Vegas UPDATE: A Dream Within Your Reach (Only 100 Sales!)

Last Update: Sep 5, 2023

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Hey Everyone,

A little bit of an announcement today for WA affiliates. Gatecrashing into the Las Vegas Super Affiliate Conference is no longer a moon shot — all it takes is a manageable 100 premium sales within the frame of the next 4 months.

If you can make 100 Premium or Premium Plus+ sales from September 1st, 2023 - December 31st, 2023 you are going to be getting a special invite to this year's exclusive 2024 Super Affiliate Conference.

Picture this...

  • A completely paid-for round-trip flight, lodging in a plush Las Vegas MGM property that offer comfort, and luxury
  • Countless gastronomic delights in a splendid display of fine dining.
  • Entertainment at some of the biggest spectacles in the world
  • This year's never-seen-before Wealthy Affiliate Swag
  • Rubbing shoulders with some of the most seasoned, and successful Super Affiliates in the world
  • 1 Hour Private meeting with Carson and Kyle

Amid the glitz and glam, you're not just an attendee — you're royalty.

But wait, the rewards don't stop at material luxuries. And rightly so. Because in the esteemed world of affiliate marketing, connections are worth their weight in gold.

You'll get to latest insights with some of the industry's finest at round-table conferences, absorb the electrifying energy of collaborative brainstorming, and create friendships that last longer than the neon lights of Vegas Boulevard.

The cherry on top? An exclusive private meeting with yours truly, and Carson. This private meeting serves as a call to you — a call to rise beyond the ordinary, to make a difference in the affiliate marketing space.

And the excitement continues.

This year we're leveling up the conference perks, introducing some new surprises. Out with the old, in with the exciting new, that's our mantra. That is going to become more and more evident as the months go on here, and as we push out new technology late fall of this year and right through the winter.

By now, I hope the question burning in your mind is:

'What do I do to be a part of this?'

Make those 100 premium sales — that's your mission, should you choose to accept it. Because right around the corner of that challenge lie opportunities that could transform your life in ways you've yet to imagine...

Harnessing BIG Money - Making Opportunities

Think about it--a city blazing with lights in the middle of the desert, a modern oasis of ambition where fortunes are minted at the speed of... click.

That's Vegas, and we're not just talking about the roulette table and the casionos. This is more than just neon lights and bracing performances. It's about an avenue where transformative ventures and strategic networking collide.

The SUPER Affiliate Conference isn't your everyday networking event -- it's the place where you brush shoulders with those that are on the highest end of the affiliate marketing wave; those who've conquered the game, but are still actively pursuing growth and actively pursuing new methods of getting traffic, obtaining revenue, and better connecting with audiences.

It’s the shared ambition, the camaraderie, the thrill of shaping something of your own amidst a collective of like-minded individuals. To say it’s invigorating would be a understatement. When we hit the round table for conference discussions this year, there is going to be more to talk about than ever.

Your Golden Ticket to Vegas Awaits!

You've seen the lavish trip details we've got planned: an extravagant, all-expenses-paid trip, the finest dining, premier entertainment, and a golden opportunity to network with the crème de la crème of the affiliate marketing world.. But, the icing on the cake? It's not just for the top-tier, seasoned marketers...

ANYONE can achieve this.

Yes, you heard that right. The lofty goal of 100 premium sales, as daunting as it may seem at first, is absolutely attainable. It is less than one sale per day. Less than one person out of the 5.5 BILLION people out there online that are interested in doing something they love, have newfound flexibility in their life, and earning a full time income online.

That is pretty much EVERYONE. Now it is just a matter of you connecting with these people, and helping these people. With the Affiliate Bootcamp training we are going to be walking you through that process.

We've seen newbies come in, and voilà -- one season later, they're on the plane to Vegas. 'Impossible' is a complete myth we've shattered time and again, and this year will be no different.

All you need is determination, a dash of grit, and a burning desire to succeed. In this arena, it's mind over matter. If you want in on this Vegas dream, you’ve got to believe you can, and then act on that belief.

So, it's decision time. Are you packing your bags for the City of Lights? Can you picture yourself as one of those dazzling new faces at next year's Super Affiliate Conference? Because I know I can... and I'd love to see you outshine yourself in Vegas, next year.

