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If you came for a negative take on WA cynically, then you have come to the wrong post. This post is all about why I have stayed on my monthly Premium Plan after all this time.It's been 5 years already. It goes quick. I've learned a lot about running an online business in those 5 years. I've also learned a lot more about my niches. I now know and see things my competitors completely overlook. More importantly I've learned how to create my own standard operating procedure as an affiliate marketer
Despite not having completed the OEC completely the progress I have made is profound. I have yet to go through the Affiliate Training.I made a roadmap for myself back in 2019 and so far it has been a resounding success hitting milestones! Now it’s time to act, finish my training and kick off the training wheels. My body is ready.I have created two websites so far Game With Ease and Kitchen Cookware and Appliances. They are the way they are only because of WA and the wonderful community he
This is going to be short and sweet post.Earlier yesterday I was applying for different affiliate programs. While checking the products offered by one advertiser I figured I might as well hop into Jaaxy and check out relevant keywords for said products. Heck the advertiser even offered reccommeded SEM (Search Engine Marketing) bidding keywords.Following up in Jaaxy it was the equivlant of striking diamonds in a mineshaft. Aside from finding low hanging fruit keywords I also found what some refe
Well I finally got around to focusing on the online certification when I can. It is pretty great stuff certainly what I expected when I first came on board.The potential to make a successful online business is here so long as you apply effort and want to make an online business for the right reasons.The main reason I took so long is because my current niche has been in a weird state and I caught onto a couple of peculiar trends that have been developing since 2013. Who would have known that bei
April 29, 2019
Well after finally dusting off the old cob webs that is my website I kept coming across a recurring inconvenience. I am sure others have experienced the same inconvenience and that is email spam sent from your own websites contact form. For the most part most spam email campaigns will raise some red flags that can help you identify them as such. Let's take a look at what an obvious email spam looks like below.I have redacted some sensitive information for my own security purposes. Some other in
I started way back in late November hoping that I could make some cash doing what I love. I'm a fluent writer and I love gaming and electronics. Naturally I was drawn to creating websites like a moth to a light. I've been recently focusing on my studies on college and stuff so I have not really been focusing on my website but now that my first semester is coming to an end I've picked up working on my site again. Just today I received an email notifying me that my site is indexed on Google. Whoa