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March 17, 2017
We all do it, some more than others, in many different ways. Sometimes in a combination of ways, moving from one to another, then back again.Sometimes we have to STOP and do it, at others times we need to STOP doing it and just make it happen. One thing we can be sure about is: “Your life will move in the direction of your strongest thoughts” Here are some of the ways we do it: Big picture thinking, the ability to think beyond yourself is required in order to process ideas from a '
February 14, 2017
Some times it is hard to try and find balance when something comes along and rocks the ground beneath us.Someone close to me is leaving NZ today, to go to an area of armed conflict and border disputes to look after her grandchildren and give her son and daughter-in-law a break.What a wonderful thing to do for the love of your family, to give up the safety of your home and country, give up the safety of your employment and income, embark on a journey which is expected to take 36-40 hours non sto
January 28, 2017
Do you know what this is? Found on the forest floor when I was away on a Retreat!It's a Kauri Cone, a female one.As a pine tree has a pine cone or pine nut as it is sometimes called, the kauri tree in New Zealand has a kauri cone. Unfortunately this one had dropped off the tree, probably due to the hot dry weather and wind we have been having of late.They are supposed to remain up in the canopy until they are ready to open up and disperse their seeds.When that happens one of these grow.After a
Just to let you know I will catch up on your posts in a few days!Spending a few days in the bush on a Retreat with 25 other men from my Church. No worldly/man made communications..... no Internet, no mobile phones, so lots of time to think.But I will take my camera.
January 23, 2017
All the I get at WA, there are some really great people here ..... who do care about others. :=)
January 23, 2017
Being able to improve my ranking from 645 to 338 !!! 307 places in the last week...only a few hundred to go now!Yes I know.....need to spend more time actually building out my site!
January 22, 2017
Being able to grow my own ginger, this one from Japan is a bit different, you eat the flowers (shown here just ready for harvest) and not the tuber.
I'm grateful to know that above the clouds the sun is always shining, if not on me, then someone, somewhere.Photo taken from my front lawn, if you look half way up the beam of sunlight you can just see the suspended was a very special thing to see.
Day #3 Today I am grateful for the 6mm of rain that fell yesterday.....not much I know but more than we have had this year!My girls are looking forward to eating something that is green instead of yellow!
January 18, 2017
having my dog Kiss in my life, this was her 1st day at the beach.