A Business Out of Thin Air in 14 Days?

Last Update: October 12, 2021

Many people are under the impression that a business is a long, arduous process. While growing a business (and revenue) could become a lifetime project, setting up and creating a great framework for your business doesn't have to be a time-consuming process.

We are a few weeks away from a blockbuster series here at Wealthy Affiliate where our resident DJ...errrr, expert Jay is going to be showcasing the process of 0-60 MPH in business within just a few short weeks. This is going to be a Series of expert classes that are run daily through the course of an entire week.

Before I explain what is going to be taught, I first want to share a bit of my backstory about building a business and the timelines that I personally had when starting a business online. Most of you don't realize just how long the road was to my initial foundation, so I want to take a moment to explain.

What Starting an Internet Business in 2002 Looked Like...

I still look back at what I had access to when I started out, and I laugh. Not only was the Internet much slower, every single aspect of building online was more cumbersome and in some cases, incredibly difficult. There are a lot of disadvantages then, and I want to spend some time explaining these.

There was little in the way of good "information" about how to build an affiliate marketing business and at the time, to learn anything you were forced to sift through forums or the outdated e-book. There was nothing close to Wealthy Affiliate available for aspiring affiliate marketers and internet entrepreneurs (and there still isn't).

Building a website was a 10-step process, and my very first website I built took me over 30 days. Yes, read that again. THIRTY DAYS TO BUILD A WEBSITE.

That was quite normal.

And it was expensive. Not only were domains $30+, hosting was expensive ($400-500 per year), and you needed expensive software just to make an ugly looking website. This included dreamweaver ($100), and Adobe Photoshop ($200). So by the time I was done building my first UGLY website, I was into it for close to $1K.

That was the reality though.

Not to mention the fact that there was 3 BILLION fewer people online, way less affiliate programs, and people were much less likely to buy something online back then. It felt unsafe in those days, and the process to buy something was cumbersome.

That was my reality when I started out. But you know what...it felt like there was a ton of opportunity online then. Fast forward 20 years, and the opportunity online has grown by many times over. In fact, there has never been an opportunity online like this.

Let's have a look at building a business online these days and what that landscape looks like for budding entrepreneurs like yourself.

What Starting an Internet Business Now Looks Like....

Here we are, 20 years on and things have radically changed. Well almost everything.

First and foremost, the education you can get these days is unparalleled. The information highway we know as the Internet has opened up, and now you have communication and training platforms available to you like Wealthy Affiliate. The training is cost-efficient and for EXPERT training for an entire year, you can get this for around $1 per day (which includes websites, hosting, domains, research platforms, mentorship, etc).

And then comes the website side of your business. What took me 30 days get up and running when I started out, can now be accomplished in less than 30 seconds. Big difference. One click website builders are here to stay. Not to mention the website that took me 30 days to develop PALES in comparison to what you can build here in 30 seconds.

Last but no least, the opportunity. It has continued to grow with each day that passes. More people than ever are now online (close to 5 BILLION) and actively purchasing products/services. The idea that people are now doing their grocery shopping and buying all of their clothes online is still crazy to me...we have sure come a long way online.

This represents more opportunity than ever to folks like you and I, running businesses online. More people, spending a lot more, and spending a lot more time online leads too MUCH more opportunity.

Training has evolved. Technology has evolved. The opportunity has evolved.

Yet one thing has remained very much the same. Strategic creation of a business. The elements of a successful online business back in 2002, remain very much the same today. The way in which you build it and the platforms that you leverage, and the HOW those very platforms work has changed, but the fundamental principles of a successful business have not.

Digging into "Static" Process of Making Money.

Has the process of making money online changed from 2002, to 2022? The stark reality is that is hasn't changed much at all. You have a product/service, you have a source of traffic (the potential customers), and you serve as the liaison between the two (with your website).

Again, a product/service. A customer. You in between.

The things that have changed quite drastically since 2002 are the platforms that you leverage, the technology, and the new opportunities that have derived from the exploding growth or e-commerce and the internet.

These are things that we really want you to hone in on, and understand in great detail. These are our principle and core focuses within the training.

In just a few weeks Jay is going to be uncovering this ENTIRE 2022 make money process, front to back within "Research to Profits Step-By-Step: 14 Day LIVE Case Study" Series starting on October 18th to October 31st! It's going to be brilliant, and if you are not already registered, here is a full breakdown:

Jay has 20 years experience within the online world and is one of the key figures and experts here within the community. If you have taken part in any of his Friday Night classes, you will know just how powerful his delivery is when it comes to training (and how proficient he is creating online businesses). His breadth of knowledge is going to truly be showcased in the classes this month.

These are available to ALL Premium and Premium Plus+ members.

