2019 Habits to live by, for a successful year !

Last Update: February 04, 2019

If it’s to be, it’s up to me. A new perspective!!!

2019 Habits to live by, for a successful year.

Happy Monday Wealth Affiliates, hope you are having the best day ever!!!

I’ve been thinking a lot about habits lately, bad and good, positive and negative and I thought I should pen down my thoughts on what I have been doing in the past weeks. Many people define success in different ways, and it all works out for every individual according to their own definition. We are all on a journey of searching for our highest potential, purpose and ultimately our contributions to society/humanity. For me, 2019 has brought with it a new perspective in the way I want to do things, the way I want to work, how I want deal and relate with family/friends and personally my development as a human being. So I have listed a few of my habits that are helping me daily to achieve my daily, weekly and monthly goals.

I asked myself these questions daily - Do we ever take time to reflect, reset and then start again with a renewed mindset? Or do we just go with the flow and hope for the best? This year what I have promised myself was that I will do things differently and with that came in a list of habits to live by for a better year. There are definitely things I will stop doing and there are things I simply need to focus on in order to achieve all of my dreams and reach my goals.

I have compiled a list of Habits I will follow and do to the tee in order to hold myself accountable and achieve my goals:

My habits to live by in 2019

Declutter YOUR life and space:
  • I have realised that I have so many things in my home that I no longer use but I still keep them just in case. There’s clothes I no longer fit into but still have, paperwork about business that for some reason is being stored…why do I need so many things that I don’t use… My garage is full of boxes that have so many things I would probably never use, but they are there gathering dust., so I have decided whatever I haven’t worn or used in the house for the past 6 months it has to go. I began the process of collecting all the clothes I don’t wear and will never wear to give away to those who would use them best. I feel a little lighter and happier with my current surroundings. I will be doing this with everything in my house every quarter. Can anyone say Feng-shui!!!!

Do the hardest tasks first:

  • So I have had this bad habit of doing the easiest tasks first and I would deliberately push out the hardest tasks for later. I have realised that I still need to get to those hard tasks no matter how long a push them out. I now use my google calendar to schedule tasks for whether it's work, home, studies or my online businesses. I have broken down all my tasks/ or everyday to-do list into small immediate and very important tasks to work on. I now the hardest tasks first and I find that I finish every task and am happy to have every task be sorted on time. This has changed a lot of how I do things or post on my websites and do my trainings.

Network your way to success:

  • I have made it my mission to check out events, workshop and networking sessions around my area on things am interested in. I have also scheduled on my calendar the biggest events or summits I would love to attend this year that could be beneficial for my growth, my online business and interests, then I make sure I reserve and book them on time to attend. I love meeting like-minded people and that feeds into everything that I do, so meeting new people is important especially if you are interested in business or entrepreneurship. Am naturally a very shy person but like they say, “nothing great comes from comfort zones”, so I have to go out there and meet new people and make connections and most of the time that’s how you get to build up confidence and self-awareness.

Lastly, make more time for my online businesses:

  • I have recently realised that I am at my best in the morning, my mind is fresh and more alert in the early hours of the morning, and as the saying goes “The earliest bird catches the fattest worm” so I decided I might as well wake up at 04:30 and work on my sites, do some research, and do my content writing when I feel my best and are fresh in the morning. This has worked well for me in the past when I was juggling work and studies but I seemed to have been slacking in how I do things so am trying old and new things that hopeful works to my advantage.

This list is not everything, there are so many positive habits to pick on and make your own. Do what makes you happy and ultimately you will see the desired results of all your efforts and new habits.

Please leave me a comment on your thought about habits? Let me know some of your daily habits that works for you.

All the best!!! Thank you and much love to you!!!


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TommyVTE Premium
Hi Kele,

how more the online business starts to grow how more task gets to be done. I am using Google task also to make sure that all things I plan are done and that there don't slipt things because forget about it and then in a while the daily task getting habits.
Fengshui rules are how I design my home improvements so doors and windows will not let the money I make blow away at a faster speed then I can earn it.
Have a great day
Fleeky Premium Plus
Hi Kele

It takes 10 days to cultivate a new habbit
So chase one rabbit at the time
And you have them all
In the end

KMrwashu1 Premium
Thank you for the advice, everything in moderation right!!!
Fleeky Premium Plus
Ahimbe Premium
"Lastly, make more time for my online businesses" ....that's my major habit this year. Thank you for sharing these tips.
KMrwashu1 Premium
my pleasure!!!!
DKalaba Premium
I really like your attitude, thank you for sharing this positive energy and ideas! All the best!
KMrwashu1 Premium
Thank you very much:-)