My REVEALING Conversation with OpenAI.

Last Update: Feb 3, 2023

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So, I had a few questions for OpenAI today, and I wanted to ask it a few questions about itself. One in particular, and one that everyone should be aware of is the age of the content within Open AI. It is not current, in fact it is several years old now.

Here is how the conversation went...

ME: how old are you?

OpenAI: I am 24 years old.

ME: what day is it today, including the month, year and day?

OpenAI: Today is Wednesday, June 10th, 2020.

ME: Where did you source all of your content from?

OpenAI: I sourced my content from a variety of credible sources, such as academic journals, books, and websites.

ME: Which websites (the main ones)?

OpenAI: The main websites I used were Google Scholar, PubMed, ResearchGate, and Open Access Journals.

ME: Did you get any of your content from Wikipedia?

OpenAI: No, I did not source any of my content from Wikipedia.

So there were a few things I was after. The age of the content itself, so this indicates to me that any "data" driven content, where time proximity matters, is likely going to be outdated.

For example, if you wanted to know the population of Canada, it would be inaccurate as it is serving data that is from June, 2020. If you know the precipitation data in 2023, you would also be unable to get this data.

But for historical data, it is useful.

Also the sources of the content are likely credible, and fact based (for the most part). I was very curious if any of the data was derived from Wikipedia and how that worked as there was no attribution there, but it apparently no data is being pulled from Wikipedia (currently).

Anyways, thought this would be a fun exercise and insightful for those that have a piqued interest in Artificial Intelligence (which seems to be everyone these days).

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There have been several recent shares on Reddit of it displaying clear bias in the so called woke narratives. In one instance it denied a famous person said something that is heavily documented.

Evidently the AI is being programmed to offer up subjective views as fact.

I mention this as there is such a divide over these matters (at least in the U.S.) and would be best for bloggers to avoid alienating huge chunks of the population regardless of which side of an issue you fall on. Each side has wallets waiting to be opened, hah hah.

I have a lifetime membership to an AI program, and it is much more than just a writer.

It has the capability of analyzing your keywords, finding the top sites ranking, fetching their DA as well as all of their headings and also asked.

For research I think these will be gold, for writing not so much.



Yeah, there have been several biased narratives within the AI that people have been able to uncover, because of the source of the content (it is rooted in that).

Anything Analyzing websites, and fetching DA, a scraping tool, that is not AI. Things like RankMath AI are claiming to be AI, when it is pure scraping attributes so there is becoming a blurred idea of what AI actually is.

There are definitely some really good applications to AI, and we are going to be leveraging a lot of them here within WA (and already are). There are currently many drawbacks as well, and the outdated nature of the content and in the case of what you are referring to, built in bias in some situations.

What is REAL, what is NOT. That is a tough when when two opinions will say to things, so anything that is an opinion, AI is going to have a tough time producing a legit answer.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and opinion here Jason!

Thank you, Kyle for an updated and realistic view of the AI phenomenon. Your example seems a little like my grandson trying to tell me the truth. This was a very cool test you ran. It helps us to understand this version of AI's capacity. Maybe we should all calm down a bit.

Yeah, there are still a lot of great benefits to AI and we are going to be exploring and implementing a lot of them here within WA, but in it's current state it does come with some definite limitations.

Hi Kyle,

Someone sent me an email that he integrated AI in his site already. He added a Chat box in his dog niche blog:

"Hi, I am AI Jay. Ask me anything about dogs."

I like that idea, Kyle, integrating AI in our niche blogs. Looking forward to that.

I checked a service doing this AI to add in the blog. The monthly is so costly. I am glad that we will integrating here in WA business.

Yeah, that is a neat idea..and I think people are going to be able to get all of this information directly within a search very soon. I know that Bing is already integrating chatgpt, and Google will likely be integrating it into their search results with the introduction for their Google Bard (their AI).

AI will be here to stay. As generally, it does makes our life a little less challenging.
However, since it is still dependent on humans to have it programmed, it will solely be dependent on how it’s programmed and the accuracy of the data!
Siri ,Alexa , Cortana and Google Assistant are conversational AI bots that continue to evolve as we continue to use them. But note how limited the answers provided depending on the type of questions asked.
Interesting to interact with…..

Yeah, it is going to lead to a lot more simplification with our day to day tasks, and automation. The same way as calculators removed the need to count on our fingers (or in our head, on paper, etc), AI is going to remove the need of many basic tasks and ultimately will disrupt many industries and jobs.

But I think the benefits far outweigh the negatives.

Indeed, and it actually depends on someone’s take on this, as others do not welcome the idea, as is most changes as it gets introduced at the beginning. As others perceive it as allowing man to be lazy, but the bigger picture of that could be that it can replace humans in terms of some skilled work, as bigger companies would resort to the use of programmed machines that require no health benefits and could work more hours without the need for overtime pay.

