I Affirm You Can Succeed. YOU Need to Believe.

Last Update: January 29, 2021

Over the years I have had the privilege of working directly with 100,000’s of people, from all walks of life, of all ages and with an amazing vast and wide subset of skills. I love working with people, and I also love helping people accomplish things that they never thought was possible.

However, a large majority of people have an incredible amount of doubt when starting out though, in particular when learning something new. Because of this, I want to open up a discussion surrounding this doubt, because overcoming this and being able to free yourself from the constraints of being unsure of your abilities is going to speed up your path to success drastically.

This leads to me asking a few questions of you.

These should be YES or NO answers.

(1) Have you learned anything new this week, through your own efforts to learn?
(2) Are you confident in your own abilities when you are learning something new?
(3) Do you actually think that you can create a successful business online?

Did you answer NO to any of these? You can be completely honest with me here. If you answered NO to any of these, I want to know why you think you answered no.

What is the reason that you haven’t learned something new this week through your own initiative…or why do you lack confidence when learning…or why do you doubt the idea of you creating success online.

If you answer YES to all of these, you are in a great position to create a life long business within the online world, one full of constant education and evolution. If you answered NO to one or more of these, let’s discuss why and help solve these problems as a focused community here.

We are family here. We can solve ANY problems together. And I want to install the confidence in you that you should have in yourself. There is no reason you should doubt yourself and there is no reason you can't be uber successful within the online world.

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Tony56pt Premium
The thing I know to do is never give up. Keep monetizing and you will get there someday. If you procrastinate then it will take longer to get to your goal. My goal is to reach the top as soon as So far I made some revenue with Amazon and eBay. It was under the 100 dollar commission mark for Amazon, but I expect it to get better in the near future. All it takes is a little hard work. Now I understand how frustrated it can be because I was there at the beginning. On eBay, I made 300 dollars last year but it kind of stopped and slowed down. But I'm just going to keep my head up and continue pushing my limits. Like everyone else, I do need my rest. So it's always good to get that or you'll wear yourself out, I know I been there already. So I do try to listen to my body when it feels tired and gets my couple of days rest. Then I'll start again pushing it to the limits.
Kyle Premium Plus
Yes, your efforts and success will compound as you move forward. I know you are going to have a bright future ahead of you and once you get a taste of "results", you naturally will become eager to push to achieve more (and do so in scale).

Keep us updated with your journey moving forward!
AIke1 Premium
Yes definitely. Why not.I am very sattisfied with the vast potential opportunities that can spring up if we plant the website correctly as explained in the preliminary lessons. And just thinking of the fact that 5billion people are searching something every single day, and about 500million companies are also willing to give their services and looking for who will buy.
And If today there are many living success stories even in WA, I can only ask them to show me the way. How did you do it? The rest, is try to understand how to implement it. Infact I must that you Kyle for always backing up your explanations with proofs, that speak for themslves.
As for me for now, I can't smell a dime anywhere. But I havn't tried anything yet too. Untill then, i do not doubt any possibility of succeding. I even think that more motivation would come to me if for example I suddenly lose my job or become challenged healthwise, or so. I guess in that case my commitment mentally will be total. i will either succede or I succed.
in any case, i also know that belief alone does not amount to success.Work, and action must follow up.However, belief is Key.

Miriammendo1 Premium
I answered yes to all 3. I know I slowed down more than I should have. I am going to try harder to separate my problems from my work and my learning. Kyle, you are an awesome teacher and a great inspiration to me. I love WA and everything about it all the great lesson all the caring family members. honestly, I don't want to be anywhere else learning, because nowhere else teaches anything near to what I am learning here Keep up the great work Kyle no one does it better,
RoseAtari3 Premium
I can see why you are such a good teacher. You help install confidence in those who need it. Thank you for your support. I know that I can accomplish whatever I set in my mind too do. I love the support that everyone here gives. This platform is like a big family. I am glad to be here.
Stilltrying Premium
I think doubt is the biggest reason why I have not succeeded yet after ten years of affiliate marketing. When you have doubts it is hard to motivate yourself to keep on working. Still I have had some success. Some sales are coming in and they have for a long time now, there are just not enough sales and they are not consistent enough. It is absolutely possible to succeed, I do believe I can even if I doubt it sometimes.

My advice is that, if you get doubts, keep on working. If you keep working something will soon happen whether it will be sales or more traffic. Just push through and the confidence will come back again

Belief is the most important part of it all, people have achieved incredible things simply by believing in themselfes and taking the measures needed to get there.
unigirl Premium
I say whatever the things are that you are having success, repeat and repeat again.

Best to you!!
katfrishe Premium
Thank you for the encouragement. I know that doubt gets in my way often but I am going to push past them.

Have a great day!