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Last Update: May 17, 2015

Interesting points in this article, which is a really fun read. Would be interested to hear your thoughts. I may be creating a product video to see if that helps my rankings (and hey, I'm monetized on YouTube so that can't hurt either), right now people pretty much have to know about me to find me... which may not be a bad thing... 56 orders to fill and I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off. But I'm also loving it!


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Papi Premium
I thought it was a really good article.
Thanks for posting it Kristy :)
JewelCarol Premium
I love the fun seo article, thanks so much for sharing, dear Kristy. :)
Christabelle Premium
Congratulations on the success Kristy! Success is always energizing! :) And thank you for sharing the article, I really liked it!
kleblanc13 Premium
I like being entertained as I read so I actually read the whole thing :)
Christabelle Premium
Yes it was enjoyable! :) I wish I could write like that more!
SowAndReap Premium Plus
:)) I'm glad you're loving it. Thanks for the info! :)
Iceichi Premium
Thanks for sharing it with us, after reading the post it does makes me going into a thinking mode on my website too.
Anyway do have fun and see you around.