Today YOU Are At Your Worst! (Let Me Explain)


People fear being bad at something, but the reality is that this fear stems out of us naturally wanting to be good at something when we are completely green to it.

In other words, the day you start anything new is going to be your very worst day at that particular thing.

Whether this is starting a new hobby, whether this is building a business, whether this is parenting.

We learn as we go, we get better as we take action and we work at something, and through time and with each day that passes, we get better and better at something.

So don't be too hard on yourself. We are never good at something the very first time we try it. This goes for business, or anything in life.

People fail to realize they only get better at something with practice, so if you build a website today, or you create content today, or you create a video today, it is going to be inferior to what you will be capable of producing tomorrow…and tomorrow, your skill set will be inferior to the next day.

The key is consistency and ongoing action. Now go out there and be your best, by understanding that your worst is going to be behind your tomorrow.

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Again, a truism Karl, at the moment I’m the worst of the worst, because this is a completely new "first" to me and the simple actions that we know so well for instance in using Word or Excel just don’t apply in WordPress for instance! But thankfully, as time progresses and one get a little bit more experienced, you find yourself getting better.
Thanks for your advice.


You are going to look back at your worst, and realize you are at your current best. People tend to get down on themselves because they are not good at something they are just starting...but why would they be good at that very thing without practice?

Practice makes perfect!

An old saying, but true!


Absolutely the case Sid!

Yea Kyle ,
That reminds me so much of when I started trying to play the guitar , I was completely awkward with the entire thig (chords , strumming, finger picking etc.) and today I can actually play Blackbird by the Beatles. I think that even if your naturally good at anything in life there is always room for improvement.

Awesome Kerry, and business is going to operate in the exact same way that you have learned to play the guitar and excel at it.

You are going to start off learning the fundamentals, and being at your very worst the moment you start it but through time you are going to gain expertise and proficiency to the point where you are a capable and very successful business owner. I am looking forward to it!

Thanks for sharing your story!

This is so profound. I used to be hard on myself because I felt I wasn't grasping the online concept as fast enough. I however realize I was doing great given that I had no prior experience and needed to be patient.

Thank you for reinforcing that patience is a virtue.

That is exactly it, we all tend to be in an imaginary race with time because we want things to happen as fast as possible. That is natural, and I think setting 5 year goals as to where you want to be, will eliminate that need for "next day" thinking.

Patience is a big part of achievement, and combine that with ongoing practice and you will have a bright future ahead of you. ;)

Yes MazieT, I was exactly in the same boat not to long and now, only six weeks later I’m finding that I can just complete a function without having to think too much about it and that makes me feel quite elated!

Hi, my friend, It gives me great pleasure to learn that you are in a better place than you were six weeks ago. Just confirms my belief that to stop learning is to stop living. Wishing you all the best


That is always a good reminder, Kyle.

This is a long journey of growth and preservice to achieve goals.

So it's expected that people often stop and ask 'Why am i doing this?"

Especially when it feels that everyone knows more than we do.

So these little reminders are always appreciated.

Have a great easter weekend, brother.


Everyone new exactly what you know now, but they worked to know more. That is the thing, I took was once in your stage of the journey towards success but I stuck with it, continue to learned, and embraced any bumps in the journey (and those bumps still happen on a daily basis, to this day). ;)

Thanks Kylee for the encouragement.but am actually a knewee here and I have no idea at all on how to go about things, that why I have been this quite for a while now. I have never traded in any online platform or work there,so I kind of really really need guidance...plss🙏🙏

Within the main menu on the Dashboard, you are going to see the "Steps to Get Started" link. You can click that at any point, and it will load the Getting Started dashboard at the top. This is where you can get a walk-through of the platform here at WA, as well as access your "core" training.

Here is a direct link to this module:

You can also access this core training with the top menu, under the "Training" tab (see attached screenshot). This is where you want to go to get your training, this is a 5 lesson task-based course that is going to walk you through the process of getting your very own business up and running.

