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Last Update: January 11, 2016

Hi everybody. Just a few words to give you all an idea of how I am progressing with my 'Wealthy Affiliate' course.

So far, I have leaned a lot such as; how to build a website, how to get 'traffic' to the site, how to put images in the website, etc.

I am now pretty well into the website and have added 'posts' and 'pages' plus images, the site is called and anyone is free to take a look and tell me what they think.

I am very pleased with what I have learned on 'WA' as it has helped me in such positive ways. I checked the 'Google' rankings and out of 856,000 sites mine is ranked 3rd on the first page of listings, I couldn't have hoped for any better (well maybe to be ranked #1 but lets not get greedy!!) and I wouldn't have achieved that if I hadn't followed the instructions given in the course.

I will be adding more to the site over the next few months and I hope to be able to make it interesting enough for people to want to return and also, to get more and more people to use the site. I am hoping to get my 'affiliate links' in place and get people to start using them. Then I will start to make some money from the site.

In six months time I hope the site will be making (at least) enough money to meet my living expenses, if I can do that, I can only go one way from there.....upwards! I plan to add to the site every day or at least every couple of days. I hope this will keep people interested and attract new people.

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sasselin Premium
Hey Renny - visited the site and its interesting. Having taken several wilderness survival courses, this would have been in. Anyway you need to correct your link - the site is not secure so the link above doesnt work. Use and people can go there.
Wishing you the best.
Cristina11 Premium
Hi Renny, I cannot check your website although I would love to ( I guess the link doesn't work).
Congrats for your progress!