bigger in terms of females.

      Instagram and Facebook can be used for any niche, any product/service.
      Crazyhaggis Premium
      Thanks for your reply Kyle, when I can make time I’ll check it out as I know it’s gaining in popularity.
      TimMartin1 Premium
      Hey Kyle. I have some knowledge of Instagram from the different informative videos I've watched. What I learned from those videos is that you get the best results by following the steps to being parallel with IG's algorithm. That in turn gets the app on your side...

      Something to that extent, but overall I have a lot more to learn and experience.

      Thanks for sharing this!
      Kyle Premium
      That is advice that always scares me. It reminds me of black hat SEO marketers that are always chasing the next hole in the algo, versus white hatters which are just doing the right thing for your audience (and that Google is constantly looking for).

      Do what is RIGHT for your audience, and Instagrams algorithm will continue to conform for you.
      TimMartin1 Premium
      That's the best Instagram advice I've received.

      Thanks Kyle
      jamesTefft Premium
      Hi Lyle, I was trying to use instagram for advertising but I could not figure out how to use ut and I tried gto get help and they would send me a bunch of notes on doing stuff but I didnt know what it ment I finally backed out and got most of my money back but they wanted to keep their hooks into me. So I still get pintersts and they try to get me back all the time with notice of someone interested in giving me a job. I just ignore. I may have to look in again if U say it is good.
      Kyle Premium
      Yeah, just don't overthink it. Treat it like an interactive and engagement platform, not some technology you are trying to figure out. Keep it authentic, and the results will happen.
      sfortson Premium
      Great tips Kyle.
      I have been on IG for a while, not sure how long, my daughter is my main teacher, but she doesn't know the ins and outs when it comes to business accounts so she took a back seat when I started my website lol, I have been winging it.
      Kyle Premium
      Haha, the younger gen is the main teacher of all sorts of technical stuff these days. They get it, because that is what they know and what they are growing up on.
      sfortson Premium
      Thats for sure! If I was in her shoes I would be a complete nerd! I would know everything about a computer or any computerized devices lol. I kind of wish this technology had been around when I was a kid, as fast as I have been picking up on it now a days
      EdwinBernard Premium
      I use Instagram as a social tool. I follow a lot of people and respond to their posts. I post interesting things that happen in my life. Like shots from concerts, selfies with celebs etc. Since I joined WA I’ve greatly reduced the time I spend on Instagram. I wonder if my friends and followers have noticed. Probably not. I do get business related posts appearing and ignore them since none of them interest me. My followers and who I follow are in the low 100’s. But when
      I post I get at least 10 likes and comments. Occasionally more. From all over the world.
      Kyle Premium
      They have likely noticed it ,and you will likely get slightly less exposure as a result. That is fine. Sometimes you need to focus on your business and can't let things like this be a distraction.

      But you could certainly speed things up again over there, get some automation, post with regularity, and tie it in with the theme of your business. That could certainly work.
      Pastordna Premium
      Thanks for your findings Kyle. I've been on IG for over a year now but but need to confess that I have no clue of what many benefits that are out there! But my challenge NOW is how do I handle this problem just as you have earlier asked in your blog and I quote, "How do you bend the algorithms in search engines these days?". And you will remember that CHALLENGE I had with Bing is still there although you generously had shown concern to help and am still hopefully WAITING for your kind assistance to get that challenge solved.
      Kyle Premium
      You don't bend the algorithms, you create content for PEOPLE, humanized content. Google chases that with every algorithm update and you can steam roll blackhat SEO companies all day with this approach. They are the ones constantly looking for holes, and their businesses are always as temporary as the light in a day.
      williamsil Premium
      I had not been using IG at all based on the business industry that I had been in over the last 5 years. So all of this will be new to me and I am trying to soak up as much as I can and still get all the other things done to get started with WA. My Granddaughter is good at this tool and I may utilize her for some support.
      JerimySmith Premium
      In my niche (back pain), so far, Facebook has delivered the best quality traffic (second most) in terms of time on site, revenue, etc. Pinterest provides the most traffic, but it's pretty poor with a high bounce rate and zero revenue. Could be that I'm new to Pinterest and am not using it in the best way, yet.

