How we can find new challenges?

Last Update: February 10, 2019

Work can easily become a routine, taking years to stay on the same level. We have a job, or a salary that runs on accounts, everyday life, and somehow we don't even have the chance to go upstairs and make a career. It is only when we wake up that we seem to be bored as if we were tired of work, and we are wondering what we could do to make the minutes spent at work more exciting.

The first step in finding new challenges for ourselves is that we forget the word 'work'. Let's start by changing our vision by understanding the difference between 'work' and 'goal'. The work we do for pay, and the goal is to be successful.

What am I doing?
This is the first question we have to ask ourselves. Do we really work for the accounts or are we committed to the company, to the our website and we believe we can be successful?

What am I most proud of?
Think about what we have achieved in our work, what we can be proud of since we've been working for the company. And if we are our own bosses, take the success of our own company and record it as a success.

Why are others grateful to me?
The thanks and appreciation of the staff are also important, take them through: why were they grateful to us since we worked together? Let's strengthen these things.

What makes me happy?
What are the tasks that we are happy to do, which will bring us joy?

What is my role in the company?
Let's take a look at what role we have been given since we worked here? Are we diligent? Reliable? Funny? Or is it just the lazy and workmen? Are we essential? Or can they be replaced at any time? Think about it, and if necessary, change our behavior and strengthen it on those that can have a positive effect.

What can I give to the world?
From a slightly different perspective, we can look at our current situation a little bit from the outside. What does our work matter to the city, the country, the world? If we find something that we think may be important, we can find another motivation to work with new challenges.

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Babou3 Premium
Nice an positive post!
Thanks for this wind of freshness!

ktina Premium
Ahimbe Premium
I totally enjoyed reading you blog. I have drawn lessons to reflect on and apply.
Thank you
ktina Premium
Well done Ahimbe
I wish you all the best :)
BorisRoman Premium
Thanks a lot for sharing, Valentina!

I agree with you on all of your points here.

Wish you great success!

ktina Premium
Thank you, Bob :)
SnazzyIT Premium
Thanks for sharing Ktina you are right, we need to implement the same principles and practices of owning or working in a company to our own online business. Enjoy your day :)
ktina Premium
Thank you :)
Have a nice day too