There was a time that people looked at "computers" though they would make people lazy, and that they would replace all the existing jobs out there. I think we all know what happened with that.

AI is the next "computers", and sure there will be some jobs that are not needed as AI improvements, but there are going to be plenty of new AI based jobs that result with this. Either you adopt new technology, or you get left in the dust.

Hmm, you are absolutely right in that regard Kyle!
But the amazon and other major company lay offs was because of the AI’s that were developed to replace skilled workers their jobs.
The only few areas that really couldn’t be replaced are some areas in the healthcare, although we’re are majorly utilizing AI for diagnostics and some computer guided surgeries.
And of course writers cannot be replaced, as we have all been talking about AI’ s shortcomings on that area!
We live in a very interesting time!
Thank you for your perspectives Kyle!

Maria 🌹

I did not ask about its age but I did ask where its content came from.
The answers were almost exactly what you received, Kyle.

AI is here to stay but I hope that people do not lose themselves and the human touch in all of this.

Thank you for sharing.


Almost exactly the same, but probably a little different. I have just communicated with another member that indicated it told him the content was from Wikipedia, or some of it may have been.

That is the very problem with AI, you are going to get a different answer every time...and often times they will contradict one another.

AI is definitely here to stay, it will get a lot better as time goes on and likely replace a lot of jobs, but it will also create a lot of new ones. In its current state, there are a lot of great applications and we are going to be leveraging those within various platforms here at WA (as we already have with the Niche Finder AI platform).

Yes, for me, just a little different.
No surprises with the differences for the same question though.

I am excited about AI, Kyle.
Used in the RIGHT way, it will definitely help us a lot with our content and help us to scale faster.

But, people have to understand that the human element will become more relevant and needed now.
That is where the unique opportunities rest.

I love the Niche Finder, by the way.
Very helpful.


Great. It will thoroughly tested by my new direction on finding a niche. lol

It sure is exciting, I just think many are going to use it in a way that is counterproductive to their intention. AI has a solid foundation, and there are many applications that can lead to better content, better research, and much more efficiency in business. :)

Hello Kyle,

Thank you for your interesting blog post on AI, fascinating stuff.

The more I hear about AI, the more it seems like it could just be a time waster! I appreciate that it's probably in its very early stages yet, so things will probably improve.

Over the years, I have tried various pieces of software to help out with tasks. However, it appears that many of these products don't really do the job very well. We can quickly waste time if we are not careful.

At the end of the day, it's good to hear about the various products that are available to us.

Have a great weekend.


I wouldn't call it a time waster, but there are certain applications where it can really thrive (research, idea development, brainstorm, outlines and structure, content outside of SEO, etc), but there are certain drawbacks that is currently have and I will be covering both as I move forward with my AI rants and likes!

You have a wonderful weekend as well!

Thank you for your reply, Kyle, it's appreciated.

Yes, I hear what you are saying, and I am talking about something that I don't really know much about. The great thing is that you are taking a lot of the hard work and guesswork out for the members like myself who may potentially use AI in the future.

Please keep the AI tests and experiments up; I think we can all learn so much from what you are doing.

Have a great Sunday.


When I first came across it, I asked for a list of British Prime Ministers.

I was very impressed but slightly confused when it told me Boris Johnson was the current PM, but then the website itself tells you a few things it can't do, so then that made sense.

I love playing with it!

Needs an update

Yeah, it is a lot of fun to play around with and it certainly has a lot of beneficial uses, but fact finding or relying on it for any data or information that is current is not it (so far). It will evolve and get better, so I think in a few years from now we are going to be having a completely different discussion.

Thank you for sharing your discoveries with us. I like asking the AI to write me a response to emails just for fun. I would not be able to send the email as I ask for the response to be sarcastic, condescending, aggressive, etc. But it is certainly a lot of fun.

Blessings and Abundance

Yeah, that is the thing. Even if you seed it with the "style" of content you want to write, it is still relatively unusable. It can be used for shorter form content and make more sense, but the second you try to get longer form content out of it you are going to get a lot of redundancies, inaccuracies, and content that sounds robotic.

It's good for brainstorming, organizing, and preliminary drafting, but not for research. It even suggests double-checking the facts. It remembers my data and dialogue after I feed it. Don't use content as-is—tweak and plagiarism check it to make it your closest friend. Way better than other paid ones hands down.

Yes, it does have some very good uses. It also shouldn't be used for certain things. There are going to be many applications for AI in it's current state, and we are already leveraging them a great deal...and over time these applications theoretically should grow drastically.

I did find the new chrome extension for web chat; you can turn it on and off to search the web and current info.

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