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Last Update: August 07, 2015

Hello Wealthy Affiliates,

Yesterday I got my #2 premium member and I am in second month of premium membership myself, Feels good. Although both of them are my friends , I am very excited to learn and earn at the same time, As I have stated in my previous blog as well I am creating a blueprint to recruit and help more people into Wealthy Affiliate and try to reach 300 mark before 31st december :) Let's see how I design it, meanwhile please welcome my friend Usha for taking a step and going extra mile.

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UshaP Premium
Thanks for the welcome Kunal! I don't know how I missed seeing this article when you welcomed me. Anyway, as they say...."It's never too late" so here I am commenting.
kunalbhadana Premium
Anh Premium
Congratulation, good luck to you and your friends.
I do believe WA is one of the best resource to learn about online marketing.
kunalbhadana Premium
Yes it is Anh
KatieMac Premium
that is wonderful you certainly have done something right, well done
Ermelinda Premium
Wow that is sure amazing well done. All the best in journey here at WA