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Just a quick commission payment question?

Just a quick commission payment question?

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Hi Carson,
Just wondering I had a commission of $8 on July 8 2017 that is unpaid and my next pay cheque says $31.50 payable on the first of the month. Just wondering why I a

Maybe Carson should answer this

Hi - if you would prefer an answer directly from Carson, I suggest you send him a personal message. It is unlikely he will see this question among the hundreds which are posted daily. Have the answers below not helped at all?

scroll all the way down on yoru 'my stats' page and change the minimum payout. you may have it one something that yuo havent met yet.

Hi - the minimum payout is $10. I presume you now have an affiliate commission of $23.50, and the outstanding amount has been added to it. It will be paid on the 1st of the month, but you do need to claim it first in your credit dashboard.

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