Top 200, how did that happen?

Last Update: Sep 1, 2018

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Imagine my surprise when I opened my WA website account today and saw the rank #199 staring me in the face!! I've only been a member since July and am definitely NOT one the higher producers of content in terms of blogs and words.

Some things I DO that I believe are what contributed are:

1-Always respond with a thank you to the people who follow me whether they are old hands or new members

2-If they are new members always confirm that this is the best place for training and support from like-minded people who support each other's success

3-Always go to the comment "give and take" thread and give comments to at least 3 others before I request others to comment on mine

4-Always respond with a thank you to people whose posts touch you in some way, either educationally, emotionally or spiritually

I love this wonderful community and all I have learned so far. I look forward to interacting with my online friends here, progressing with the training and learning new information about becoming a successful online marketer.

I love working to improve my website by adding photos, affiliate sales links and additional content.

I thank Kyle & Carson every day for creating this platform from which we all benefit.

OK - enough celebrating...back to work!

Happy September 1st!


Recent Comments


Thank you!
Congrationlations to your success!


Thanks Ulrika!
So glad you’ve joined us.

Congratulations. Your always so polite. Keep rocking your success.

Thanks David!
You have touched me more than you know.

Awww thank you

Congratulations and thank you for all you do here. It matters so much. The community here means everything to me. I would not be here today if it weren't for members like you. Thanks for showing us the way to pay it forward:)

Awww Nicole, that’s so kind of you!
Thanks for being part of our wonderful community.


Right back at ya!

Good job. Your hard work is paying off!

Thanks Hollshope!
That’s kind of you. I couldn’t do it alone!

Well done Kyle Ann. You have been very supportive since you joined, and you're making great progress in your work.

Thanks Dominick!
That is very kind of you.

You're very welcome, Kyle Ann.

Congratulations, Kyle Ann.


Thanks Maxine!

You are wrlcome. I am really happy for You!


There you go, another milestone. Our rankings pretty much depend on our participation within WA. Helping others in the community helps you to escalate. So happy for you, keep working!

Thanks Eugene!
I really do love this community.

Congratulations KyleAnn. This is a definite sign of working your fanny off!! Well deserved. I see you everywhere. LOL
All the best,
Wendi ;))

Thanks so much Wendi!
I appreciate the support!

Congratulations Kyle Ann on your achievement here at WA
Giving and caring is so important to relationships and you are just awesome

Thanks for the kind words Vicki.
You are awesome too!

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