Attention Affiliates: Earn HUGE Commissions with the Black Friday Offer!

Last Update: November 20, 2019

Hey Everyone!

I hope you are having an awesome week thus far. In my past blog post to you I indicated that I would have some promotional materials ready for you, along with some strategies that you can leverage for your marketing and to maximize your Black Friday sales as an affiliate.

Before I get into this, I first wanted to re-iterate where you go to get your Black Friday links. You can get these from the Program Details page, under the "$" icon in the top header:

You can start using this link right away, currently this will send your referrals to a "splash" page, with a countdown until the offer. It will set your affiliate cookie, and it also gives users the opportunity to join Wealthy Affiliate (and you will obviously get credit for that).

Come the Black Friday launch, November 29th at 7AM PST, they are going to be able take full advantage of this offer and upgrade to Wealthy Affiliate Yearly premium for $299. You will get $130 commissions for every full yearly sale that you generate.

This can equate to a lot of affiliate commissions this year, and for many years to come (as they are RECURRING). Here is a quick breakdown of your potential earnings.

1 Black Friday Sale = $130 in commissions
5 Black Friday Sales
= $650
10 Black Friday Sales =
50 Black Friday Sales =

I can tell you that based on past years, there are going to be MANY affiliates generating far more than 50 Black Friday sales, so this is in the realm of possibilities, in fact there is opportunity to make many more than this.

The thing that is truly unique about Black Friday over other holidays and events that take place throughout the year is that people are prepared to spend money on Black Friday. Their credit cards are out, and people typically use far less logic and buy with much more emotion than ever.

The average household spent $483.18 in 2018, (Up form $335 in 2017) on Black Friday. This year is anticipated to be another record year for Black Friday sales online. Black Friday is by far our most lucrative weekend for affiliates. Plain and simple, you want to take advantage of this!

Getting Your Affiliate Banners

You can get all the promotional banners that are geared towards black Friday that you can add to your website, social profiles, as well as anywhere else that you feel they would be handy with your promotions.

==> Get Your Affiliate Banners Here

You will find the banners within the drop down under “Black Friday 2019”. You can use these banners in any way that you like online, you should be posting this to all of your social platforms getting people to become “aware” of the offer, and of course as November 29th gets closer add it to your website.

Some ideas as to where you can post these banners:

  • Your Facebook Cover / Status Update
  • Any Facebook Pages You Are Part of (and are relevant)
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • On Your Website (sidebar, header, footer, inline to your posts)

These banners are new for this year and you certainly can leverage them in your marketing. Now onto some marketing strategies that you can leverage and some insights into why/how to convert your audience over the Black Friday weekend.

Black Friday Marketing Strategies

There are several key components to a successful and high converting offer, and these are the reasons you can capitalize on this offer with some much marketing efficiency. They are:

  • Time Sensitivity
  • Scarcity
  • Bonuses
  • Social Proof
  • Actual High Quality Product

The Black Friday offer at Wealthy Affiliate has all of these and you are going to be able to leverage all of these conversion items within your marketing.

I will discuss them one by one here.

(1) Time Sensitivity.

People react with much more frequency when there is a set time limit to do so. Think about every sport we play, you have to score more points/goals than the opposition before the time runs out. It creates urgency and sometimes sheer panic as the timer moves towards zero.

In the sales and marketing world, time sensitivity works very well. It is something that we implement here within our initial $19 offer, and it is something that is utilized in the Black Friday (and by every global company that takes part in the Black Friday sales events).

You should too with your Black Friday promotions. Create urgency through the relationship of the offer, and the time that people have to take advantage of it.

“4 Days Only! Act Now!”

“Only 6 Hours Left! Hurry and Get the Black Friday Offer!”

Make sure you leverage time sensitivity within your offering and you surely will convert a lot better.

(2) Scarcity

If something is limited, it becomes scarce. You see this around every big sale, or every Black Friday when crazy customers are busting down the doors at Walmart to get their hands on the limited supply of TV’s they are blowing out for $99. This literally creates wrestling matches and fist fights!

Obviously we don’t support any form of violence, but this showcases how powerful the idea of scarcity is. When there is short supply of something, it creates a heightened level of demand.

So how do you create scarcity? “Limited Time”, naturally does this. But you can also offer a bonus and create scarcity on that. The bonus could be anything you want, it could range from you offering support, creating a guide or a training resource, or simply bundling up some existing training here at WA and using that as your bonus.

And then create some level of limits on this.

“The first 7 People Are Going to Get My ________ Bonus! Hurry!”

“The Next 10 People That Join Through My Link Are Going to Get a Year of My Personal SEO Mentoring Help”.

Create scarcity in your Black Friday offer and watch the anxious onlookers take you up on your offer at a much higher rate.

