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Last Update: April 08, 2012

I have been trying to figure out WA Training.

As far as I can tell it is only what has been submitted since the switch from Platinum to OEP.

All the original Platinum tutorials are hiding... the only ones I can find are mine... and they are quickly dropping in rank. This would lead me to believe that no one else can find them either...unless maybe they view my profile?

Will the original Platinum tutorials be made available or are they being kicked to the curb?

Does this mean I am expected to either re-due the ones I have created or delete them?

I only see a "disable" drop down, there is no edit available?

Inquiring minds want to know...

In fact the more I think about it the more stuff I remember...

Accreditation Sources
Buddy Network (... *poof* gone!?)
ClickBank Research Tool
Hot Clickbank Products
Marketing Materials
My Bookmarks
Rapid Writer
STF Marketing Blueprint
Site Rubix
Task and Goals
Training Center Categories (8 or 9)
Training History
Turn Key Feeder Sites
Web Site Templates

Below are 3 videos showing WA evolution over the last 5 years.
This is sort of a record of our heritage...

Fall 2007

Fall 2009

Fall 2011

I am a bit sentimental... I like to remember (which is getting harder to do) were I have been since it makes up a large part of who I am today. I can remember (vaguely) when WA had the 6 week action plan! WA has come a long way and looks as if it has a lot more to go.

I miss the old... and.. at the same time... look forward to the new.

How about you?

What do you miss... anything?

Better yet... what do you think the future holds?

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klrrider Premium
Hopefully the WA sales page will be updated to match the new OEP. I'm sure it will be happening soon. This update in the user interface is massive and we will all have to scramble to get our promotions to match. In this regard I am thankful that my promoting the "make money online" niche is very passive. I was surfing all the youtube videos about WA last night and they reminded me of how much WA has advanced since I first joined. Amazing!
Kyle Premium
Yeah, absolutely...I have information coming on that later today. There are lots of changes in this respect, some very exciting changes that are going to be unbelievably powerful for affiliates.

We will keep you updated. As for the "missing" stuff at WA, Carson made a post on this today and it will answer all of your questions here:

Helle Premium
I'm afraid new referrals will quit before they get started with this new layout. The old one gave the immidiate (and correct) impression that WA is PACKED with usefull information! This new outlook gives the first impression that it has very little information, and why should new referrals pay 45 dollars a month for access to a simple website? That's hwo I feel about the new Wealthy Affiliate. However, I'm optimistic and trust that it will turn out better than the old one ! Cheers !
Kyle Premium
When people log into WA, they realize that WOW, there is a lot of content being added every hour. Before, people were wondering when things had been updated, if ever. The static feel was actually causing people to leave...as people become more comfortable and accustomed to social networks, they expect stuff now...and expect a constant stream of information.

As for the training not appearing vast, that is not what we want. People felt overwhelmed within the old system, now they can get what they want when they want it with our vastly updated training system and search.
leesworld Premium
Most of the old tutorials are still relevant even though some are outdated. My advice is that since K & C know what works and what does not, they should do justice to this old and new surfs. Truely, old dashboard had more quality things that this new one does not have, I trust K&C that this new dashboard will soon be as rich as the old one. Concerning OEP, K&C should ensure whatever training submitted is properly verified and meet the standard before it is accepted. This will cub irrelevant training that will waste precious time of WA'ers
jatdebeaune Premium
I miss much of the old. Haven't even gotten through all of the tutorials yet. Like to know I can review them as time allows. I think it would be great to edit and update information that is no longer current. I'm sure the basics are still there. Of course, I'm interested in progress forward and all the new developments. I'm also interested in contributing. I think the Ambassador System is fine, but will it take people away from tending to their own businesses? Will members write worthwhile tutorials, or just anything to move up the ranks? This is what's going through my mind.
Marat Premium
I miss the old too.... I think Old was much Better then New!!! ClickBank Research Tool & Hot Clickbank Products..... was quite good... and other useful things.