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December 05, 2015
I need some love from you to increase my Authority a bit in social media world, can you kindly like my Facebook Fanpage and subscribe to my youtube channel, these are two mediums I will be using in my marketing and more engagements mean more Facebook and youtube authority.Facebook Fanpage - Subscribe - I will return the favour, so if you want anything just leave the comments below and I will help you o
August 07, 2015
Hello Wealthy Affiliates, Yesterday I got my #2 premium member and I am in second month of premium membership myself, Feels good. Although both of them are my friends , I am very excited to learn and earn at the same time, As I have stated in my previous blog as well I am creating a blueprint to recruit and help more people into Wealthy Affiliate and try to reach 300 mark before 31st december :) Let's see how I design it, meanwhile please welcome my friend Usha
August 07, 2015
Today I saw something which I was waiting for quite a while now, First Organic visitor to my website and 44 impressions, Yeeeeaaahhhhhh! I am excited to see my website getting in shape and getting real organic visitors, Last week I signed up to GWT and now I see GWT has a lot of data available inside it and few errors which I need to rectify now, I am focused towards keyword researched content now a days and believe I will start receiving good amount of traffic soon. I will keep you all posted w
Around 40 days in Wealthy Affiliate as Premium and Today I received my first Commission From Wealthy Affiliate and I was happy to see the message in my inbox, It was a great feeling :) Right Now I am promoting WA to some of my friends and through social media and yet to see any organic traffic to my website as I am promoting WA at my website as well. I am finding it hard to come at 1 content post a day at my website, which is my target because of my work hours and right now I am posting around 2
July 25, 2015
Hi Wealthy Affiliates,Last week I added google analytics and google adsense to my account successfully. I had read few posts in the past where folks had trouble getting google adsense approved for their account but luckily for me I started seeing google ads on my website within couple of hours, feel free to visit my website and click on the ads on the right hand sidebar to check it if you would like to. Whenever I am looking for anything inside Wealthy Af
I casually shared a WA referral link with a friend of mine and he has now upgraded to premium so I have a 100% conversion rate, lol :) It looks good.This just shows the value of good education and training available at Wealthy Affiliate that people can not hold them back to have more training by upgrading to premium.Now I am planning to share it with more and more people to just sign up and try it for free, I will just show them the way and rest depends on them, because not everything suits ever
June 25, 2015
I joined Wealthy Affiliate back in March 2014, I tried it once but ran away from it because of the amount of overwhleming contet, This is what I thought back then.After that I used to get e-mails regarding the new blogs and updates which i used to delete,I never unsubscribed from WA because something from inside was telling me not to do so.Last week, When I received an e- mail from Wealthy Affiliate, I said to myself let me take a look at it and if it is not worth my time let me unsubscribe from