(3) Bonuses

People love bonuses. This dates back to our childhood when we used to choose the cereal box that offered a toy, over the one that didn’t. We would even choose the one with the toy that we liked less, over the one that we liked that didn’t have the bonus toy. I certainly know that I did that.

It defies logic and people will purchase something at a much higher rate simply if there is a bonus involved. Obviously we are providing a bunch of awesome bonuses on our end (through our marketing), but you should do the same. Package up a bonus, create a blog post or training resource, offer some keywords or niche ideas, offer a traffic strategy for 2020, or offer your support help (or all the above).

There are lots of different types of bonuses that you can offer, and you don’t even have to create them. You could offer any live class replay, any training resource that someone else created, or package a bunch of these up. One example would be packaging up Jay’s Facebook Ads training, over 5 hours of FB Ads training. In fact, Premium members here have access to over 400 hours of live class training within their membership.

This is just one example as to how you can add a bonus. Click on the Live Events tab and you will get a lot of potential ideas that you can offer as a bonus.

Then send it to people through an automated Black Friday Message.

Add your bonuses to the following message:

“Welcome to Premium (Yearly)”

People will be sent that message automatically upon going Premium yearly (including through the Black Friday offer).

(4) Social Proof/Validation

People get into business for many reasons, but one of them is to see success. If you can show people “real” stories of people succeeding, it will create social validation and make the conversion process that much easier.

Every year, there are 1,000’s of success stories posted within WA, but many affiliates are not leveraging these to increase your conversions. I recommend you do within your sales messaging and within any Black Friday promotion you have.

(5) Actual High Quality Product

Wealthy Affiliate is the most comprehensive, advanced and well-supported platform for aspiring and successful affiliate marketers, not to mention the most cost effective. You can feel really great about promoting a service that actually cares about customers and goes above and beyond with services.

Again, here are just some changes that took place in this last year.

  • New Email Platform - New & Improved Email Platform for Your Websites (October)
  • Video Training 2.0 - Improved Video Training UX and Speed for WA training (August)
  • Kraken Image Optimization - Industry leading optimization for all website (July)
  • Affiliate Programs Platform - Search & Find the Most Lucrative Programs (May)
  • SiteComments 2.0 and Accreditation - The Ability to Earn Through Commenting at WA (March)
  • Super Affiliate Challenge 2.0 - A 12-Month Step by Step Training To Affiliate Success (January)

And that doesn’t include everything that is already here. The research platforms, the managed wordpress hosting, the website platform (8 products within that), the plethora of training, live weekly classes, expert help and support, and the ability to network with close to 2 MILLION entrepreneurs.

Each year that passes equates to a better Wealthy Affiliate, which makes it easier and easier to promote as an affiliate.


THIS WEEK’S TASK: Create a Black Friday Promotional Page.

Regardless of your type of site, you can definitely take advantage of the Black Friday offer. There are 1,000’s of different types of people that can benefit from Wealthy Affiliate, many of which don’t even know yet.

I know personally when I explain how affiliate marketing works and the fact that anyone can head in ANY niche direction online and build a successful business, their minds are blown.

What you should do today or over the next few days is get a Black Friday post ready to publish on your website. You should incorporate all the marketing tactics that you have into your marketing message, along with perhaps your story and the true benefits that your particular audience will get from WA.

Remember, time sensitivity, exclusivity, social proof/validation, scarcity, and bonuses. Leverage all of these within your marketing message and you will be able to maximize conversions.

Once you have published your content, you can post it within the following thread.

POST YOUR CONTENT HERE: Have a Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday 2019 Post?

And we can, as a community, offer each other feedback on their Black Friday posts. Make sure when you jump in that thread, that you read a few other blog posts and offer your feedback/insights from a consumer stance. This give and take approach is going to lead to some really well refined, and polished Black Friday promotional pages.

In my next post I am going to be outlining many of the places you are going to be able to drive an abundance of traffic to your Black Friday offer and drive revenue.

An exciting event coming up, not just for those that are looking to capitalize on the affiliate opportunity, but those looking to get the best savings ever on a premium membership here at WA.

Until Black Friday,


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jillxyz Premium
Gidday Guys, Black Friday has me in a frenzy and consequently needing to rest up after posting this. Have the best day tomorrow or is it the next day in the USA.

Here is my another Black Friday Post. Love your feedback IF you have time. Believe me I understand!! Cheers Jill
Kyle Premium Plus
Excellent, that is a great post Jill. You have done a nice job!
Helen123 Premium
Having a thought about where to put my Black Friday Post ....
Do I redo the whole of the home page for my website ?
Or do I create a full landing page for it?
Or do I do both but have the home page with above the fold dedicated to Black Friday and direct the reader onto the landing page?

My home page right now is not a blog roll, its more of a welcome page with regular stuff about WA.

