2,000,000 Reasons Why We Care.

Last Update: January 06, 2020

We have recently crossed our 2,000,000th member at Wealthy Affiliate!

Looking back to when we started in 2005, I would have told you that you were crazy if you said that one day Wealthy Affiliate would be a community 2,000,000+ members strong.

That is a lot of people the technology and the platform has crossed paths with.

The funny thing is, Carson and I have never been ones to celebrate launches, to celebrate milestones, and certainly refrain from gloating about any successes. The reason is that by the time we reach goals and milestones, we are far beyond these in terms of our thinking and our goal setting.

In all reality our goals change as time goes on, and as we near new goals...other ones are already being created. We are pushing towards helping another million people the next few years, and we are hoping to reach 10-15 million members within the next decade. These are ambitious goals sure, but I am confident they can be achieved.

At the end of the day, there is a person behind each and every 2,000,000. If you are reading this, you are likely one of them. You are the reason we are motivated to continue improving the platform and community here, and the reason we are investing more resources than ever into the platform and community at Wealthy Affiliate.

Our goal is to HELP each and ever person that sets foot here and help them discover potential that they might not have realized before. If we are not able to accomplish this, then the number is a meaningless figure. The goal is to have a meaningful and positive impact on every person's life here at WA, and that is going to be our unrelenting focus as we move forward.

Based on the feedback we have had over the years, you have directly played a significant role in helping us improve the platform here. We have changed based on this feedback, and we will continue to take all forms of feedback (both positive and negative), and use these as signals as to how we can improve as a company.

YOU in essence are the creators of what Wealthy Affiliate has become, without YOU, we wouldn't have made many of the evolutionary changes we have.

YOU are the reason why we care.

YOU are what motivates us.

are what makes us strive to be better.

YOU are the reason we are 100% dedicated to Wealthy Affiliate over the next decade to continue being at the leaders of the affiliate marketing industry.

We are not concerned about the numbers, or stats...those mean nothing to us by the time we reach them, instead our greatest concern and focus is making sure you have the best tools, training, and platforms to create and grow a successful business online.

That is our focus. That is our mission. That is what you are going to see take shape as we push forward in 2020 and far beyond.

So as big as the community becomes, and as many people that make their way to Wealthy Affiliate, our values will remain authentic, ethical and grounded. We will remain very much hands on and integrated into the community. Your wants and needs are what motivate and drive us, and will continue to. That is our promise to you.

YOU are our reason WHY. We thank you. You mean the world to us.

Your Friends at Wealthy Affiliate,

Kyle (& Carson )

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WSwartz Premium
Welcome to WA. I will be following you and watching your success along the way. This is a great place to be if you are serious about affiliate marketing. We have a great community here at WA. If you get stuck or need help at any time, just ask and you will receive many responses in a very quick manner.
OCary Premium
I, personally, thank you for having developed this platform. I stumbled onto WA while surfing. But, I am a firm believer that nothing happens by accident and my relationship with WA, is meant to be. With that being said, Thank you for acknowledging the presence of all of us here on WA. Also, thank you for keeping the content and authorship, as pure as when I first joined. I have learned so much and I am looking forward to learn more. Thanks again.

megawinner Premium
We are all fortunate to have found this platform. Cheers!
LindaF Premium
What I can contribute to Kyle, WA, is the reason I have progressed. I can't say enough, and you have heard it from many. I never considered having success because of the multiple problems that I have had to resolve. I haven't had success on my website, but I have had success on personal levels.

To me, that is the most important, that lead me to write an Ebook. Something that I would not have considered in a million years.

The training here has been my school on many levels, and WA members have been my stepping stone. You and Carson have proved a very important process. Always a better Way in everything we put our minds to. You guys found a better way for all of us.

My website name is Always A Better Way from day one that I joined WA. That was easy, but I didn't know how true it was because it applies to everything and has been my theme from the getgo.

Always A Better Way Linda
bpais1 Premium
Well, Kyle, I gotta say that I hope both you and Carson keep on doing like you're doing.

Because, in the "almost 3 years" I've been a member of the WA family, I have never been anything less than impressed and awestruck that through your successes building this community, you still care about us. It's not just a way to get rich for you - and I appreciate that fact.

It's what keeps me sticking around and staying in the saddle. Because "that dog WILL hunt!" 🐺

Kyle Premium Plus
We will always care about you guys, as you are the driving force behind all of our change and improvements. I really do look forward to the year ahead, the decade ahead, and seeing all the successes within the community during this time!

Thanks for your kind words Jim!
BillandSue Premium
Hi Kyle,
Recently due to personal reasons, I had to withdraw from Wealthy Affiliate for a short while. Because my time was focused on health issues and other things, I was not able to be part of Wealthy Affiliate. I missed so much the friendship of the Wealthy Affiliate Community and all of your encouraging articles.

When the opportunity came to continue with Wealthy Affiliate, I was so pleased, thrilled and thankful that I could again be apart of the best affiliate training platform in the world.

My success is viewed in several areas of my life. The main reason Sue and I joined Wealthy Affiliate was economical of course. But much to my surprise I have found great success in developing my writing ability (which I was poor at) and growing and maturing in character and as a person. This success ranks high in my thoughts of being successful.

Thanks again Kyle, for helping so many of us achieve our goals and succeed in areas that we weren't' looking to develop.

I am thrilled to be apart of this fine organization.

Best thoughts for great success in 2020.

Kyle Premium Plus
We missed you too Bill, but we also completely understand that situations do keep up. We are going to continue to reaffirm the sense of community and help here at WA and we have lots planned for the year ahead in this respect.

I really do look forward to working with you in 2020, I know it is going to be a positive one for you, your writing is going to become second nature, and you are going to see lots of good growth in your business.

Here is to an exciting 2020 ahead!
BillandSue Premium
Hi Kyle,
Thanks for the encouragement.

Linda103 Premium
I have always felt as humans we are here to help one another in any way we can and you are achieving that on a massive scale. That is a brilliant achievement and I have no doubt that you will easily achieve the 15,000,000 mark before the end of the decade.
You have both built an amazing platform and I for one thank you for that.
Kyle Premium Plus
We are here to help, and if you make that the focus of any of your activities not only will you end up being much more successful...it will be that much more fulfilling. :)
Linda103 Premium
Thank you Kyle.