14 Class Series
Research to Profits Step-By-Step: 14 Day LIVE Case Study
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14 Classes in this Series
by magistudios
Do you need an exact step-by-step process to follow along?
This case study is like no other! 14 DAYS.. back-to-back!

Watch Jay go through the entire process of building a niche website from scratch.

Day 1: Research: Niche
Day 2: Research: Affiliate Programs
Day 3: Research: Keywords
Day 4: Build: Website
Day 5: Setup: Tracking
Day 6: Setup: Socials
Day 7: Write: Core Content
Day 8: Build: Content Strategy Spreadsheet
Day 9: Build: Content Creation Calendar
Day 10: Write: 1st Blog Post
Day 11: Write: 2nd Blog Post
Day 12: Build: Social Media Growth
Day 13: Setup: Hire Writer
Day 14: Write: 3rd Blog Post from Writer

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