Wow! I Joined Wealthy Affiliate!

Last Update: April 06, 2015

Hello, my name is Keena Richard (last name is pronounced reeSHARD), and I just joined Wealthy Affiliate a few days ago. I am so excited because although I have been exposed to affiliate marketing since 2007, I would always get stuck with how to actually market the product that I had become an affiliate of.

I would ask questions like:

1) OK. They told me that I could use banners, but where do I use them?

2) How do I actually put the banners and links on the sites that I wanted to use them on?

3) How do I promote my product without a website?

4) How can I afford a website?

5) What do terms like domain names, monetize, anchor link, hyperlink mean?

6) If I use a blog, how do I generate content? I'm not a writer! How do I come up with what to say?

7) I don't have any money? How am I supposed to afford advertising? What is this pay-per-click?

8) Some people's blogs look like professional websites. Am I ever going to learn how to post pictures, create or post videos?

9) How do I know if the product that I chose is a quality product?

10) Well, if someone does click on my site and buys something, how will I know?

As time went on, I came to understand the concept, but I still couldn't "connect the dots" to actually make money. Frustrated and out of money, I would often quit. I had a conversation with my brother one night about this struggle that I've had with online marketing, and about a week later, he texted me a link to this site.

What caught my attention was "4 steps to sign up," and FREE! I thought what did I have to lose to take a look. The minute I signed up I fell in love. Why?

1) All of the training. Certification Courses usually mean that you are going to learn what you need to know then get a certificate. Kyle/Carson force you to apply what you learn so I am going to develop skill, not just understanding of a concept.

2) The resources. Everything that you need is in one place - your website, your training, and the community of others.

3) Wealthy Affiliate! Who knew that I was going to be able to "affiliate" learning how to be an affiliate?!?!?! It's like being awarded a full scholarship to attend college then getting paid to tell others to do the same. And get this. Even after you get your "degree," you can still get paid to tell others to come get their "education" from here.

After all that I saw that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer, I soon upgraded to premium because you get all that I just mentioned for just one monthly price.

If you are new to affiliate marketing, this is a great site to choose to teach you everything that you need to know about generating online income. Affiliate marketing is just one of many ways to earn Internet income. I've learned that already just from clicking on a blog from one of the members of Wealthy Affiliate whose article was linked in a lesson!

If you are already a successful affiliate marketer, this is an awesome product to market because of the features mentioned above......and the compensation is not too bad either.

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Reggievan Premium
That's why I call wealthy Affiliate a school as well as a place to earn.
This is an amazing exsperiance of like-minded people. Thanks for sharing this special blog.
MsT Premium
Keena. I think you will have a natural talent for this .. Imagine how much you will have achieved. Now .. speaking of achieving, off I go to work on another lesson. Have fun with this journey. You are in good hands. nicebiz is an awesome mentor/ambassador too!
JewelCarol Premium
Keena, you have such great attitude!! Indeed you had made a wise and great decision to join Wealthy Affiliate as it is certainly a fantastic platform for anyone who wants to start a online business!! Congrats on yr first blog post, Keena!! I look forward to more blog posts from you!! :)
Geoff-n-Jane Premium
How right you are Keena.
It seems that we've all tried many Affiliate Marketing sites before joining WA, and all WAers that I've read about, all say that WA is the best. Wealthy Affiliate training and support are second-to-none.
scottn1323 Premium
Welcome, answers to your questions can be found here. Start the training, step by step (even if you know some of it already). Look forward to seeing you around here!