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November 07, 2020
Wow, Wow, Wow, I can't keep calm.It is wonderful to be part of this great community of wealthy people at WA. Whenever I come to the platform and I saw people post on been indexed by Google, I keep thinking, wondering, imagine, how they are doing it that Google indexed there website.I was prompted one day to asked a member that her website was indexed by Google if there is something I need to do different but her response was positive. It keep me going working hard, putting more efforts on my we
November 04, 2020
Hello everyone,It been wonderful to be part of this great community of wealthy people, from the first day I joined WA, I have learned a lot from the training courses with advanced learning tools, also my learning skills has improved.SO.... EXCITED.... TO.... UPGRADED.... TO.... PREMIUM.... MEMBERSHIP....Am so excited to upgraded to premium membership, which give me access to unlimited learning trainings. Online business is legit with hard working to get results. WA is not a get rich quick platf
New accomplishment on my learning skills.It as been wonderful from the moment I joined wealthy affiliate program. I have learned and still learning, the training has motivated me to achieve more. The power of learning has paved way for me. I see results not excuses in my research. Is good to get and have right information, results has many meaning a thing that is caused or produced by something else, a consequence or outcome or an item of information obtained by experiment or some other scienti
My progress so far - learning experienceMy experience, coupled with efforts, hard-working and progress on wealthy affiliate as been awesome, I don't believe with my tight schedules I can do all the tasks, training that is on wealthy affiliate program, but my first impression and mindset towards the platform as been I CAN ACHIEVE THESE GOALS. When I registered as a starter member within my two days experiences on wealthy affiliate I was prompted, encourage and passionate to upgrade to be a premi