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Last Update: September 21, 2016

My blog posts on bitcoin mining sites I use and did reviews on are on pages 2 and 4 on google respectively. Cool. I didn't expect that after just 5 months into building my blog

check out the posts if you like everything bitcoin and leave a comment if you can.

Fly blog posts, fly...

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halinphilly Premium
Really fascinating stuff, Koko. I don't fully understand the way Bitcoin works, however, I got a little bit of gist of it from a net series on Crackle called "Startup" It's centers around a bitcoin-type of currency. On the show it's called GenCoin.

I wonder if there'll be a second season?!
KokoO Premium
Thanks Hali, I haven't seen the series. I will check it out.
WilliamBH Premium
Wow .. well done! Cheers, William.
KokoO Premium
Thanks, William.