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Life is unpredictable. Life is exciting. Life is boring. Life is cheerful. Life is sad. Life is. .. well, it's just alive. And we, more or less successfully, we're taking that life. To a moment when we allow that life brings us. And that is the time when we need help and support to regain control of our life. Food is essential to all of us. For some, it's a way to satisfy hunger and support health and energy, while for others this way to kill boredom, relieve stress, or relieve emotional pain.E
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Work can easily become a routine, taking years to stay on the same level. We have a job, or a salary that runs on accounts, everyday life, and somehow we don't even have the chance to go upstairs and make a career. It is only when we wake up that we seem to be bored as if we were tired of work, and we are wondering what we could do to make the minutes spent at work more exciting.The first step in finding new challenges for ourselves is that we forget the word 'work'. Let's start by changing our