      Instagram gets a lot of engagement on each post, which is good, but I don't see much traffic from it. Same with Twitter.

      I still use all four, and post regularly. I'll be diving into YouTube soon, as the SEO from there cannot be denied. It can be time-consuming to create video though.

      Glad that you've shared your insights about Instagram here. I am looking forward to when you offer even better training!

      You guys rock my socks; keep it up!!!
      LauraFuller Premium
      Hy Kyle,
      I have a business IG account. I posted on it every day for a couple of years. I have over 10K followers and 2041 posts. But Jan 16, 2019, I stopped posting. I have to say I have tried to understand it but can not break through. With this many followers, I only received 40-50 likes a post and maybe 2 comments if I was lucky.

      I commented on others and liked posts but I am not sure if I did it correctly.

      I would love to hear what you learn. I want to make it work but have not been successful to this point.

      Thank you for this post. I am looking forward to hearing more about your experience and what you learn.

      cld111 Premium
      Very nice, Kyle! I have an Instagram account, but I need to set up a new one for the site I'm working on now. The thing is, there are only so many hours in a day! How do we decide what to spend time on??

      Instagram seems like a platform where you have to post a lot.

      I'm already on Twitter (infrequently), Facebook (infrequently) and Pinterest (more frequently), so it makes me a little anxious.

      But I would like to do it, and I think you are convincing me to get back on there.

      I'll be sure to follow you!

      And I'll have to read Instagram tips from our genius members around here. :)

      I do have Tailwind already that I use for Pinterest, so maybe that can help?

      - Christina
      jetrbby80316 Premium
      Excellent you have joined onto Instagram, Kyle. It is currently the fastest growing social media platform today, and IG reached 1 Billion users over the the Summer 2018.

      Personally I need to leverage IG more, (which I am not) but I soon will. Fortunately I am lucky, my significant other is an Instagram expert who gives social media seminars around NYC. So once I'm ready, I'll get all the hands-on IG help and tips.

      That's great Kyle, we can always learn new skills to help our business no matter what level we are.

      anusuya1 Premium
      Please let me know the dates for the seminars. I like to attend them. I am not far from New York City. Thank you.
      SiriusB Premium
      Instagram is an amazingly efficient tool. I was actually surprised when i joined WA to find you guys weren't yet on there. I've been using Instagram in combination with hHootsuite and FueledLeads to manage my account. I've seen good growth and progress. And consistent visitors to my site. I'd definitely recommend to anyone wanting to take their business to a more personal level with custokers. I've connected with a handful of quality and helpful people that i've also helped in the last 2 months that i've been postings on it.
      DinaMartin Premium
      I love Instagram but haven’t really used it for business. I do have an account set up for my business but haven’t posted much on it. And I have linked up my web site to it. My personal account is mostly about my dogs and I follow mostly other dogs of the same breed. I call it my happy place. I’m on it for short spurts every day and post often. I find that the more I post, the more followers I get. I would, however like to know how to use IG for my business.
      Lindy145 Premium
      I only have a pc, no laptop or tablet so I cannot do Instagram. I set up an account but can't upload photos because the app doesn't transfer to a pc, I can follow others and see their content but can't add my own. Guess I'll have to wait til I can afford something user friendly.
      KeyToSuccess Premium
      I am using IG from a pc. I use chrome browser and added an extension called: Desktop for Instagram.
      Kyle Premium
      Yeah, that works too, or you can use Instagram apps if you having a business account.
      TYH79 Premium
      Hi Kyle, thanks for the info. I have had a personal IG for a while now, but I am not very active on it. I now have a reason to be. My goal this week is to embark on the social media platforms, while I am still building out my website and tackling Bootcamp. This info let's me know that I am headed in the right direction. Can we say "Perfect Timing". Great share Kyle, have a great day!
      BobMargroff Premium
      Thanks for posting Kyle. I have a personal account, but not a business account. I have not used mine very much. I do have a niece that uses it all the time. I know she will be able to give me a few pointers if no one here is able to help.

