Why I Stay on my Monthly Premium Plan.

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If you came for a negative take on WA cynically, then you have come to the wrong post. This post is all about why I have stayed on my monthly Premium Plan after all this time.

It's been 5 years already. It goes quick. I've learned a lot about running an online business in those 5 years. I've also learned a lot more about my niches. I now know and see things my competitors completely overlook.

More importantly I've learned how to create my own standard operating procedure as an affiliate marketer.

Am I Crazy or Onto Something?

Despite having seen black friday sales for yearly memberships. Knowing full well I would stay at least 5 years.It sounds ridcoulously crazy to do right?

Under most circumstances yes it is and was a crazy thing to do. However I'm not your average person and I'm not under your average circumstances.

The way my parents raised me has paved the way for this opportunity. I was never obligated to become something I hate.

I was given the opportunity to develop as a person in the most earnest way possible (more on this in later posts). What more could a kid ask from a parent.

It paid off (not my WA membership but my parents trusting I know best for me, that ROI from WA is coming soon).

People who have met me note that I seem somewhat different than before (it has nothing to do with my physical appearance. I don't change much physically even with age, kinda like a tortoise).

For the past 5 years I've been trying to figure it out myself...

But I think I can change everything now!

Perhaps that's what seems different to those who have met me.

If any of you were to meet me you would think from my mannerisms and demeanor that I'm nothing more than a young foolish boy. However once you get to talking things I live for, that type of opinion usually changes. It becomes clear I'm not your average person, in the best way possible.

Breaking the Mold.

Now, when I can do things unconventionally I'll do it. I never liked to do things conventionally. Why do things one way if it can be done another way? Does it really matter if the desired goal is met?

I'm not the only person who does things this type of way. Some of the most successful people across different industries do things unconventionally but with good reason.

Warren Buffet for example does this in investing.

The average person trying to attain his type of growth or success as an investor rarely does. It's because they chose one of two approaches when investing. The typical follow what everybody else is investing in. Or they do the standard buy low sell high approach.

Both methods are similar to when a person chooses a niche they see people are into but have no genuine interest in it.

The person might find success but will never grow the same as someone who sees and understands things they never even fathom.

Make no mistake this doesn't mean there are people who see everything that others don't. Buffet is the perfect example because despite all that he has earned, he has missed out on opportunities he didn't quite understand. He didn't invest in companies like Amazon, Apple, or Google when they were just starting out. A lot of investors didn't. Can you blame them?

Nobody is perfect, nobody knows everything. It does not matter how many titles or net worth you have under your name. You probably missed out on some opportunities and stay missing out on others.

Don't go getting the wrong idea. I know I screwed up and missed plenty of opportunities, work and ROI so relax.

I'm not trying to bash anyone. I'm just trying to demonstrate that there is always more to learn. Opportunities are abundant as an online business whether you are a beginner or seasoned veteran.

Let's learn from each other some time (talking about affiliate marketing, long term wise). I haven't exactly been slacking all this time ya know.

Why I Stay at Monthly Premium.

I stay at a monthly premium plan because it is worth it to me. 5 years ago I didn't know much of Kyle, Carson, the WA community, and WA as a platform. I didn't know if any could be trusted or if any would be here for the long haul.

So I figured go with what I do know. It seemed like WA was a work in progress. I didn't know at the time if that was a good or bad thing.

Hop to present day 2020 and personally I think it's a good thing. Congrats to WA for being mold breakers.

What's the point/purpose?

Why do things unconventionally? Well initially like I said I knew I was up for 5 years of WA I didn't know if WA was. Year after year through the actions of the community it became quite evident WA certainly was too.

Kyle even made a post https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/kyle/blog/15-years-ago-to-th... assuring everyone that we are done for at least another 15 years of WA. Hurray!

I've learned from sheer experience that what's taught here works. There are a wide array of people on here working in the trenches of running an online business. Whether it be as an affiliate marketer, reseller, dropshipper, SEO company, digital marketing agency, or local business.

Remember there are all kinds of people working the trenches. Some work is more notable than others. This doesn't define that one type of work is more vaulable or more capable of success than others.

Sometimes the vaule is there despite being out of sight and outta of mind. It just needs some time to take shape.

There is plenty to enjoy about WA if you plan on running a successful online business. There are other options in terms of training for running an online business. However I've found my monthly Premium membership to be all that I need as of now.

