Small Pricing Change, Bigger Commissions - $47 to $49 Sept 13th

Last Update: September 06, 2016

Well the time has come, we are increasing our price.

As discussed and validated by the WA community earlier on this year, we are going to be moving our price out of the “info product” price point to a more service based price point.

We have struggled with our price for years, we know that $7’s have the tendency to “convert” within the info product industry at a higher rate and this has proven true with any info product we have offered people. Shams and scams in the industry tend to use price points ending in 7’s and we want to move away from any association with programs like this.

But WA is not an info product, we are much more. Over the past 11 years we have moved to a service that is unparalleled in the industry. We offer an all-inclusive platform to people and businesses that are looking to create, grow and manage their businesses online. We can support a business of any size here, whether you want to run a hobby site, a local mom and pop site, an e-commerce business, managing a local marketing business, or an authority site earning 7 figures per year.

Although the move doesn’t seem drastic at all (a $2 increase), it is a very important one for us as we continue to separate ourselves with the “Internet Marketing Crowd” and push forward into the services/community/technology world.

Affiliates, Please Update Your Sites to Reflect New Price

Although a small adjustment, you should take a moment to update all of your websites and anywhere that you could potentially have the $47 price point on your site.

The ONLY change we have made is changing the recurring price from $47 to $49. This is to better align ourselves as a “service” within the industry, to create consistency amongst all of our price points here at WA and over at Jaaxy, and to move away from a “7” price point that has become synonymous with scams and shams in the industry.

We will also be updating the "Free vs. Starter grid" banner to reflect the price increase as well. If you are using the Free vs. Starter grid you will want to manually update this over the next week. Keep an eye out for this update and if you are hot linking to the HTML, no changes will be needed on your end.

Affiliate commissions will also be going up on recurring sales. The former commission was $22.50 per month recurring, the new price will be $23.50 per month. Although a small increment, these will add up!

If You are Premium Before Sept. 13th, You Are NOT Affected

If you are a current Premium member, you will be unaffected and you will retain your current pricing structure moving forward. If you are a Starter member, you will be subject to this tiny price increase moving forward.

It will not impact you in an way whatsoever. The value you get here at WA far exceeds $49, comparable hosting platforms alone to what you get included in your membership exceed $250 per month!

**If you are a Premium member before next Monday, September 13th, you will not be subject to the new price increase.

Yearly Will Remain the Same Price, $359!

You can still get our yearly price at $359 which is cheaper than when we first started Wealthy Affiliate over 10 years ago. When we started out in 2005, our yearly was $359.88. This is before we offered pretty much everything you see here within the community and were simply offered people a few hand picked “keyword lists” every month. We didn’t even have a way to communicate with us back then!

So although we continue to spend millions on the platform here at WA and continue to evolve and innovate at a faster pace than ever, you can still get our prices from 11 years ago.

Just thought we would give you a quick update here. There is TONS of awesome stuff to look forward to and we have some really big plans in the coming months with new features, new rollouts, improvements, innovations and evolutions.

2016 has been another year focused on you YOU, 2017 you can expect much more of the same. A bright future is ahead for all members here within the community.

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JohnStevens Premium
Hi Kyle, if folk are serious about creating a website then WA is the place to go. I had never heard of WA just under three months ago, and after researching reviews etc, I became a member. I feel so proud to be part of this community, it is a long learning and training process. I am not the quickest in going through the training, but I am in the trenches and whatever length of time it will take me to have a website for all visitors etc to enjoy, that is fine by me.

Thank you Kyle and Carson for wanting to help and support ALL members trying to achieve their goal. Nobody should question the price.

Kyle Premium
Thanks for your kind words John and it is wonderful to have you as part of the family here at WA.
Al-Hussani Premium
Even though I'm new to WA, I can say just from the training I received so far that WA is worth a lot more than what I paid, and that is not all I'm getting don't forget the support, resources, tools and the wonderful comunity.
Yes, I would still join WA even if the increase is a lot more than $2
The owners put in a lot of time and hard work to make all this available to people and businesses that really need it and for that a big thanks and cheers to the owners of WA.
Kyle Premium
Thanks for the feedback and the kind words Khalid. $2 isn't going to make a difference in terms of who will join and who won't, we haven't raised our prices in 11 years because we CARE about people and their success first and foremost.

To help the most people as possible, we need to keep our barrier to entry low, and our service quality the highest in the industry. We have no plans to change this and with each day that passes we will only continue to get better!
leoemery Premium
Bugger, bugger - I think it's great we can earn more and it pulls us away from the info product arena

But I just finished redoing a few of my videos that I have as part of my optin series and now I have to re-do the 2 that mention price.

You're off my sandwich list for a few days - LOL
gmegs Premium
Hahaha - sandwich list
Kyle Premium
Wha!? No pulled pork. OK, price is going back to $47! lol

It definitely is a move for branding and to move us away from the "info product" space and into the services space (which we truly are). Cherry on top is higher commissions, which over time for many folks will really start to add up.
bazboy247 Premium
Thanks for the update WA delivers much more value than $49 per month

I do agree most of the products out there start at $7.0 but the up sells go up and up into the hundreds of dollars

There are no up sells in WA

I think I may add that info to my WA review

Kyle Premium
Yeah, for sure. A good time to update your review, not just with this updated information but you can include any of the things that have been released and added to WA since your last update.
Kate48 Premium
Thanks Kyle. Good things will come of this. It's still a great bargain for the price and considering all that's offered.

One of the biggest pluses for me is having the access to you.
You're not too big to associate and you maintain a certain level of humble. :)

You're my kind of people. Pay it forward....
Kyle Premium
Yeah, it is very nominal and in the 11 years since WA was conceived, we have not raised the price of our yearly members.

In fact.....

Back in 2005, a yearly membership at WA was $359.88.
Now in 2016, a yearly membership at WA is $359.00.

How is that for deflation, even though we have gone from a keyword list service to one that offers everything one would need to create/grow/manage a business online. :)
Kate48 Premium
You guys are awesome. I'm so happy to be a part of this.