      I also am not in a hurry at the moment as I still need to concentrate on adding more content to my website first. I am still working on that.

      This is good for me to keep in mind when I am ready to start using it.

      I wish you the best!
      lynnsam61 Premium
      Hi Kyle,

      I have personal and business Instagram accounts and I plan on being much more active this year. The hashtag tip is key and I haven't been using them in the past but definitely that's changing as of now. Somehow I've managed to get 1500+ followers with very little effort. I actually prefer it to FB which has gotten pretty spammy.

      Kerjackie Premium
      I have a personal account and I'm about to start a business account with Instagram, but I don't spend too much time on it because I'm more active with Pinterest, and Instagram is constantly updating and It takes me too much time to follow the improvements, I'm wondering if Instagram will be more powerful than the other social media?
      Thank you, Kyle, for sharing.
      shazzaWA Premium
      What I love about the experienced here and of course you guys is you teach us how to use something without wasting precious time which is something we all want more of in a day! Thanks Kyle, I have not really used Instagram and I don't plan to just yet as I have other things going... blogging...etc but will definitely look forward to what you learn and teach to the rest of us.
      Thanks and cheers, Sharon
      smokeywins Premium
      I've only truly been focusing on IG since the start of the new year, and I agree 100% about consistency. I schedule all my posts out in advance M-F, and at first, didn't think much about taking the weekend off. Well, a few weekends ago I had one or two days where I didn't post anything to IG in a timely manner, and my followers dropped like a rock, I mean I lost about 30 in what felt like a 24 hour time period. I post 3-4 times a day during the week, and now try to have at least 1 post on both Saturday and Sunday to keep the momentum going. My follower base is still small, but using relevant tags has been a huge help in boosting my followers.

      Also, like you said trying to be too, what I call "salsey" on IG, just like with FB, just doesn't work. You have to be a real person first, and offer value to your followers. In the month of Jan I actually had a conversion on IG with one of my products. It does take some trial and error to figure out what to post, as it will depend a lot on what your focus is. But as always we all need to remember to be authentic and ourselves before anything else!
      Nahakia Premium
      I have been using Instagram for quite awhile yet, however, I do not use nor do I like Facebook.

      Primarily I have been using it to post my personal story, but Im sure it could be useful for business. I’m not sure if I like the idea of having to be a subscriber to Facebook in order to use it though.

      I have quite a few followers, and I am extremely interested in how using Instagram and my followers can help my business prosper. I’m looking forward to what you find out🙂
      TDomena Premium
      I have an IG account but I'm not ready to commit to being as consistent there as it requires. I use Tailwind for Pinterest so when I decide to post to Instagram I should be familiar. I'll keep watching your insights so when the time comes I'll have some knowledge up my sleeve.
      Web20pro Premium
      Thanks Kyle for the information. I work with lots of local business owners and handle their Facebook page, but have trouble posting to their IG account and not just mine. So most of the time if comes across as me, my business sharing. Thanks for sharing about the automation tools, that may be my answer.
      Timeout58 Premium
      I'm thinking that Instagram is a 'stepping stone' to exposure. My account is about a year old and I started it to explore the waters. My goal was to gather followers before promoting my "stuff". So far things are kinda working, and I've found that #hashtags are vital. A recommended resource is seekmetrics.com - a wealth of hashtags can be found.

      Kyle makes a very important point - Don't Waste Your Time.

      If you want to be "famous" on Instagram, hire a publicist.