Trust me, WA isn't the only work in progress I've been keeping a close eye on. I've got a plan, a long term strategy, a standard operating procedure and as of now determined focus.

Don't write me off yet. Don't worry about me. Sit back and enjoy the show. I'm going to become the #1 most unpredictable affiliate marketer.

Disclaimer: I only know what's best for me and works for me in terms of business. I decided to share this to try and help others understand a little more about me and why I do things the way I do.

With all that being said I'm gonna leave you a line from Logic's rap song No Pressure Intro.

"Never graduated but I school 'em like professor."

There is a lot I plan on sharing with this community. I'm looking forward to it.

I kept in line with what I planned to do in my previous post WA Training Blog Post Level 4 Lesson 7 - Progress BTW!

Hope you are doing good and taking care of yourself. Sorry I didn't mean to keep ya too long.

Warm regards,

Kevin the Aspiring #1 Most Unpredictable Affiliate Marketer

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Recent Comments


Nothing wrong with staying monthly. Usually companies offer a discount for paying for a full year because they make more money in the long run. A lot of times people will only sign up for a month or two and then cancel the subscription. If you convince them to pay for a year in advance with a discount, then you’ve made more money because there’s usually a clause about no refunds.

With that being said, if you see value in the platform, your finances allow for it, and you plan on staying around for a long time, then it’s beneficial because you are saving money by paying yearly instead of monthly.

Nothing but facts here. Thanks Thomas.


Wow this was definitely inspiring and an eye opener. I've been a member here for a while but only recently became a premium member. I have had my down months where I kept the membership and regretted it but now I have decided to give it my all and this has motivated me to continue

Thanks I wanted to share a bit about myself and why I do things.

I also wanted to help at least one person with a monthly premium membership realize their sitting on diamond mine.

It's not a complete waste of money.

It can be a safe investment into yourself with ROI when used consistently.

Thanks for sharing.


Quote: It can be a safe investment

I had not thought about this. You're right.

Your welcome Natasha. Take care.

I am so amaze to read the long story. I got you. Very aspiring and has a positive attitude towards what your goals.



Thank you Nila. I still have a long way to go.

I'm curious too... why did you choose to stay on monthly premium despite all the discount deals until now?

He did not say why he just said it's worth it for him.

Yeah right... as simple as that.... and he mentioned above that he is not our average person and not under any of our average circumstances...

Kevin, you are lucky to have parents who supports and trusts you!

I wish you success!


So not going yearly makes him not average? I see..

Quote: I'm just trying to demonstrate that there is always more to learn.

Yes, we are always learning :)

‘The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.’ –Dr. Seuss

I was going to post that on another blog post.

Originally I wanted to include the why, explain the value of going Premium Plus yearly or Premium Yearly and why I simply am not in a place as an online business to take full advantage of those options.

I didn't want to give anyone the impression that I'm writing off the value of choosing any of the other membership options.

Going yearly with the discounts is something I have considered carefully each time.

Darn, the why I do things unconventionally bit was suppose to answer this. Reading over this I realize I failed to address that

My apologies I should have been more clear and organized with my writing.

To answer your question.

For the longest time I was under the assumption that Kyle and Carson could sell WA at any moment.

Sometimes a company isn't sold for money or out of necessity. Sometimes a business can change hands because the owner/owners want out of the industry.

It wasn't until this year that I personally felt that wasn't the case with WA. There's some more to the why I stayed monthly but this was a big reason I stayed monthly for long.

It would have made the transition to an individual without the WA platform more seamless.

I said I know I screwed up some opportunities but I have no regrets.

It was worth it. Nothing left to do but move on and keep on learning.

Nope nope nope not at all. I did not mean to give that impression at all. 😔

Sheesh you two losing calories jumping to conclusions?

My apologies Kevin... didn't mean to be insensitive nor offensive on my comment...

Darn, I should have mentioned this was a line from one Logic's songs. It would have made the delivery better.

Sorry I didn't mean to come off as offended. I have thick skin so no worries there your good.

I still have trouble conveying tone through text.


Quote: Sheesh you two losing calories

I'm sorry🧁

So why did you?

^comment to @RoseLee2020 above best answers why I did a little more clearly. My apologies my writing is a bit rusty.

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