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Last Update: November 10, 2016

Hi all. Just a word to say that I have stopped work on my 'Edible Insects' site due to having too many problems on the technical side and also because I wasn't as confident with the subject as I was when I started. I had also had some serious health problems which put me out of action for a couple of months (you may already know that!) so I have started afresh and have chosen a new subject, namely 'Nootropics' these are supplements (sometimes called 'smart drugs but they are not!) that improve cognitive functions including; memory, creativity, or motivation, in healthy people. So please have a look at the blog; You might find it helpful to you as well!

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TheBuilder Premium
Thank you for including me in your network and thanks for sharing your IT experience. All the good wishes.
KingCantona Premium
My pleasure :)
drjec Premium
Glad you are feeling better.
JoyNelson Premium
I am just heading out the door to take my kids to school but I'll try and remember to come back and take a look. Wishing you success and abundance, Joy