      Share images in order to find a like-minded audience. Be bold yet steady. You can gain more traction elsewhere.
      ElaineSmith1 Premium
      Hey Kyle,
      I enjoyed reading your blog because I want to get into IG this year so reading the do's and don't was very helpful. I know this isn't a complete list and I will have to learn some more on my own. But this is a start!

      The Pantry Lady

      Igor13 Premium
      Hi Kyle!

      I am not using Instagram yet. I actually have just a Facebook account and the personal one. And, I am not using it very frequently as well. In fact, I am not using any other social media platforms yet, what I should start considering using them.

      In my opinion, If I am not able to use social media regularly and with consistency, it is better not to deal with.

      I know that social media sites are very important in order to gain traffic. Said that I need to think over and start creating some additional social media accounts.

      However, thanks for sharing your tips and review of your one-week experience on Instagram. It will definitely help to get much better insight into the topic!

      Best regards,
      artsyariana Premium
      Instagram is an awesome tool for business. I love the highlights features because I see it as a storefront of your personal brand. People love to hear stories and who you are as a person.

      It's so important to be authentic and connect with other people with the same interests as you by following hashtags and direct messaging them without the intent of selling them.

      Human connections via social media is sadly a lost art. People get lots of fake bot response on Instagram and it's tiring. You'll make their day if you start up a conversation, I promise you that!
      kiliwia62 Premium
      I am still not sure of Instagram. In the beginning, you couldn't do much from your computer only if you had a tablet or one of the smartphones.

      Since I am still "old" school and only using my cellphone for quick text messages or a call, I couldn't use Instagram very much so I left it. I still like to do my work on my computer or laptop.

      As you said, I don't have time to spare to hang around for too long.

      Google+ is closing its door and I was thinking, once again, of using Instagram and getting more acquainted with its features.

      I certainly will take a closer look and see if I like to use it and if I can work with it.

      Thanks for sharing your experience :)
      Kyle Premium
      Yeah, I still do a great portion of all my work on my laptop, that is completely normal. But your phone can be a powerful consumption, and brand device these days.

      I am a proponent of desktop/laptop as the heavy work environment stuff, knowledge acquisition and social can be handle for the most part within your mobile.

      I would divert all your energy from G+ to Instagram if you are looking on adopting a new social network. A year from now you certainly won't have regretted your decision to do so.
      kiliwia62 Premium
      Thanks, Kyle I am already on it, so to speak :)
      Debs66 Premium
      Your Instagram is the best. Love the pics of the family time etc. The fun Rides I think it was the it T.Rex roller coaster ride
      with your daughter the laughter shines through.
      Family time is best I miss my kids been little now. They are teens now.

      I liked the way you asked people what their favourite numbers were.
      What an awesome strategy to engage people. That made me rethink mine.

      Kyle Premium
      Thanks Debs, it has actually been very enjoyable to share some insight into "us" on Instagram. Something that we have been pretty private about in the past, but we live pretty normal lives for the most part (with some exciting flare at times).

      But yeah, I will be testing different engagement strategies to encourage communication. Something that I have always done naturally here. Also, helping people and informing people about certain things will be immersed into the process as well.
      emarketingguy Premium
      This is straight up, awesome! Once the Bing Ads are up and running I will proceed to the next item on the list and this is now one of them for ads with Instagram. Brilliant, I'm so happy that I don't have to go through Facebook to advertise with them.
      Kyle Premium
      Yeah, most definitely. Something that could be of great use to you Marshall, you tend to get it very quickly and I think that you will see the natural benefits of the IG platform right away.
      emarketingguy Premium
      Thanks bud. I agree, it’s little known platforms like this that do wonders for Affiliates like me. So thanks for this post and all you do for us!
      DCDT Premium
      I've enjoyed following you on Instagram this week, and seeing you with you and your family. And all the WA swag!

      I find that I have to use a timer to keep me from getting lost in the Instagram wormhole! It is an incredibly powerful platform right now, and I agree that it is a good strategy to add Instagram to our business model; I have been using it for promoting my travel blog and I have about 3,000 followers. I'm struggling with consistent content as I haven't taken a trip in a while; I need to work on that.