Are You Going to be There in early 2024?

The neon lights are calling your name...and they could be closer than you think.

With only 100 sales standing between you an Vegas, there's never been a better time to chase that Vegas dream. All the big players will be there, and with the roster of new perks on board, we are chuffed at what the Super Affiliate Conference could hold for YOU.

Imagine the round tables, the chatter of top affiliate marketers, the clinking glasses at fine dining establishments, and the invaluable private meetings with Kyle & Carson. Picture yourself amidst all of this. It can and WILL happen if you want it bad enough.We're changing the game--no, we're REDEFINING it. And it's all going down in Vegas. Now, the pressing question remains...will you be joining us in Vegas next year?

PS. If you want to speed up the path to achieving these goals and you have a budget to do so, there is a Premium Plus+ series that is dedicated to helping you do this. I recommend you follow along with this, as it is going to help you master PPC which has unlimited scalability:

SERIES: Making Vegas in 2024 - The PPC Path to a Scalable and Thriving Business

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Recent Comments


I guess that counts me out at the moment. Still learning how to put a website together and finish it. However this is only for those in American right? would you consider Aussies maybe? there is usually a catch with this kind of offer. I am just not getting any hopes up even though I would love to go....

No worries, Rome wasn't built in a day. You can absolutely get rolling now and you are going to have a full foundation in place after just you first month and from there you can grow and scale.

One of our top affiliates (and someone who is there every year) is actually from Queensland, so yes, you can absolutely come and we will take care of your flight/trip no different than anyone else.

We would love to have you there, work hard at this until it happens and it absolutely will Helen! :)

I'm certain this is attainable. I fear not being able to connect with the numbers however. Many people want to start this line of work and or start their online business, and many don't have the funding to do so. That said, there's many that do, and those that do, only take it so far. I'm sure that by sharing this message with those that are willing, will drive the traffic towards learning about affiliate marketing in the long term.

My personal goal: Obtain a fraction of this number in recruits, and learn PPC this winter. If I can do the unthinkable in less than 100 days, then by golly that's what I'll do. Head down. Chin up. Brain on learn mode!


It is attainable Jeremy, and once you get the formula down for "connecting" with your audience and reaching a broader audience within your category, it is just a matter of doing more of what you are already doing to scale.

That certainly goes for PPC, and you can tip-toe into that space. Get a few smaller campaigns that are working, and then work to scale up from there. ;)

Hi Kyle, it's just awesome and wonderful. I really like to but its all depend very much on how well I can grasp some great knowledge from training, and have a long shot at it. If can't I'll make it up, 2024..Head high..
Exciting and too much to ignore... Appreciate

Sure, no problem Phillip, you are just getting rolling but that is exactly why we created this renewed challenge...for those that are starting out later in the year, or those just starting to gain traction with their campaigns.

We would love to have you there this upcoming year! Head high, work hard, take consistent action and don't stop until it happens. It will!

Good morning Kyle,

Thank you for your very inspiring blog post, it's appreciated.

It would be great to one day meet everyone and be surrounded by successful people! I still believe that I will achieve it one day!

Out of interest, Kyle, which are the best lessons to look at regarding promoting Wealthy Affiliate using paid ads, please? I know there have been several different training guides provided by various training members and your good self.

Have a great weekend.


No problem Roy, and I am really glad this served as inspriation to you. If you are looking to promote WA using paid ads, I have an entire series that is dedicated to this: This will ramp up your progress, and allow you to achieve these results much quicker than through SEO campaigns. Head through this series, there is about 9 classes so far, but it is going to help you construct successful PPC campaigns for the promotion of WA and if you ever have any questions along the way, I will be here to help you out.

I have been doing a lot of work on new membership, I have started to have a few wins but will probably not hit the 100. However I am starting to learn what it takes to get people to click to look. Now I will concentrate on upgrades as well. Getting there slowly as I always do.

Sounds good Steve, the first goal is to get traffic...then to get referrals, and then to figure out the process of getting upgrades. I am here to help if you ever need me to look at your campaigns. :)

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