I suppose Im thinking that I can use the above the fold bit for black friday but have a full landing page to go to because most people will not land on my home page during this drive, as my ads will be directing them to the landing page....

Am I making this more complicated than it needs to be? Im a ducks in a row kinda gal so any suggestions would be gratefully received !
feigner Premium
so why not have a black friday week home page - its easy enough to point it to it and then change back after the event.
don't forget to add the banner to your social media site and even do a adwords campaign - make sure you start this early - you don't want people signing up and then trying to get their money back - get them to sign up now to make sure they like it and then take advantage of the bf deal.
good luck with your campaign Helen.
or you could do as Robert (boomergp08) does - roll out and promote his siterubix bf site.
YumaBloggers Premium Plus
I would set a slide-in or popup to point to my landing page for Black Friday and do an entire landing page for it. I will likely change the destination on my own exit pop up to point to my Black Friday page. Once it is finished that is.
jetrbby80316 Premium
Andy, if you set a slide-in or pop up pointing to your Special Black Friday landing page, would that Special custom landing page ONLY for Black Friday then direct the prospect to your Black Friday post?

Where would you set the pop up? I would think not necessarily your Home Page, but the page that is getting the most traffic. eh?

Also if you already wrote a great post wit excellent CTA's, you can make that entire POST your landing page. The less steps to get to the CTA, the better.

Some of my thoughts here...
jetrbby80316 Premium
Phil - Also if you already wrote a great Black Friday post with excellent CTA's, you can make that entire POST your landing page. The less steps to get to the CTA, the better.

Some of my thoughts here...
Helen123 Premium
Thankyou!! Sorted!
jetrbby80316 Premium
Of course, I realize what I am saying here is this would be the same as just driving the traffic directly to your Black Friday post.

Well, what's wrong with that? Who really needs a Landing Page for BF anyway? IMO, going directly to the post its a Better solution for making direct sales (unless you also want to get an email Opt in capture).

Once again. I believe the less steps the prospect has to take to get to the ultimate CTA that leads to the sale, all the better.
YumaBloggers Premium Plus
I absolutely must go to my Black Friday post because I offer 3 bonuses of my own, including a $20 Amazon Gift Card. If I go directly to offer page I miss the opportunity to tell people about the bonuses.
YumaBloggers Premium Plus
I agree but I have the pop on every page to take advantage of all incoming traffic to the site, regardless of intended destination they will see the BF offer.
jetrbby80316 Premium
Absolutely Right. Go directly to the BF Post!!
jetrbby80316 Premium
Andy, that's fine to have a popup on every page of your website to take advantage of all your traffic.

What I am saying is ALL the popups (showing your BF offer) should link directly to your Black Friday post, NOT a Landing Page.

That is the quickest path to the sale.
PaulaSchmitz Premium
Kyle, I have my site up and running and geared towards it. This last week I will include many of your suggestions here. Thank you for putting this blog together! But the problem is my PayPal business account is taking forever to get verified! I have tried to link it to my business bank account here in the US, it should be seamless but it has not! Could I use my personal PayPal account instead? It would be good that WA had a variety of payment gateways we can get paid through not just PayPal. It has been quite frustrating with PayPal this far. Anyone in the community has another suggestion for a payment gateway for my e-commerce site? Please HELP!
JKulk1 Premium
There's no reason why you can't use your personal account.
Kyle Premium Plus
Sure, you most definitely can use your personal account. ;)
PaulaSchmitz Premium
Thank you, both, for your replies. My PayPal Business is now working OK so I am all set here and everywhere else. Now I need to start promoting!!! Minor detail... :)
Mugasoor Premium
Actually I am wonering if there is any way to utilize this black friday promotion for us who have baby websites with almost zero traffic. I thought of wrighting a blog on wealthy about this promotion but am not sure wheather this can work for me. experts where are you I need your help. I am not willing to miss this offer without making at least a sale.
Kyle Premium Plus
If you don't have much or any traffic, then you don't have people to promote to. And being a baby website, I wouldn't force a promotion if it doesn't exist.

You could create a "Black Friday" post on your website where you recommend baby deals, and you could integrate the WA Black Friday promotion into that.
cris1018 Premium
The easiest way would then be to post your Black Friday affiliate link that Kyle's provided you on your social media pages. :-)
Mugasoor Premium
Thanks, Kyle
DerekMarshal Premium
Since you mention are week late with Super Affiliate Training.

Due on the 14th.

We all know how busy you are are around this time of the year.


Let's get cracking with the BF deal..get Kyle on the Travel bookings engine to reserve our places in Vegas!.
Kyle Premium Plus
LOL, i posted in that thread mentioning that it was coming next week. Everyone should spend some time focusing on the Black Friday promotions that are within that.

And yes, we need you and many others from the SAC challenge down in Vegas next year. :)