      I have used Hootsuite--I like it, I think it's pretty user friendly. I haven't used Tailwind yet, but I've been hearing a lot about it lately, especially related to Pinterest.

      Thank you for your insights from your first week on Instagram.

      Kyle Premium
      Yeah, you can look at your daily activity within the settings. Don't fall down the worm hole, you want to get in, and get out with some productivity mixed in there.

      Like it or not, we all dedicate a portion of our days to social media and the reality is, you can take this time and make it productive time for your business and overall reach.

      That was my reality. I was on there every day, and I saw the business benefits of doing it, so I might as well make the cross over and take it a bit more seriously.
      MaxiMos Premium
      Nice! Post!
      I myself recently joined IG and agree with being careful of not wasting time on there. My following has gone from 0 - 40+ in about say 2 and half weeks. I find it a bit annoying though, trying to find targeted people.
      I suppose with you research and my own trial n error, I be using it correctly.
      Kyle Premium
      That is great, it's getting up there. If you extrapolate this over a year, you are looking at 1,000+ followers. But the thing is, as you start to gain traction you are going to see your followers continue to climb with a faster rate.

      The people with 100K followers were once in your exact state, just something to consider. Post with regularity, be authentic/interesting, and utilize tags to your advantage... and you will maximize your ongoing reach.
      TonyHamilton Premium
      Awesome Kyle,

      yes my friend, I do indeed utilize Instagram and it is by far my favorite Social Media site for Business.

      It's great to see both You & Carson on Instagram and I look forward to sharing more about Wealthy Affiliate there as well.

      Talk with you soon Kyle,

      Kyle Premium
      I see you do engage in there a fair amount (and on social in general). There is a lot of power in terms of the true natural reach you can get with Instagram an the focused reach.

      It may come and go, but when you have a following and you establish an authentic trust based relationship with them, then it can be very powerful.
      CarolynCal1 Premium
      I tried using Instagram as my niche relies on visual interests (celebration venues, decor, fashion...) but I feel like I need to get more personal for example pictures of my everyday life. I am a detail-oriented person and I am good at capturing the beauty, and essence of "normal" things with a camera.

      What stopped me from using it consistently is that I realized that I couldn't find a way to link it to my business website.

      My conclusion is that if you have a blog with a strong personality presence it makes it easier to link it to Instagram.

      Otherwise, yes I think it can be a good idea to use it personally to learn more about it... Has anyone been using it with a business account for a while now?
      What's the type of thing you publish (e.g.half personal and interest half business)?
      You can put the site link in your Bio.
      Kyle Premium
      Yes, absolutely. These two things can work together, and of course as you establish your Instagram you will be able to link from within your posts (swipe up is activated at 10K users) and you will also be able to leverage.

      A business account is no different, you simply post in the same way that you always would. You don't have to "act" differently when you have a business, you just have more control over your account, and the data.
      CarolynCal1 Premium
      Kyle, thanks for your reply!

      I was under the impression that Instagram only allows sharing pictures from our mobile photo gallery/album...? That's why I was seeing it as a more "personal" type of social sharing platform.

      "Swipe up is activated at 10k users": does that mean I can share pictures from my blog at the mark of 10K followers?
      Derrence Premium
      Thanks Kyle for your research!. I know nothing about Instagram.

      I will bookmark this article for future reference when I am ready to join instagram.
      Kyle Premium
      Yeah, book mark this and you may want to just set up a profile/account just to get familiar with it. There is a good deal of training here on IG now, but there will be much more as time goes on and I will be sharing my findings/strategies as well.
      NnurseBecca Premium
      I am trying out most of the suggestions, including Instagram. I have been stumbling too, just about each attempt at getting the hang of WA and it is fun. I think IG could be a great resource.
      Thank you & kind regards,
      Nurse Becca
      Kyle Premium
      It certainly can be. Just have to give it time as well, think of it like a snowball. As you get more followers, naturally, you will continue to get more followers with more frequency if you are interacting with regularity.
      SondraM Premium
      Kyle, thanks for sharing your first week experience. My better judgement is saying that I need to get on Instagram for my high end real estate audience seems to be there. Yet, I didn't get mine set up yet.

