Finding the balance in Life

Last Update: February 14, 2017

Some times it is hard to try and find balance when something comes along and rocks the ground beneath us.

Someone close to me is leaving NZ today, to go to an area of armed conflict and border disputes to look after her grandchildren and give her son and daughter-in-law a break.

What a wonderful thing to do for the love of your family, to give up the safety of your home and country, give up the safety of your employment and income, embark on a journey which is expected to take 36-40 hours non stop traveling.

When she came to visit and say goodby I was not sure what to do or say so i made the decision to let nature provide the answer ( movie -The Power of One ) and took her for a walk along the shore line.

Here are some of the answers nature provided.

A rocky road ahead

Finding a way through

The path gets easier

We just need to find the balance that nature does so well.

My prayers go with you Susan, keep safe, come home when you can.

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Goson Premium
Very well written like a poet. I like it, you take steps and nature will find you a good balance. Thanks for beautiful pictures
AlexEvans Premium
Sometimes it can be hard always good to get that balance and share that energy.
amgolf Premium
Natural = Balance
Swangirl Premium
That is so nice. What a nice story and the photos are beautiful. Interesting geology too! I hope she stays safe.
chillens Premium
What a lovely sentiment.