  • Day 1: Research: Niche
  • Day 2: Research: Affiliate Programs
  • Day 3: Research: Keywords
  • Day 4: Build: Website
  • Day 5: Setup: Tracking
  • Day 6: Setup: Socials
  • Day 7: Write: Core Content
  • Day 8: Build: Content Strategy Spreadsheet
  • Day 9: Build: Content Creation Calendar
  • Day 10: Write: 1st Blog Post
  • Day 11: Write: 2nd Blog Post
  • Day 12: Build: Social Media Growth
  • Day 13: Setup: Hire a Writer
  • Day 14: Write: 3rd Blog Post From Writer

This level of education is something other companies are charging $1,000's for alone and Jay is taking what some will see as a new approach to establishing a business focusing heavily on the research for the build out process. This will give you a unique take on research and keyword assessment, prior to the build out process and is a powerful approach to building a business in any niche.

If you have not already registered for the series, you can do so from the Series homepage:

Series: Research to Profits Step by Step: 14 Day Live Case Study

You are truly going to get an inside peak over the shoulder of an expert (Jay) as he swiftly and efficiently builds out the core components of a business in just a few weeks. This literally took me 3 months to accomplish, when I started out online...times have changed!

Be there, be square!

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deelilah Premium Plus
Around 2007, or so, I was actually researching the new www.com while driving big truck cross country, teaming with husband. Sprint had just come out with this handy little card you could plug into a laptop (maybe a 2 gig) to get online. Really, I had a signal while trucking down the road (except mountains and Montana). Tell me about no information, how-to's, and probably no market. I didn't get far enough along to find out. But yes, I did spend plenty. I even did the stock market then and thought about bit coin. Kid me not, how I wish I had known how to buy it. Thank you for your efforts which paid off, for you, and for many others.
BillandSue Premium
Hi Kyle,
It is amazing how internet business has changed over these past 20 years. I had no idea there was any potential to make money back in 2002.

I am so glad things have opened up for anyone willing to put in some work and devote themselves to a business.

Thanks for an inspiring article.

Kyle Premium Plus
It truly is, lots of changes but there are also a lot of similarities in terms of the overall process. We have lots of training updates to reflect the new environments along with new strategies, and these are rolled out weekly. :)
Roybretton Premium Plus
Good morning Kyle,

Thank you for your blog post, I hope you're doing well.

It's interesting hearing about the early days of creating a website and amazing how things have changed. I had my first website built in 2004 for my offline business and the second website for my online business built-in 2007. I would not have dreamt about trying to create a website back then! It's amazing how things change.

For your interest, the first website cost £1000 and the second website cost £2000. However, the second website was designed to have a lot of extra features added. I guess over time it cost around £15,000, how things change! The second website did have a terrific amount of functionality, I guess it should have for that money!

I believe when WordPress first came out in around 2003, it was pretty awful, however, it's amazing how much it's changed over the years, for the better!

The live case study sounds like an excellent idea, with a lot of information in a very short period of time. I'm looking forward to watching the replays, it's too late for me to stay up here in the UK.

Have a great day.

Kyle Premium Plus
That sounds about right Roy, it took me close to a month just to get my first website up and running.

I had to learn Photoshop, Dreamweaver (and had to buy them), HTML, how to slice and dice a website together, how hosting worked, how FTP worked, how to manage a website file database and where to put them on a server, how to publish and edit content...it went on and on.

Something that took me close to a month, and be done in 30 seconds now with the framework here (leveraging Wordpress)...and the websites are WAY more functional and aesthetically pleasing. Not to mention the cost...

How times have changed!
Roybretton Premium Plus
Good morning Kyle,

Thank you for your reply, it's appreciated.

A month actually sounds quite quick to get a website up and running, especially back then! I'm guessing you worked extremely hard to learn the necessary tasks and I guess you're probably working really hard now!

I really find it absolutely amazing that a website can be put up in 30 seconds, it really is quite something! I believe that I have a video on YouTube on how to put a website up in 30 seconds, thanks to Wealthy Affiliate!

Sometimes we talk about the good old days, however, we also have to remember what we have now! I love the fact that I can work my off-line business and listen to YouTube, audiobooks, Wealthy Affiliate training and so much with modern technology. Despite not everything being perfect in the world, we
could say that these days are quite good!

Have a great weekend.

Jocelyn30 Premium
Thanks Kyle for giving us a peek on 2002, your hard work well notice!
Just more appreciation what kind of work to make it easier for all of us, at least for me for sure.

No wonder Your platform is phenomenal, you keep our community excited in every class or training you add!

Looking forward to be in the live class!

Kyle Premium Plus
We improve with every day, that is the goal anyways and that comes from all angles.

Whether it comes from platform improvements, updates to the core training, new technology, new platforms, better communication and support tools, or in this case a brilliant upcoming 14-day series by Jay!

Thanks for your ongoing vote of confidence! :)
Jocelyn30 Premium
☺️😉😎 well said Kyle every angle indeed!!!

BrightSales Premium
The part where you've stated that more and more people are online, which is close to 5 billion, tells us that there's a greater opportunity of sales and e-mail lists to be made if you have an online business. We just have to follow the right steps to the path to success. Thanks Kyle. All the best!
Kyle Premium Plus
Yes, absolutely....and work to establish a brand and following whatever direction you decide to head with your niche. It takes time, but it is well worth it!