      Last night I forced myself to set up my Facebook business pages. I'm glad to read that will help with getting Instagram business account.

      Over the weekend, I spent most of my time gaining an understanding of Pinterest and getting those business accounts set up. It sounds like I was doing with Pintrest with what you've been doing with Instagram what the the Influencers, especially in the MMO mommy niche are doing.

      It seems that Pinterest ,Instagram and Youtube platforms can potentially compliment each other very well.

      I'll watch for your Instagram lessons and updates and use my time on Pinterest. That should maximize my productivity.

      Thanks again.
      Kyle Premium
      Yes, and yes. People love to look at pictures of real estate, I know I do. I follow a few real estate websites, for design as well it just being fun.

      Your FB pages will definitely help you set up your IG for business much more efficiently. It literally takes a few minutes. You can also set-up multiple accounts and manage multiple within the same profile, if you want to manage several within one niche, or you want to simply brand ONE, and make that a focus (which may be better).

      Pinterest, Instagram and Youtube, along with Facebook are all amazing platforms for business.
      SondraM Premium
      Thanks for the tips!
      AlexEvans Premium
      Hi Kyle, I don't currently use it but have been looking into it, I know folks that have done exceptionally well using the platform, they are definitely focused on outcomes. I guess that is the key,

      Thanks for your insights,
      Kyle Premium
      I think just getting an account and seeing for yourself as to how it could fit in your business is best. The ability to network and interact is something that is valuable, outside of just the potential reach you can get.

      If you have a niche specific website, having a niche specific Instagram account could always be good...if it gets used. But outside of that, you can use it to learn about new things that interest you, which can be valuable, including niche research.
      Luke Jr Premium
      But you can upload images only from your phone, you can't do it from a desktop. If they ever allow to use desktops maybe I will start using this platform.
      Kyle Premium
      You can do it from your desktop using one of the applications, like Tailwind. You just need a business account, you can manage your comments from your desktop.
      Luke Jr Premium
      But I was thinking of uploading images to Instagram. Can I do it using Tailwind from a desktop or does this application only allow me to manage comments?
      Well done! Although I have a personal IG and haven't upgraded to the business level. All of these points are valid.

      When you look at automation be careful of some of the smaller 3rd parties and always make sure who ever you choose is within terms of use. There have been automation options in the past that actually penalized your account.

      For those who run into people offering to get you followers.... Just don't! IG knows their tricks and pump And dump accounts full of fake profiles will get you nowhere and you risk having your account penalized, short term shadowed, or complete shutdown and ban of that account.

      Like it was said above... It is better to have 1600 real followers than to have 20,000 and only 500 are real and only two ever engage in posts.
      Kyle Premium
      Absolutely, never buy followers. I made a post about this a long time ago, you want to establish an authentic following. If you buy followers, you are simply lying to your audience and it is more than apparent when people are buying fake ones.

      A smaller, engaged audience is always bigger than a bigger, fake audience.

      Good to know about 3rd party automation apps, I think they way you automate is important as well. If your behaviour is "canned", then I would have to assume there are a lot of things within Instagrams algorithms to capture this.

      I saw a bunch of complaints just a few days back about follower drop off as well, there were MANY people that lost 100's or 1,000's of followers overnight. Instagram is actively removing fake accounts, these are the accounts that are used to "buy followers" or try to game the system.
      FranklynN Premium
      Marvelous, another good medium to expand our business and enlarge our territory.
      Kyle Premium
      Absolutely it is, and it is instant reach.