I Affirm You Can Succeed. YOU Need to Believe.

Last Update: October 29, 2019

Over the years I have had the privilege of working directly with 100,000’s of people, from all walks of life, of all ages and with an amazing vast and wide subset of skills. I love working with people, and I also love helping people accomplish things that they never thought was possible.

However, a large majority of people have an incredible amount of doubt when starting out though, in particular when learning something new. Because of this, I want to open up a discussion surrounding this doubt, becuase overcoming this and being able to free yourself from the contraints of being unsure of your abilities is going to speed up your path to success drastically.

This leads to me asking a few questions of you.

These should be YES or NO answers.

(1) Have you learned anything new this week, through your own efforts to learn?
(2) Are you confident in your own abilities when you are learning something new?
(3) Do you actually think that you can create a successful business online?

Did you answer NO to any of these? You can be completely honest with me here. If you answered NO to any of these, I want to know why you think you answered no.

What is the reason that you haven’t learned something new this week through your own initiative…or why do you lack confidence when learning…or why do you doubt the idea of you creating success online.

If you answer YES to all of these, you are in a great position to create a life long business within the online world, one full of constant education and evolution. If you answered NO to one or more of these, let’s discuss why and help solve these problems as a focused community here.

We are family here. We can solve ANY problems together. And I want to install the confidence in you that you should have in yourself. There is no reason you should doubt yourself and there is no reason you can't be uber successful within the online world.

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Tirolith Premium
Yes, Yes, Yes.
Positive attitudes are the key to success.
My quotes,

“Courage, Consistency, Commitment when added together, equals success.” Tom Short.

“Focus, Patience, Persistence, when added together, Wins The Race of life.” Tom Short.

"Faith is a small word that creates Strength." Tom Short.

“The more you invest to learn to earn the more you gain.” Tom Short.

Thank you for your time,

I initially said no to the learning confidently one. But then I'm always learning new things everyday now and I've realised I can repeat the lessons or videos until I understand it and am able to do it alone. That I confidence issue came from learning in education and on jobs in the past - how I was treated. But now, all that's changed.
I really cant say, but I was a victim of a scam this month in my search for the perfect online business and I didnt know such an opportunity like WA existed. So I can say Yes for 1 & 2 but Im abit undecided for 3 and would probably need more guidance here.
nigelchua Premium
Yes, the hardest thing to "do" is to actually believe and to keep the faith. This is the only challenge that we humans tend to have...that we dont/cant dream or sustain the faith long enough to succeed.

A way to work around this is by creating habits and systems that sustain the tasks that brings us forward in life....
olieben Premium
Its very interesting reading the comments below Kyle,
the blog is one to churn the mind over and over, and from the comments and admissions below, it seems we are all in states of flux,
where things seem to roll on great, then a wall, then overcome [with WA community help at times] sometimes Tech glitches, either with Google, WP
or some internet issue as i am an ExPat in China.

So yes to all 3 above,
though in all honesty that can deviate to ''maybe's'' at times of frustration, it is not a clear cut response.

Recently my site went dead to Google Analytics, and having reported my findings to WA tech Support,
I was given the walk around, and leading me away from what i was initially sure was the problem, i didn't know how to apply it and instead offered Support the clue to the problem,

Now the real fact of the matter was after having to push for a resolve, almost a defiant approach, i was asked to provide the same information i offered 6 days previously, which i did, only to get the result i should have received all those days earlier?
now that is a test of ''yes'' or ''no'' right?

After all my researching on this problem and lost days of a downed site showing zero traffic [google]

WA TECH Have been advised that i need to allow 24hrs for anything to replicate, on the ads.txt file they finally loaded.

Things happen, i am the first to put my hands up on that count, but when anyone needs assistance, technically then it should be there asap and with diligence and thoroughly, we need guidance as we are green around the Gills.

The argument from others may well be against my experience here, but it all amounts to a happier and positive goal with support within the community and most certainly Support Tech as many here don't have a real clue on new technology and internet savvy, while trying to learn 101 different aspects of an online business.

Concerning my site i now wait to see what will happen today.

but of course on the positive side i have been forced into channeling my other interested to fine-tuning areas that would otherwise not be visited so early

thanks for the boost all the same

ACPetronelli Premium
I am sorry to hear about your troubles with google analytics but I understand how frustrating it must be. I personally never had any major problems yet. I've always found the answers within WA and people helping me. I never had to contact the tech support team. I hope your problem is soon going to be solved!!!