Here is the direct link to the first lesson of the training: This training button is smart, and will always take you back to your last completed task. So as you move through the training, you will want to click on this "Continue" training button to go directly back to your training (where you left off).

I know you are going to make some awesome progress very quickly with the training there and if you ever do have any questions, please do let us know. You have an entire community of support here at WA rooting for your success, including from me directly! ;)

Thanks Kyle,
The first day of anything new can be intimidating, it's also an opportunity to learn, grow and improve.
But at the same time, it's also important to have encouraging people around you.
Really grateful that we all are in good hands with great leaders and an amazingly supportive community.

Absolutely, I agree and you have a community of support around you. Some people don't have immediate support around you can lean on the community if you need anything at all. :)

Hi Kyle,

Yes, I am at my worst at figuring out PPC ads, using a different domain name, and creating a product landing page about which I know nothing. The expert classes are helping with that. I'm like, they are so skilled at it, like a breeze they walk us through, even in that short period, I'm still lost.

All I know now is to write and create content, but doing ad setting up is all new, and I am afraid I will screw up and lose a lot of money because I do not know what I am doing. It's all new and confusing to me. It left me scratching my head. I want to get it going. I haven't set it up because I need to figure out where or what to put in the ad or how to do it, you do show it in your first class, but I'm still lost, man.

That is great, this is a state you are going to move beyond. Today you know more than yesterday if you have been working at it. Today is my worst day in business, comparatively to tomorrow...that is IF I continue advancing myself.

You can write content, and you can learn new things (like PPC). The latter is going to become a skill set before you know it.

Yes, I got what you 😏 mean. Sort of. For sure, I learned a lot more skill set than when I first joined WA 4 years ago. You do have a point. 👍🏻

Brenda, I feel how you feel. You go to school to learn.Right? But if you do not go to school you know nothing. Where do you go to write content? I do not know.I just spent over $500 on Google ads, got clicks, but nothing came of them.So what do I do now. Contacted Google for help several times, got nothing. It is like dealing with a phantom company. They were there to opn my account. I am not savvy to all this I need some coaching.

That's good to hear know I am not alone in this. Thanks for sharing your story. Going P Plus is going to get you a lot of coaching guaranteed.

Excellent point Kyle! This makes perfect sense to me that the first time we try something new we're going to be at our worst at it, but with practice it gets easier and better. As long as we keep trying to improve and keep at it we'll see much improvement over time.

Thanks for sharing Kyle! This is a great reminder to not worry about how something might turn out on the first try and to just keep improving ourselves as we go.

Best wishes :) ~Sherry

Well yes, that is key. We are not going to be any better tomorrow, if we don't do anything today. Even if today is full of failures trying to do something, we are going to become a lot better at that very thing. :)

Spot on, Kyle.

Every master was once a beginner.

If I hadn't decided to ditch my familiar engineering job for affiliate marketing, I wouldn't be the content writer I am today.

That was 7 years ago.

Last year, I found myself at my worst again, as I picked up public speaking seriously. Today, I'm more confident and able to structure my speech better in public.

And also on videos.

Every day, I seek to be at my worst. Constantly looking for areas where I can be better.

For example, I built several websites at WA purely to make money. I was too focused on SEO, keyword optimization, and producing content in quantity rather than quality.

They were eventually knocked down by Google.

So, I'm starting from scratch again, like many WA members here. But armed with the experience of what went wrong.

It's ok to be at your worst. It means we have so much more to learn.

Awesome Kenny, you are a natural at being at your worst (ie, learning new things, and excelling at them).

I was definitely the same way when I started video, I was terrible, I was awkward, and I know I can still get a lot better...

Same goes for anything really, and everything that I am doing. There are days that I feel like a newbie in business, simply because some attempts at something don't work out even after an incredible amount of thought and insight from experience

But that adds to knowledge, and contributes to the advancement of skill sets.

I think it is good to think of the future constantly, knowing that your future is always going to be better and that this is something that we have control of. We cannot change anything in the past, so what's the point of thinking about that.

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