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Last Update: November 10, 2015

Hi everyone

After 5 months of being at WA concentrating purely on my niche I have decided to expand the website to include a separate tab on the homepage promoting WA. I didn't want to go through setting up a completely separate site so I'm giving this a go. I've published 5 blogs already and now started bootcamp.

Hopefully this will be a way of getting more traffic to my website and start earning an income. I've given myself the task of completing bootcamp by Christmas time which should be more than enough.

I've also played around this week changing the website theme to something a little more professional looking than what I've had for a couple of months when I changed it last. So now I've changed the theme I'm also playing around with customising it to my liking.

Please check it out , I'm still tweaking the presentation and what to relocate widgets etc as I only changed the theme this morning but it gives you an idea.

Any feedback on the above would be greatly appreciated.


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native33 Premium
I agree with Everlight. This can cause confusion for the reader which isn't good for business. Dedicate a specific website to promoting because all of the training is designed around having relevant information and posts on a website and having 2 different niches could cause problems.
That's great that you are thinking outside of the box though.

KatieMac Premium
Why not... bootcamp is great and takes it to another level,and after all WA does offer a good affiliate program.. wish you every success
Everlight Premium
Hi kirby. I personally think that body supplement niche and WA bootcamp is a separate 'Vertical' (vertical is wider than niche). So, I think blatantly put 2 different vertical within a website will cause confusion to the reader as mentioned by siam below.

In my opinion, to combine two or more different verticals in one website, we need to 'tweak' how the information and content will be presented to the reader.

For example, News website is a common example of combining different verticals into one website. Blogging tutorial niche can be combined with WA bootcamp when you mentioning about making profit from the blog, thus come the separate tab about internet marketing and WA.

In my website, I will combine career and working life personal development vertical with WA bootcamp by emphasizing that we need to work on our passion to enhance our career and better balancing your work and life, thus come separate tab for WA bootcamp. I won't come too far explaining about affiliate marketing and proper web development because it will be too distracted from my website nature (career and working life). (Note: I'm still in progress for preparing the content so I can't show you yet the web)

I take a quick look into your web and well, I found it somewhat strange to look that many content about affiliate marketing and WA while the website design clearly indicate that this is a web about body supplement. Honestly, I feel like going into wrong web and will leave immediately.

I hope my opinion didn't sound too harsh (uh sorry if it did). Unless you find a way to mix the two different vertical into a proper theme in your web, I suggest you to make a separate web. It is tiring in the beginning (yes I have two web currently), but in regards for the long term benefit, this is a better choice for me.
mijareze Premium
I checked out your site and thoroughly enjoyed your blog about blogging. The overall look of your website is fantastic. I left comments on you website!
siamjerry Premium
About 7 months in, a WA expert advised me that, having the experience with one website already, I also should start bootcamp. He also advised to start a separate website to promote WA, which I did. I think WA advises against mixing two different niches, which are two different kinds of audiences, into one website, thus avoiding confusion with the public.