My Success Story! All thanks to WA

Last Update: June 20, 2018

I joined WA in September of 2015. Back then I had been trying to create an income online, and had zero success. Without WA I would not be making the profits that I am making today! Let me breakdown my journey for you.

How Long Did it Take for My 1st Commission?

When I first joined WA I was SO excited! I was working 2 jobs, and I barely had time to work on it, but I had committed to working on it at least 2 hours a day. I started the training right away, and put together 2 websites. Now, I would not recommend starting 2 websites at one time. It's hard enough building up one, let alone 2 at the same time. However, I created a website to promote WA, and a health and fitness website. Here they are if you want to check them out...

Anyway, I achieved my first referral commission for WA in my 4th month. I had been getting a little discouraged because it ahd been a few months and I had seen zero progress from all the work I had put in. But when it finally happened, it lit a fire under me. I was creating as many posts as I could, and I reached the first position in google on a few posts.

Meanwhile, with my fitness webstie I had not made any commissions from Amazon because I had been focussing mainly on my WA website. I still worked on it occasionally, but not as much as I wanted. I made my first commission on Amazon in my 10th month at WA, and that is only because I hardly worked on it. Learn from my experience and build one website at a time.

The Past Couple Years...

In the past couple years I have been working on my websites as much as I can (which has only been about 1 post per month, if not less). I recently got a job as a chiropractic assistant that I really love, and it has taken time away from my websites. However, I am now making almost $1000/month with both of my websites. Considering The little work I have put into them, this is HUGE! I can finally go on vacations!!


Lately I have been doing more Bing Ads and Facebook Ads, which has REALLY improved my traffic and business. I couldn't be more happy! All I have to do is keep updating my websites and adding more to it.

My advice to you is, DO NOT stop doing the training. I stopped for a while because I lacked the motivation and became very busy. Keep doing the training and learning, and it will keep growing. Do NOT get discouraged if you hit a slump, because it will pick right back up. If you can fully dedicate yourself to improving your websites, you will make even more than I am. It IS possible to make money online with the help of WA! I am living proof. I can not thank WA and this community enough for helping me achieve my goals!

If you need help with anything I am always here to help! Just shoot me a message :)

- Karissa

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SusanFlowers Premium
Thanks for sharing this it was totally what I needed to read today. Thank you!!
Kksb0711 Premium
I’m glad Susan :)
kimwolfe Premium
I’m sure glad I found your review post that led me here. Thanks for sharing an update! I haven’t made any money yet but continue to make forward progress with my website and learnings.
mbouteiller Premium
Hi Karissa,

Thank you for sharing your very inspirational story.

I have this bookmarked because I want to always refer back to it. I really like your websites... well done and I can see you put a lot of hard work into them.

Kksb0711 Premium
Thanks a lot Monica :)
MariaB4 Premium
Well done! Really motivating.
Thanks for sharing.